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Number 291, October 3, 2004

"The traffic jam at the spaceport was almost nonexistent"

the toon
and Michael Bradshaw


Welcome to Issue 291 of TLE.

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Letters to the Editor
Letters from John DeVoe (with reply from L. Neil Smith), and Scott Graves

Space ShipTWO, GovernmentZero!
by Michael Bradshaw
Up. Down. Done. Again! SpaceShipTWO, GovernmentZero!

Survey of the Bill of Rights: Articles 9 and 10
by Ron Beatty
As with last week, I am combining two amendments, since both of them are similar, and very important. In fact, other than the First and Second Amendments, these two may be the most important amendments in the Bill of Rights.

If You Can't Say Anything Nice...
by Lady Liberty
If your mother is anything like mine, you heard it more than a few times growing up: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." For gossip-loving teenagers and often appallingly cruel grade-schoolers, those words are good advice. But as adults we grow to recognize that sometimes it's necessary to say even not-so-nice things. That doesn't mean, however, that we need to say those things as if we were the immature and small-minded children we used to be.

Democracy: It's for the Dogs
by Jonathan David Morris
I wrote last week that it isn't enough to complain about taxation without representation—that we've got to insist on no taxation whatsoever instead. Why did I say this? Because: "Taxation is how politicians exploit our hard work and labor."

I Refuse
by James J Odle
An open letter to the Republican/Democrat parties: When it comes to politicians, I have long believed that respect—as well as my vote—must be earned, that neither should be passed out as so much political welfare. This is a difficult goal to accomplish, as my standards are high—very high—you might even say, Mount Everest kind of high. As we shall see, they are clearly out of reach of nearly every Washingtonian politician.

Across U.S., Non-Custodial Parents Sue
by Wendy McElroy
At least 28 federal class action suits in 28 states have been filed in the last two weeks on behalf of non-custodial parents (NCPs). The defendants are the individual states.

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