L. Neil Smith's
Number 288, September 12, 2004

"We don't trust our own government"

The Face in the Mirror
by Jim Duensing

Special to TLE

If you watch the corporate news, you might think the most important issue of this election is which candidate, George Bush or John Kerry, has been more dishonest about their military service. I frankly don't care whether John Kerry elaborated on and reconstructed his exploits or whether W's only military experience was a dental exam.

Those are not the issues which currently confront the American people. So, why are the media talking about such irrelevant "issues"?

Because, both campaigns are talking about them during their stump speeches and through their surrogates in various 527 groups.

But, as irrelevant as the issue is, it makes sense for the media to argue about it. The voters must believe the one-party system presents them with a real choice. Choice requires alternatives. The candidates are not presenting alternative visions of the future. So, they must argue about alternative interpretations of the past—mainly who was a better soldier in an undeclared war. This way, the faces in the mirror can appear to disagree.

Looking forward, we see that if one of these two is elected;

Government spending will increase.

All American men and women between the ages of 18 and 26 will be drafted.

We will continue to have a Patriot Act—with its secret warrants, secret searches, and indefinite detention of American citizens.

Our seniors will continue to be robbed by the social security swindle.

We will continue to work harder for less, plagued by the hidden taxation of the Federal Reserve's debt note currency.

The federal government will increase its control over our children's education.

Our troops will continue dying in an unnecessary war. How do you ask a man to be the last one to die for an unjust war, Mr. Kerry?

New gun control legislation will be passed. Both Bush and Kerry have identical positions on Clinton's gun ban and all other gun restrictions.

Not much of a choice, huh. Does it seem important which one of these two is elected, let alone what they may have done forty years ago? Does anyone else want them to make their positions clear, so that the American people will know the depths of their similarities?

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an alternative in this election?

There is. And, all you have to do is vote for it.

In Nevada, you can visit www.VoteForAChange.US to read about your real alternatives for federal office.

If you live in the rest of the country, visit www.Badnarik.org.

I suppose the corporate media's brainwashing is so strong that even after reading everything above, some of you may still be swayed by the wasted vote "argument". This says that if you don't vote against the greater of two evil candidates, the worst of the two might win.

It makes no difference whether Bush or Kerry get elected. See above.

So why waste your vote on the status quo? Why waste your vote trying to pick between two candidates which offer a distinction without a difference?

The faces in the political mirror may be identical, but they'll disappear after November 2nd. You will have to look yourself in the mirror for another four years.

Don't let the media cast your vote. Don't let the one-party system limit your options.

Vote for freedom. Vote for a change. Vote Libertarian. You can make a difference, no matter what the one-party system and their media may say.

Author bio: Jim is a columnist, radio host, congressional candidate, and self-defense instructor.


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