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Number 279, July 11, 2004

We celebrate our Independence

The Kaptain's Log
Et Cetera

by Kaptain Kanada, aka Manuel Miles

Exclusive to TLE

Herein a few leftover thoughts, comments, and assorted addenda:

To my previous column on Courage, add Mr Frank Serpico. He's truly an American hero. Just type his name into Google and see what he's (still!) up to these days.

I hate to point it out, but there is a vicious anti-Christian bias in the "mainstream" North American government-embedded media. F'rinstance: a couple of weeks ago, buried on page 43 or so of one of the local rags, was a brief note to the effect that vandals had been knocking over gravestones in a cemetery (where else, eh). Further research on my part revealed that this was a Christian cemetery.

So what? Well, imagine if it had been a Jewish cemetery! Oy vey! The usual suspects would have been wailing (on page one of every rag in the land) about "anti-semitism" and "I'm afraid!" and all the usual crap to which we have become accustomed. As it was, the likelihood that this vandalism was committed by anti-Christians who had been encouraged by their cheerleaders in the media was not, of course, even speculated upon. This kind of song and dance only antagonises people and makes it clear that Jews in North America are a privileged class. This creates actual anti-Semitism.

Another article in one of the media rags lamented that only Jews had been specifically targeted by the Nazis because of their ethnicity. This is a blatant lie, and it's become a Big Lie, because it gets repeated so often by The Holocaust Industry. Until such time as the 5 million Poles (who were specifically targeted and murdered by the Nazis), the half a million plus Serbs, the Roma ("Gypsies"), and the 1.8 million Armenians (who were systematically slaughtered by the Turks in 1915) become as important, I am going to save all my sympathy for my own ethnic group: white, (mostly) Anglo-Saxon, middle-aged, heterosexual, divorced adult men. Everybody else can go to blazes.

In a recent online article which, as near as I can recall appeared at Lew Rockwell's site, some fool said that the term "racism" had never existed prior to 1970 and, "How did we ever get on without it," oh ha ha. Well, I'll tell you how: prior to 1970, we humans called asses like him "Bigoted, racially-biased, ignorant sons-of-bitches." After 1970, we shortened the term to "racists" as it means the same thing in fewer words. Thanks for asking, you moron.

I'd like to remind one and all, yet again, that the myth of the "antiwar paleocons" is just that. They never existed. There were no neocons during the US empire's rampage in South East Asia, but the paleos managed to spout the same lying agitprop as the neos do today. Buchanan and his ilk were there to spit at the decent people in the '60s, so the neocons aren't really so neo at all. There's no more of an "honest" right wing than there is of a left wing. And don't tell me that "former" Nixon campaigner Buchanan has had a change of heart; it's only a change of tactics. And the reason his heart didn't change is the same as the reason why you can't change a tire on a pogo stick.

Who decreed that everything done on a computer and/or published online has to be done in this asinine "Times New Roman" print, by the bye? Was this your idea, Bill, or did somebody else go microsoft in the head? This stuff is awful, and there's your first example. Italic letters are meant to emphasise things. That is why they are slanted. But in this Times New Roman print, they are not only slanted, but thinned out so much that they de-emphasise. Of course, one can always underline everything, but that causes everyone to try to click on it, thinking that it's a hypertext link.

Also, a lot of letter combinations look wrong; for example, is there a really big difference between wam and warn? Not one whole heck of a lot, is there?! Even when I submit an article in the easy-to-read Baskerville Print, it gets automatically changed to the eye-straining Times New Roman type, even though the italic print is not thinned to nothingness. It doesn't seem like such a big deal to you youngsters, but wait until you're old and can't see so well any more.

By the way, what ever happened with that Senator whose intern mysteriously disappeared just before the Shrubbery attacked Iraq? I bet that the girl's murderer, whoever he may be, has got away with it, just like the killers of Vince Foster did.

I really may have nothing more to say. Even Fred Reed is running columns about his kids now. However, I retain the right to return and harass atheists, Zionists, imperialists, neos and paleos, Marxists, wimmins libbies, animal rightsers, and anybody else I don't like. So don't do anything to irritate me.

The Kaptain has gone ashore.

Peace and Liberty.


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