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Number 284, August 15, 2004

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the toon
I'm from the Government and I'm here to help you.
"Non Sequitur", by Wiley Miller
August 13, 2004


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Letters to the Editor
Letters from: Chris Goodwin, Bruce A. Standlee, Jim Lesczynski, and Scott Bieser

On The New Anglo-American Alliance: Lets Start Here First
by Alan R. Weiss
We have worked together for so long now in various contexts, I thought it prudent and wise to broach a topic that, if we have agreement, shall yield splendid fruits of understanding, teamwork, and clarity. Who amongst us can resist? I propose we all set a new English standard on the following English-language words.

Survey of the Bill of Rights: Article 1
by Ron Beatty
As we get closer to the election, I decided it was time to have a short discussion on the articles of the Bill of Rights, which by definition are the supreme law of the land, since they are the glue which brought the new nation together, the definition of the boundaries that government may not pass.

Growing Up Without Guns
by Chris Claypoole
This is a follow-up of sorts to my previous essay, "Growing Up With Guns." While listening to my favorite afternoon talk show, The Ron Smith Show on WBAL radio in Baltimore, MD, he mentioned an incident several years ago in the Baltimore area. It seems that an off-duty policeman was followed home by two men with evil intentions. When the policeman arrived home, the two tried to carjack him. He then produced his service pistol and prevented the robbery. The local newspaper, The Sun, when writing about the event, opined (in an alleged news article) that the two would-be carjackers picked the wrong guy to attack. Ron's point was (you can see this coming, can't you?) that everyone should be able to defend themselves against criminal activity, not just government employees in certain agencies. You see, in Maryland, ordinary citizens are prevented under penalty of "law" from exercising that right.

Don't Believe The Spinmeisters
by Todd Andrew Barnett
It is no secret to pundits of the status quo—those from all walks of life including libertarians, constitutionalists, limited-government conservatives (a.k.a. Old Right conservatives), free marketers, and other like-minded opponents of the state—that the spinmeisters of any administration have the ability to take the truth they have in their possession and distort it, while, at the same time, engaging in a national campaign to snow the American people into believing that what they say and do mean something. This is nothing new, as this sort of thing has been occurring from time immemorial. But should we really be surprised? Simply put, these rounds of tactics—commonly known as spinmeistering—are administered all the time.

On Marriage and Bureaucrats
by Jonathan David Morris
You know what's not easy? Planning a wedding. I'm serious. This is coming from a guy who writes about changing the world every week. I honestly think that changing the world is easy compared to planning a wedding. I came to this conclusion on a recent Thursday, when I set out to capture that most elusive of gift certificates: The Marriage License.

Captain Bligh's Revenge
by L. Neil Smith
Okay, if you're still looking for violent and stupid outlaw states for the New American Empire to invade and crush, forget Iraq, forget Iran, forget Syria and Lybia. Forget North Korea, which is a model of democracy and civilized restraint, compared to the nasty, evil tinpot dictatorship I'm about to point my finger at. Forget them all, every one.

Lemonade, Anyone?
by Lady Liberty
If there's one stereotyped profession I dislike nearly as much as I loathe the stereotypical politician, it's used car salesmen. And in the midst of this presidential campaign, do you know what I've been doing? Good guess. I've been shopping for a used vehicle.

Seeking Criminal Justice in Civil Court
by Wendy McElroy
Kobe Bryant's accuser has now launched a civil suit (search) on her rape accusation as well as (and, some may argue, possibly soon-to-be instead of) a criminal case. Arguably, a civil suit was foreshadowed in early July when civil attorney Lin Wood joined her legal team. What does this new twist signify?

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