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Number 280, July 18, 2004

Dotting all the "e"s and crossing all the "i"s

Our World Government
Ron Beatty

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The United Nations was officially created on 24 October 1945, with the avowed purpose of preventing future wars. The United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and China were the driving force behind the formation of the United Nations, all united in the idea that global war was so horrible that it must be prevented in the future at all costs. While this was a very worthy goal, and should be striven for, the organization has perverted itself. At some point, the UN has made an institutional decision that the only way to prevent war is for the UN to become a world government. My personal belief is that this occurred after the Korean War, which is still officially not over.

This is apparent in the many treaties and organizational rules that the UN promulgates. For instance, the UN has jurisdiction over many, if not all of our National Parks, and could conceivably close them all down at a whim, claiming that the influx of tourists is harming the environment. Think I'm joking? Take a good look at the signs at the entrances to many of our national parks. They read "You are entering an international bio-diversity zone" or some variation of this.

The UN has taken actions that would lead one to wonder whether it is controlled by socialists and demagogues. At one time, Rhodesia and South Africa were the two most prosperous and peaceful nations in the southern half of the African continent. Yes, they were racist, and I am not making excuses or apologies for that. Those who know me, know that I am the farthest thing from a bigot or racist. However, I can't help wondering it there might not have been a better way to deal with this problem than embargoes, sanctions, and taking actions that have led to Rhodesia becoming Zimbabwe. Instead of being one of the most beautiful and prosperous countries in Africa, it has become no better than many of the other, poorer countries. It is now become a socialist hellhole, with the most prosperous and productive citizens taxed into poverty to pay for "social programs." As Rhodesia, it was a popular tourist destination, running over 80% occupancy of it's hotel rooms, average, year in, year out. Now, as Zimbabwe, it has become so much less popular that hotel occupancy is often only 15-20%. In addition, those citizens who were prosperous, the white land-owners, fled the country, taking much of their wealth with them, which again reduced the tax base.

South Africa, too, despite it's wealth in mineral resources, has become a socialist hellhole. In fact, instead of the socialist paradise promised, it has become a much less prosperous country, with many international corporations leaving, due to UN sanctions. And many of them have not returned, due to the oppressive taxation and civil regulations imposed by the new government. Again, is it necessary to destroy a country to "save" it? (Hmmm, can you answer that one, Mr. Bush?)

In short, the United Nations has become no better than any other type of government, striving for more power, more control, interfering in the internal matters of sovereign nations, under the guise of "human rights", and "peaceful progress toward democratic ideals." This can also be seen in it's drive toward universal victim disarmament. Instead of promoting responsibility, self-sufficiency, and dignity, the UN is promoting total dependence upon government in general, and the UN in particular. The only purpose I can see for this is to subsume all national governments into the UN, with national governments becoming no more powerful than the ancient satraps of the Persian Empire, in effect no more than governors or managers, under UN control.

There are many other examples of the socialist bent of the UN, but like all this series, I am not going into great detail. It is up to you, to research, to prove to yourself that I am telling you the truth when I say that in my opinion the UN is the greatest threat to world peace extant today. Look it up, check it out, and learn! Don't let the news media form your opinions for you. Find out the truth for yourself.


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