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Number 287, September 5, 2004

"Who the hell are these people?"

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the toon
"I Approved This Mess"
by Stuart Carlson


Welcome to the 287th issue of TLE. How do we do it, folks? Our writers keep writing, is how!

Missing in Action this week are Jim Lesczynski's report on the fun and games in New York City during the Central Park Illegal Demonstration, and L. Neil Smith's report on large-frame revolvers. They should be here in time for next issue.

Special thanks to JW for his generous donation!

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Ken Holder
Editor, TLE


Letters to the Editor
Letters from EJ Totty, Nate Frymire, Kent Van Cleave, Patricia Holder, and the Badnarik Campaign:

Survey of the Bill of Rights: Article 4
by Ron Beatty
Warrantless searches? No-knock searches? Seizure of property without a warrant or finding of guilty in a criminal trial? Random identity checks? Sobriety check-points? Mandatory waiver of rights due to where you live? Random drug tests?

Your Fair Share
by Lady Liberty
I don't recall that I've ever heard any rational man or woman seriously suggest that people or groups be treated unfairly by other people or groups. Meanwhile, I've heard a whole lot of people demand their fair share of fair treatment. This strikes me as eminently reasonable and, well, fair. The problem that's been blatantly brought home to me lately, however, is that those demanding fair treatment are somehow deeply offended and even angered when that same fair treatment is given to others.

No News Is Good News
by Jonathan David Morris
Last Thursday I went to Best Buy and brought home a brand new TV. Flat screen. Twenty-seven inches. I would love to say I rushed home and watched it, but I didn't. I couldn't. It weighed down my car (with a little help from the new kitchen table in my trunk). But suffice it to say, I drove home as quickly as the laws of physics would allow. And it wasn't more than a minute after plugging in my new Toshiba that I realized, gosh darn it, nothing was on.

China's Missing Women
by Wendy McElroy
China has announced a "Care for Girls" program with financial incentives for those who produce daughters. According to China's official news agency, 119 boys are now born for every 100 girls; the "natural" ratio is 103-107 for every 100. By 2020, it is estimated that China may contain 30 to 40 million restless bachelors. Unfortunately, the proposed "cure" merely continues the process that helped create the crisis: namely, social engineering.

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