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Badnarik for President
Vote Freedom

Number 292, October 10, 2004

"It's not what it is. It's what it means."

SpaceshipOne Take-off
Photo by Cat Parsons


Oops! The picture last issue of SpaceShipOne and Michael Bradshaw was taken by Cat Parsons. I've retroactively put the photo credit on last issue. Sorry for the mix-up, Cat, but we've got 4 more of your pictures in this issue, all properly attributed this time!

And if that picture up there isn't of the most beautiful flying machine ever I don't know what is!

Michael Badnarik was arrested on Friday while attempting to serve legal papers on the Commission on Presidential Debates. For more information and an on-going report, check the Campaign Blog at [this link]

And, the link to the donations page yet again:

Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
Letters from J. Neil Schulman, Ron Beatty, Frank Ney, and Steve Trinward

SpaceShipWON, GovernmentZero!
by Michael Bradshaw
Up. Down. Done. WON! SpaceShipWON, GovernmentZero!

Battling the War On Drugs
by Lady Liberty
Colorado Sheriff Bill Masters is on a crusade. Of course, he does his job working to protect the citizens of his county and arresting the bad guys there. But his greatest passion is reserved for righting what he sees as a truly great wrong, and that wrong is the so-called War on Drugs.

What Does Freedom Mean?
by Ron Beatty
As libertarians, we often talk about freedom, so I thought it might be desireable to take a look at the subject in a hard-headed, objective manner (not that "I" am hard-headed! Of course not!)

On Presidents and Plant Life
by Jonathan David Morris
Jonathan David Morris: Good evening. I'm Jonathan David Morris, and I'm here with two very distinguished members of the plant life community—a bush and a tree—both of which live and work in the mulch outside my house. Tonight, these mostly inanimate objects will weigh-in on Round No. 1 of the Bush/Kerry debates, adding their own thoughts on behalf of the candidates. Gentlemen, thank you for being here.

An Open Letter To President Badnarik
by John DeVoe
Dear Mr. President: I know I'm jumping the gun by a few months with that title, but I figured you wouldn't mind me helping you get used to it because, as we all know, you are absolutely positively going to win this election. Anyway, I got to thinking about how busy you are with the campaign and, if you are anything like I am, you get all wrapped up in one big project and kinda let the mundane stuff slip through the cracks. Since I'm here in Austin, I would be happy to help you out.

I Will Scrap My Begging Bowl, Will You?
by Sergei Borglum Hoff
This writing will provide support for the patriots who are determined to restore our fundamental rights. For the well-meaning Americans who are fearful and clearly misinformed, significant attention is also directed towards their patriotic struggles. As for the pseudo-patriots who express contentment with the social engineering of their lives by an oppressive nanny-state, they will not benefit from reading further. Because of an inability to accept responsibility for their lives, these nationally exalted paragons of docility have by now bleated their way into the flock, shepherded towards the precipice. Until their grazing meadows of sweet-grass wither, they will not stray.

Individual Rights vs. Identity Politics
by Wendy McElroy
"Are there are any registered vaginas in the house?" "Step into your vaginas and get the vagina vote out!" These were some of the comments shouted at the celebrity-packed "Vaginas Vote, Chicks Rock" night in New York City this September. Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem were among the laudables at the event that urged women to register to vote in order to promote "women's issues."

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