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"ERROR 2004"
by Kent Van Cleave
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Number 280, July 18, 2004

Dotting all the "e"s and crossing all the "i"s


Well, now. After a series of events that remind me of the fat lady who backed into a fan: "dis-assed her". After those events, I say, we actually HAVE an issue of TLE this time. It was mighty close for a while there. But we made it.

HOWEVER, there was some (much?) email that went into that famous bit bucket instead of being delivered into my in-box. So if you've sent an article, letter to the editor, or cartoon last week and it doesn't seem to be here, that's on account of it vanished into the nothingness. Didn't bounce, just vanished away into air, into thin air. Ain't that a whack in the head. Please send again, okay?

AND: finally, next week, we really are, no foolin' having a surprise. Okay, I'm going to let the cat part-way out of the bag, viz, to wit, our brand new, very own, actual exclusive and special URL! For TLE alone. I'm busy dotting all the "e"s and crossing all the "i"s right now, so it's not ready for this issue, but next issue, when you come to this spot, yer going to see a "redirect" page to take you to the right place. It's been along time a-coming, but it's here. Golly!

Ken Holder
Your Mr. Ed


Letters to the Editor
Letter from EJ Totty.

Wyoming or Bust: Boston T. Party's Q&A on Free State Wyoming
by Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty: There's already a Free State Project. So why another one?
Boston T. Party: Because many people desire it. New Hampshire is not the best choice for thousands of western free staters. Wyoming is for many of us, including myself. And even if NH was viable, many free staters are losing faith in the FSP's leadership and direction. For example, the recent Grafton, NH town meeting was an unmitigated public relations disaster for the FSP, and one which could have been largely avoided with better marketing to the locals.

The Libertarian Home Schooler
by Thomas C. Smedley
You probably have children of your own, or are thinking of having children. You evidently believe that your values are worth propagating in the most fundamental way possible. Unless an outside agency initiates force to change the natural order of things, children normally carry forward the passions of their parents. Furthermore, if you are a father or mother, Mark Steyn sounds more convincing than John Gault. Offspring are our time machines, extending the reach of our values into centuries we will not live to see.

Freedom to Read
by Jim Duensing
18 Republicans, 191 Democrats, and the only Independent in Congress voted to protect our library and book store records from the prying eyes of federal agents. Before the vote, federal agents need only go to a secret court, the Foreign Intelligence Security Act Court (FISA court), and articulate that they are conducting an investigation and would really like a search warrant for the following people. The court is then obligated to issue the warrant without a showing of probable cause in obvious violation of the fourth amendment's protection against issuing warrants without a showing of probable cause.

Our World Government
by Ron Beatty
The United Nations was officially created on 24 October 1945, with the avowed purpose of preventing future wars. The United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and China were the driving force behind the formation of the United Nations, all united in the idea that global war was so horrible that it must be prevented in the future at all costs. While this was a very worthy goal, and should be striven for, the organization has perverted itself. At some point, the UN has made an institutional decision that the only way to prevent war is for the UN to become a world government. My personal belief is that this occurred after the Korean War, which is still officially not over.

Paternity: Innocence Is Now a Defense
by Wendy McElroy
On June 30, a California man being forced to pay child support for children he had not fathered got his day in court when the Second District Court of Appeal of California overturned a paternity judgment against him.

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