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Number 288, September 12, 2004

"We don't trust our own government"

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the toon
Bush is a Nazi
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Thanks to Bill Stone for pointing us to this (see letters).


Still missing in Action this week are Jim Lesczynski's report on the fun and games in New York City during the Central Park Illegal Demonstration, and L. Neil Smith's report on large-frame revolvers. Maybe they'll be here in time for next issue? (That's what we said last time.) I suspect they're both busy with "real life".

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Ken Holder
Editor, TLE


Letters to the Editor
Letters from the Badnarik Campaign, Alan Korwin, James J Odle, and Bill Stone:

The Gun Control Conundrum
by Tim Condon
On January 19, 2000 a 16-year-old high school student in Florida was accidentally and fatally shot by his best friend. Five minutes of instruction five minutes would have saved both of them, one from death and the other from a jail term and lifetime of guilt for "manslaughter by culpable negligence."

The Truth is Out There
by Lady Liberty
Because I have a very busy schedule, I attend very few events outside of those related to my job or politics. I do, however, make exceptions for things I think I might really enjoy. For example, a few weeks ago, I went to an Alice Cooper concert (for the record, yes, I had a great time, and yes, even in his mid-50's, Alice still rocks). More recently, I was in the audience for a talk on UFO's. Now, I know these things are a little odd, but such things entertain me and that was the sole reason for my attendance at both of these venues.

Zell Miller: Certifiably Insane
by Jonathan David Morris
Truth be told, I thought the Republican National Convention was pretty entertaining. At least as far as conventions go, and especially in comparison to its Democratic counterpart, this year's GOP get-together was really very watchable. Rudy Giuliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger were engaging, if nothing else. The Bush twins were... interesting. And as for the man of the hour, George W. Bush, I wouldn't be surprised if he won reelection on the strength of his nomination acceptance speech. So overall, I found myself strangely enjoying this convention. But nevertheless, I agree with Senator Miller on at least one thing: Republicans and Democrats ought to drop the "two"-party sham and come "together." A single, streamlined convention would save taxpayers a fortune.

Protected My Ass—The Sequel: Attacked By The Clowns
by L. Reichard White
A few years ago I got a great object lesson. I lived in a "gated" community in Las Vegas. It even had the "fingers of death" to blow tires if someone tried to go in the out drive. I felt secure. Then one day I came home just as an appliance company was moving a refrigerator in the out drive by the simple expedient of a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood over the "fingers of death."

The Face in the Mirror
by Jim Duensing
If you watch the corporate news, you might think the most important issue of this election is which candidate, George Bush or John Kerry, has been more dishonest about their military service. I frankly don't care whether John Kerry elaborated on and reconstructed his exploits or whether W's only military experience was a dental exam.

Survey of the Bill of Rights: Article 5
by Ron Beatty
Most people, when they think of the Fifth Amendment, think of the famous 'Miranda' warning, as shown on gazillions of TV shows, and don't know anything else about it. Actually, the Miranda warning is only partially about the Fifth Amendment, and was instituted as a check on police brutality which became rampant during the years of the Civil Rights movement. At that time, it was not uncommon for police officers to torture confessions out of suspects. Sometimes this was literal torture, such as beatings. Other times, it was things like leaving a suspect in a cell with no heat, running water, or perhaps in a cell with violent, dangerous persons, so that the suspect will confess solely in order to stop the pain, degradation, fear, or psychological annoyance.

Grandparents Can't Trump Parental Rights
by Wendy McElroy
On September 12th, National Grandparents Day, many grandfathers and grandmothers will stare at photographs of grandchildren they cannot see or hug or contact. Too often, grandparents of non-custodial parents are erased from the family tree after divorce. Largely because of such wrenching situations, the idea of "grandparent rights" has gained traction. But what of parental rights? And should another layer of law be added to family relationships?

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