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Number 290, September 26, 2004

"Taxation With Representation"

the toon
"In Case of Genocide..."
by Scott Bieser


When celebity idiot Jerry Doyle (Babylon 5's "Michael Garibaldi") was exposed as having said, in essence, that firearms rights are all well and good, but nobody should have a gun that will spew "hundreds of rounds" at a time, I suggested the subject of this week's cartoon to my friend Scott Bieser who, as usual, executed it perfectly.

But the real conceptual credit, it must be admitted, belongs to another friend of mine—a great friend to all of us, really—Aaron Zelman, Founder and Executive Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (, who taught every one of us about the relationship between victim disarmament (it becomes pretty clear—almost unremarkable—when you use that phrase instead of "gun control", doesn't it?) and genocide.

Thanks, Aaron!

L. Neil Smith, Publisher, The Libertarian Enterprise


Issue 290. Wow, that's a lot of issues! Let the good times roll, my friends, let 'em roll.

And roll they do. Several long articles in this issue, all fully worth your time.

Thanks to J.R., who donated to the cause—the cause of continuing publishing TLE, that is. Got to pay that electric bill, or the computers stop working. And the last few nights the temperature has started falling below freezing up here in the mountains. Fall is already starting to feel like winter. The experts say we'll have a bit more snow this time around. Snow—it was fun the first few years we lived here. Now, it's just cold wet stuff.

That donation link again:

Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
Letters from EJ Totty, Michael Badnarik, and Ron Beatty

The Cat Came Back—Or Tried To, Anyway
by L. Neil Smith
By now, we all know somebody—or know of somebody—whom the United States government, in its infinite stupidity, has arbitrarily and illegally denied the right to travel by means of commercial airliner.

Lady Liberty Interviews Michael Badnarik
by Lady Liberty
On September 11, 2004, Lady Liberty was in attendance at the 2004 National Property Rights Conference where she spoke on Internet Activism. Libertarian candidate for President Michael Badnarik was a featured general session speaker at that same event. Lady Liberty was privileged to have the opportunity to speak with Mr. Badnarik one on one during the Conference.

Taxation With Representation
by Jonathan David Morris
It was right around 7:30 last Friday morning when I crossed over the Delaware River Bridge on my way to work. About a minute after merging onto the New Jersey Turnpike, I noticed a large white truck two lanes over and four cars ahead—an F-350 Dually, I believe. It was going maybe 70 miles an hour, and a solid half mile of road was opening up in front of it as drivers in all three lanes tried not to pass it by.

It's the Government, Stupid!
by Charles Stone, Jr.
We have lots of problems in this world. Poverty, lack of freedom, famine, crime and despair are all in ample supply. They seem to be much more widespread than happiness and freedom. But why?

What Democrats Deserve
by Anthony Gregory
Last year I wrote a piece for TLE called "What Republicans Deserve." For the most part, I stand by it, though I might have been a little soft on them in parts. I've been thinking about it, and it's fitting to reflect on what Democrats deserve.

Survey of the Bill of Rights: Articles 7 and 8
by Ron Beatty
I decided to combine Amendments in this week's article for a very simple reason: Both the Seventh and Eighth Amendments deal with judicial process. Probably I should have combined the Fourth through the Eighth, but I didn't, sooooo ....

Wage Gap Reflects Women's Priorities
by Wendy McElroy
An Aug. 26 report from the U.S. Census Bureau stated that the median female full-time wage for women was 75.5 cents for every dollar similarly earned by men; that's down .6 percent from 2002.

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