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Letter from Jeffrey Quick

Letter from the Manhattan Libertarian Party

Letter from Todd Andrew Barnett

Letter from Frank Ney

Re: Letter from Caleb Paul

> What would have been truly courageous and effective of Mother
> Theresa, instead of buying herself a stairway to Heaven, would
> have been lobbying both the Vatican and the Indian government
> and its hardline Hindu elements for a more progressive approach
> to population control. Indeed, what would have been even more
> courageous would have been if she'd openly stood up against both
> institutions and talked about, and provided access to, the sexual
> education and contraception that the poor of India so desperately
> need to pull themselves out of their current woes.
> Now that would have been courageous.

It would also not have been Catholic.

I'm not a Catholic myself, though I've made music for them enough. But I have to ask why "progressive" is a good thing in religion, but not in politics, and how one measures progress anyway, given that the church has a different yardstick than Mr. Paul. It is important for society to have institutions established on unyielding premises. They provide memory to balance the efforts of social experimenters, (including Libertarians), a trail to follow back to correct course when needed. I am glad that the Church is the Church, even though I am not a member and disagree with them on the very matters that Mr. Paul does, and happy that Mother Theresa was Mother Theresa instead of Margaret Sanger. Sometimes heeding a different call in a secular society is as courageous as it gets.

Jeffrey Quick, USUM (ret.)


Announcement: Protest, Resistance & Direct Action
No Permission Required: Libertarians Announce "Unauthorized" RNC Protest
24 Jun 2004

Manhattan Libertarian Party
Phone 212-252-3449

The Manhattan Libertarian Party announces an "unauthorized" RNC protest in Central Park on August 29th.

New York, 6/25/04—Claiming that the only permit they need to peaceably assemble is the First Amendment, members of the Manhattan Libertarian Party announced today that they will gather on the Great Lawn on Central Park on the eve of the Republican National Convention to protest the Iraqi war and occupation and the PATRIOT Act.

"If you ask the government for permission to protest it, you deserve to be told no," said Manhattan Libertarian Party chair Jim Lesczynski, referring to the city's denial of United for Peace and Justice's request for a permit for a massive protest on the Great Lawn on August 29th.

"Organizers will not be available to negotiate with the NYPD, because we don't have any organizers," said Lesczynski. "Absolutely nobody is in charge. Libertarians are individuals, not a collective."

Lesczynski expects word of the unauthorized protest, which will unofficially begin on Sunday, August 29th at 12:00 p.m., to spread through the Internet and other grass roots communications channels. Don Silberger, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, and Nic Leobold, Libertarian candidate for State Assembly, are among the individual activists expected to attend.

The Manhattan Libertarian Party advocates a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace and free trade. Unlike other RNC protesters, the Libertarians reject socialism in favor a free-market economy, individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Hello Fellow Freedom Fighters and Patriots!!!

I have a new Badnarik for Prez discussion list. It's a list for those who practice Wicca, Stregheria, Druidism, and other paths of Paganism. Those who are on these paths can join this list and work together to help get Michael Badnarik break the vote barrier by increasing the vote totals from over 380,000 to approximately 1,000,000 votes.....or better.

The URL is [very long]

Anyone who wants to join....please do. For Pagans only, please join the list and let's work together so we can unite and help Mike with his campaign!!!

Let's roll some statist heads!!!

Todd Andrew Barnett

With respect to last week's article (http://www.webleyweb.com/tle/tle276-20040620-03.html) on Wal*Mart, the author made some excellent points. However, there are a few corrections that I as a former Wal*Mart employee would like make.

While I generally agree with the author's assertion of free market, there is one area in which Wal*Mart acts in an extremely hypocritical manner. There are two documented cases that I know of (and there are probably more) where Wal*Mart executives have prevailed upon local governments to take property from private citizens under eminent domain. This property will be turned over to Wal*Mart for corporate functions (a distribution center and a retail Super Center). The justification for this blatant violation of the 5th amendment was that improved tax revenues of a commercial business over residential housing constitutes a public benefit. Last time I read the constitution it said "public use" not "public benefit," but there are still people out there trying to re-build their lives after the homes they lived in for decades were stolen then destroyed to benefit megacorps. Wal*Mart is not the only corporation doing this, just the largest of the offenders.

Then there are the door-greeters. I can tell you from personal experience that they are not really expected to keep merchandize from walking out of the store. The buzzers only stop the honest, and unless you are a Loss Prevention Agent or a member of management corporate policy says that you cannot prevent a person from leaving the store. In fact, depending on the state an associate who does so could be charged with crimes ranging from battery to unlawful detention. And if it is later discovered you had no reason in the first place to stop the person, God help you. You're not a cop, so the usual passes a cop gets (including Monday's supreme court fiasco) don't apply to a Wal*Mart drone.

Oh, and while I'm at it, I'd just like to say that the gender bias lawsuit that made the papers on Wednesday is a huge steaming load of horse plop. Personal experience again: I applied for a department manager position while I was an associate. The job was awarded to a woman who frankly had problems pouring pee out of a boot with instructions on the heel. This is gender bias? Maybe in the other direction.

Frank Ney

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