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by Russmo

Number 276, June 20, 2004

"Hi Dad!"


Today being Father's Day, I being a father, shoulda took the day off, but here I am, slaving away making this magazine happen.

Okay, it actually is our writers who make this magazine happen, without them it wouldn't exist. So, in case I haven't done it lately, a big THANK YOU to all our writers. And to our dads, too, without whom we wouldn't be here either (not to forget our moms part in that!).

So in between talking to my kids on the phone, I'll be talking to my dad sometime today as well. He's 88-years-old. Golly!

NEXT WEEK (we hope) we have a surprise in store. Yes, a surprise!

THIS WEEK, we have yet another TLE discussion list (see below).

Ken Holder
Your Mr. Ed


Letters to the Editor
Letters from Kathryn A. Graham, Frank Ney, Susan Wells (maybe), two from Caleb Paul, and one each from Trevor M. Southerland and Michael Kielsky:

March of the Retrogressives
by Jason Sorens
In the 21st century, knowing as we do that socialism has caused everything from total war and democide to mass human misery and economic failure in large swathes of Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, it truly is strange, almost incredible, that socialists still exist today and are plying their fraudulent wares. So-called "progressives" would in Europe be called by their proper name, "socialists," but in the U.S. that label doesn't play well politically. The term "progressive" gives a hint of the political strategy favored by their ilk: to build up ever new crises that government must solve with urgent action, a new regulation or a new spending program. That's "progress" in the upside-down world of socialism: keep dynamic individuals in their place by innovating with the legal system. From the perspective of the individual, true progress is a simple, clear, stable legal system that allows individuals to pursue new ways of doing business, forming associations, and pursuing values.

Leave Wal-Mart Alone
by Todd Andrew Barnett
When it comes to the ludicrous—not to mention insidious—charges of "slave wages," "gender bias," "unfair labor practices," "purchasing and supplying low-priced products in order to kill American workers' jobs," and "encouraging and fueling the disease known as 'consumerism,'" the loopy Wal-Mart critics just couldn't understand the natural function of the marketplace if their lives depended on it.

Ronald Reagan's Real Legacy
by Lady Liberty
I was out and about all day long taking care of myriad weekend chores. It wasn't until I returned home, got a cold drink, and went to check my e-mail that I learned former President Ronald Reagan had died. After announcing a decade ago that he had Alzheimer's disease, he had largely disappeared from the public eye. Perhaps that's why, though his death should have been expected, the news still came as a suprise. It also came as a bit of a shock to me personally as I realized I felt bad about it.

The Means Are the Ends!
by by Kaptain Kanada, aka Manuel Miles
Recently we have been subjected to a bombardment of excuses for the "abuse" of prisoners of the US military. "We're fighting a new kind of war," and "It's for the protection of the American people," and "The Geneva Convention doesn't apply to them because they don't wear uniforms and fight 'fair'," and other, equally disingenuous nonsense has been fired out of the agitprop cannon of the embedded, government-licensed media's "news". It's all lies, as always.

Satan in a Three-Piece Suit
by Bob Wallace
I have a pretty good guess how the story of Satan got started. Thousands of years ago some perceptive guy looked at the King and all of his advisors and noticed they were a bunch of power-hungry liars interested only in what they could grab for themselves, even if they had really conned themselves into thinking they were the public's benefactors. So, this guy decided (wisely, it turns out), "I think I'll write a story to warn everyone about these kinds of carbuncles. It will be short and sweet and to the point and, with any kind of luck, will last thousands of years."

The Birth of Father's Day
by Wendy McElroy
Modern Father's Day is uniquely American in its history. Together with Mother's Day, it is a public and a personal expression of the gratitude that is due to all caring parents. Why, then, has Mother's Day been a national holiday for almost a century while Father's Day received that recognition only decades ago?

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