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Number 277, June 27, 2004

"...the traffic jam at the spaceport..."

Bill of Rights Nullification by the US Supreme court
by Kristopher Barrett

Special to TLE

They have nullified the first; you have to be a politician to criticise a politician on TV or radio before an election.

They have nullified the second; repeatedly since 1934.

They have nullified the third; we are now serfs, via taxation. We don't directly quarter the troops ... they wouldn't lower themselves to live in our hovels.

They have nullified the fourth; there is no such thing as an illegal search anymore.

They have nullified the fifth; remaining silent is now unlawful.

They have nullified the sixth; you only get a speedy trial if the supreme court decides you deserve one, jurors are subordinated to the judges, and you can be tried secretly or get no trial at all if you are declared a "terrorist".

They have nullified the seventh; unless your civil case involves the exchange of 21 antique silver dollars, you have no right to a jury trial.

They have nullified the eighth; if you are declared a terrorist, it's torture and gitmo time for you.

They have nullified the ninth; apparently the commerce clause and vague language about the common good cannot be contradicted by a later AMENDMENT.

They have nullified the tenth; No Supreme court judge since the 1803 Marbury decision has obeyed that one.

The United States Supreme court has finally nullified every one of the Bill of Rights amendments through judicial fiat. The destruction of rule of law in the US is now complete.


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