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Number 287, September 5, 2004

"Who the hell are these people?"

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Letter from EJ Totty

Another Letter from EJ Totty with Reply from Nate Frymire

Yet Another Letter from EJ Totty

Letter from Kent Van Cleave

Letter from Patricia Holder

Letter from the Badnarik Campaign

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken, and Ron,

Re: "Survey of the Bill of Rights: Article 3", by Ron Beatty

Yup, Ron hits the nail on the head once again!

I couldn't agree more.

In fact, I couldn't think of anything to add ...


In Liberty,
EJ Totty

Dear Mr. Ed./Editor/Ken, and Nate,

Re: "I'm The Asshole!; Or, How I Learned to Embrace Road Rage; Or maybe even, The Adventures of a Libertarian Leadfoot" by Nate Frymire

"I heard recently that a law was passed to ticket left lane cruisers, but as usual the worst offenders will be the most seldom ticketed because cops won't want to fight through the long line of cars to get to the offender."

Ah, but they do!!!!!

See? Most recently, while riding to work on my trusty Yamaha Venture Royale (1973 version), I was running at about 80 mph—on the center lane, in a 70 mph zone no less, and two of Washington State's finest came up rolling up the left lane, side-by-side.

At first—when I'd sighted them, I thought it was a couple of Harley riders. Some HD riders do that around here—the ride side-by-side.

Now, up ahead of me, was a small pickup truck towing a small boat. The driver had been in the left lane for the entire time that I'd seen him—which was for about 7 minutes.

The cops had passed me a few minutes prior to me catching up to them.

By the time I caught up to all of this, the traffic was now doing about 65 over all.

In less than 20 seconds of me coming parallel to the cops once again, they began flashing their lights, and drivers began to scatter!

I merely kept station in all of this, and as the driver in pickup with the boat sped-up to move over in front of me, one of the cops gave a quick glance back at myself, and skedaddled in front of me to give chase to the pickup.

Once they were past me, I commenced my 80 mph mode once again without incident.

Sometimes life is good.

Other times is sucks—royally.

I've had supreme dick weeds see me cruising up behind them, and they slide on over to the left lane—just to slow down.

I scream around them on the right, and watch the mess build-up in my rear view mirror.

This happens daily, on Washington highways.

Road rage is caused by road tyrants.

A road tyrant is one who would force his/her views upon all others by dint of the manner in which they would prevent all others from driving in the manner they would choose for themselves.

To wit: "Drive like me, or to hell with thee!"

A license to drive is most certainly not a license to regulate the traffic one happens to find one's self. Actually, it's a license to regulate one's self, period.

In my estimation, there ought be poles every quarter mile with ropes hanging from them for just such idiots who would impede the flow of traffic—and freedom.

It's time, once again, for another revolution.

And, believe me, I do know who needs to be taken to task!

In Liberty,
EJ Totty

Reply from Nate Frymire

As usual, a little bit of sweet with the bitter, huh?

It'd be great if more of that happened on the roads of Colorado. Especially I-25, which is the main artery of our state. Of course, it would be more fun to imagine what the roads would be like if a driver's license (a certification of your ability to operate your vehicle and navigate the roads, in theory if not in practice) meant you were a big boy (or girl) and could get from A to B all by yourself without being told how to do it.

I'll not hold my breath for that, just yet...

Nate Frymire

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken,

Re.: http://news.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=1013232004

Say, look: This ain't Scotland.

Maybe it should be ... ?

I figure this: If we can't make a difference in the land where most of 'us' arrived, then what chance do we have making any change in any 'other' land?

Well, we are 'here,' and we are alive.

That latter counts the most.

If you are alive and breathing, and can vote?

My suggestion is simply this: don't.

A vote for any political party is a vote for slavery, libertarian or otherwise.

Let us get that 'vote count' down to zero!!!

Only then can any of us declare that No One - by dint of majority vote, may force any of us to do someone else's bidding.

In Liberty,
EJ Totty

Re: "Letter from Jeffry R. Fisher"

Jeffrey R. Fisher's letter "Wasted Votes?" was worth reading in the longer version. I just want to mention something that could be added to his section on "Escape Routes"—ways to get around the psychological barrier this issue poses.

I'm sure I've mentioned it here before, but repetition is in order. The idea is a buddy system that makes honest voting safe for Americans. The whole idea behind the wasted vote syndrome is that you can't afford to vote your conscience because immediate disaster must be staved off—the Greater Evil must be defeated.

