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Number 285, August 22, 2004

Maybe we should have simply started speaking Mandarin?

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the toon
Lesser of Two Elvis
by Kent Van Cleave


Ah ha! The "Anon." we thanked last issue for the generous donation was none other than Jim Davidson (via Interglobal Paratronics). Thanks, Jim! We do appreciate it.

We got the damaged computer fixed. Blown power supply. Happens all the time apparently, although this is the first time for us.

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Ken Holder
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Letters to the Editor
Letters from: Boston T. Party, EJ Totty, Michael Bradshaw, Alan R. Weiss, Dennis Lee Wilson, Jim Davidson, John Taylor, and The Badnarik for President Campaign

Necktie Party
by L. Neil Smith
In a series of unique and wonderful stories including Wheels Within Wheels and An Enemy of the State, F. Paul Wilson created a character, Peter LaNague, who is the philosophical forefather of a great interstellar federation, the equivalent of Tom Paine or Thomas Jefferson.

Survey of the Bill of Rights: Article 2
by Ron Beatty
Please notice something in reading this amendment: nowhere does it say that government grants the right to bear arms. This amendment recognizes a pre-existing right, the right to self-defense, and in consequence, the tools necessary to maintain that right.

Will They Ever Learn?
by Lady Liberty
The state of Ohio has a problem. On August 3, special elections were held around the state. On the ballots were more than 100 requests from school districts for tax levies. Historically, school funding has been well tolerated by voters who seem to think that a "yes" vote is "for the children." This time, however, three quarters of the levies failed. One Ohio newspaper called the results a "massacre."

Cruising in the Keystone State
by Jonathan David Morris
Perhaps the hardest part about my recent move from New Jersey to Pennsylvania is trying to tell friends and relatives how to get to my new townhouse. This has more to do with Pennsylvania roads than anything else. They're beyond comprehension. They make no sense. It's like the expression, "Friends don't let friends drive drunk." Friends shouldn't ask friends to drive in Pennsylvania. Anyone who asks his friends to drive in Pennsylvania probably isn't a real friend.

Kerry's "Energy Independence" Plan Smacks of Socialism
by Todd Andrew Barnett
If anyone hasn't been paying attention to Senator John F. Kerry's latest proposed energy boondoggle, that person ought to do it now. In case that individual hasn't figured it out by now, Kerry seems to think that, with all his wisdom, he can wave a magic wand and—presto!—Americans are better off with him in the White House. He even seems to think that government is better at decision making than freethinking individuals. If that's the case, then no wonder we're all in a heap of trouble.

Or Not Growing Up At All
by Chris Claypoole
Teaching your child how to safely handle firearms, before, during and after actually shooting at something (whether a target or when hunting) is a great way to instill many of the lessons any responsible parent wants to teach his or her children. Certainly, this can be done without firearms; but what else gets the sobering point across as sharply as holding a tool that can, if misused or used in a careless manner, harm or kill someone? Hammering lessons into young skulls can be difficult (YMMV, and different kids have skulls of varying thickness and density), and this picture is well worth a thousand words.

Child Custody Laws Poised for Change
by Wendy McElroy
This week, California became a flash point in the drive to amend child custody laws across North America. Senate Bill 730, which was abruptly withdrawn from consideration by the legislature early Tuesday, would have countered a recent California Supreme Court decision that affirmed the rights of non-custodial parents in "move-away" cases. Examining how California came to this juncture is instructive because conflicts on this issue are poised to erupt elsewhere.

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