How many people half jokingly acknowledge that their votes are canceled out by a friend or relative who always votes contrary to them? Who doesn't know someone whose vote cancels theirs?

Next question: Of the millions of voters who have been holding their noses and voting for their notion of the Lesser Evil, how many know someone doing the same thing for the Other Evil?

Finally, what if they got together and decided to stop canceling one another's votes and cast them sincerely and proudly for Non-Evil candidates for a change?

That's the idea behind VoteBuddy.org. Immodestly, I think it's a marvelous expedient measure for use while efforts develop to change our electoral system to approval voting. Jeff Fisher has himself offered an inspired solution to the problem of how to verify compliance with VoteBuddy style agreements: use absentee ballots, fill them out and mail them together. This is 'illegal' in some states, so be aware.

Kent Van Cleave
kvc@tima.com Founder, VoteBuddy.org

Found on the Firefly Forum. The authors handle is "1st10amend", and his FIJA Announcements page (first link) includes a link to Neil's Bill of Rights Enforcement page. Maybe we can give this kid a hand.

D. Pat



Visit this web site:

We'd like to tell you about our son's new website http://www.jurorsrule.com/ and ask for a small "favor" as well.

Alexander, who is 15 yrs old, is in the process of completing the requirements for his Eagle Merit badge, the highest honor a Boy Scout can receive. While many scouts choose to do projects such as rebuilding children's playgrounds, repairing steps for a senior citizens home, and other worthwhile community projects, he has chosen to do an educational project that will, hopefully, teach millions of American citizens about their duties and rights as potential jurors. We humbly ask you to take a look at his website, and—if you deem it worthy—to do two things. Again, this is only if you feel it will help the justice system in our country:

1. Forward it to other patriotic-minded people on your email list.

2. Ask them to (also) forward it to patriotic people on their email list.

Jurors have the potential to halt convictions of millions of people from unconstitutional laws, and unless many are told about what their proper duties are, and not listen to corrupt judges who instruct them otherwise, this country will continue to imprison more and more of its citizens. Please feel free to email him at alex@jurorsrule.com on any positive—or negative—comments you might have. He really wants to make it as instructive as possible; all comments are welcome.

Thank you very much,
Louis & Alexander Navarro
Fort Ann, NY

P.S. Alexander is working on a way for people to submit answers to the questions on his questionnaire, and for us to reply back with a "Score". This should help reinforce what they learn so that when they are called upon to do their civic duty, they'll remember and not be swayed to just "do as the judge says".

According to a posting at http://www.c-span.org, C-SPAN will cover the debate between Green Party Presidential Nominee David Cobb and Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Michael Badnarik on C-SPAN at 1pm ET Monday, September 6.

This is the debate which was held in New York City during the Republican National Convention.

Please pass this message around to encourage your friends to watch this debate—as it is clearly in sharp contrast to anything one will find in the produced and scripted debates between Bush and Kerry. It is up to you to help make the voice of freedom heard.

Also, on Sunday, September 5, at 7:45 AM EST The program Washington Journal hosts Janet Brown, Executive Director, Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), for live call-in on C-SPAN.

Ms. Brown will talk by video link from Boston about the status and history of presidential debates. She will respond to telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail from viewers.

The telephone numbers to call to find out why Badnarik is not being allowed in the debates are:

Washington Journal: Democrats (202) 585-3881
Washington Journal: Republicans (202) 585-3880
Washington Journal: Others (202) 585-3882

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 68% of Americans want Michael in the debates—including 67% of Republicans and 64% of Democrats—but not Ms. Brown, the CPD, George Bush, or John Kerry.

Please don't forget to challenge the CPD on Sunday morning as to why they don't care about open debates, or even the will of the American people.

Finally, the Badnarik campaign footed the lion's share of the bill for the debate in NYC, as the Cobb campaign simply did not have enough financial resources to cover the expenses. To be clear, the Badnarik campaign was more than willing to help out our third-party brothers.

Several Green Party members were more than generous and slipped a few dollars into my jacket pocket to help defray the cost.

However, it was costly to fly several of us to New York, pay for the building, and cover the other incidental costs for the debate. Your contribution to help cover these expenses is vital for us to continue being able to hold televised presidential debates. Please contribute now by simply clicking https://badnarik.org/.

Then you might wish to pass this message to a few of your Green Party friends to see if they might consider making a small one time donation at https://badnarik.org/ to help pay for the expenses related to the first presidential debate of 2004.

In peace and prosperity,
Stephen P. Gordon

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