Western European Socialism: The Triumph Of Mediocrity

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Number 293, October 17, 2004

The Triumph Of Mediocrity

Barnarik for President!


Our publisher and friend L. Neil Smith came through this part of the world last week, so we met him and his family for a nice little visit and meal (thanks again for the treat!). We talked a little business and then they had to hit the road. No pictures this time, but we did get to handle Win Bear's .41 Magnum, Emerson Ngu's .45 Win Mag, (that's a big gun!), and L. Neil's 5-inch .45 ACP revolver. Nice! Next time let's go do some shooting!

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Letters to the Editor
Letters from John Taylor, Rocky Frisco, Bill St. Clair, Derek Benner, Scott Graves, the Arizona LP, Badnarik for President, Jon Airheart, James J Odle, Ron Beatty, Kent McManigal, and L. Neil Smith

Western European Socialism: The Triumph Of Mediocrity
by Charles Stone, Jr.
After the Second World War, America and the nations of Western Europe appeared to stand shoulder to shoulder against the concept of socialism and ever growing government. Sixty years later; what happened???

Toward a 'practical, real-world, hard-nosed, get-your-hands-dirty' political education: Part 1
by James J Odle
The subject, my friends is education, of the political kind. On this subject, I have a lot to say. For this reason, I have divided this article into six parts.

More Than Words
by Lady Liberty
Recently, I took a brief vacation to Washington, DC. I've been to the capital before, but I try to make a point of seeing different things every time I'm there—there's so much to see, and never enough time to visit more than a fraction of the many sites and attractions. I admit that I did duplicate a couple of stops from previous visits this time around. But despite that, I saw something different anyway. Actually, it might be better put to say I saw something differently. Let me explain.

What is a Libertarian?
by Ron Beatty
Recently, I put out a call for article ideas on a Yahoo group message board. I did this not because I don't have ideas of my own, but because I want to know what people want to hear about, what things are of most concern to them.

Just This Once
by Lex Concord
We libertarians are a curious bunch. Thirty years of electoral futility and the relentless march of statism during that time have infected us with a virulent strain of pessimism. Most of us would say we're simply being realistic, but pessimists always call themselves realists. Defeatism is rampant, yet we fight on, because libertarians are also unbridled optimists, believing that statism must eventually falter, and liberty will someday prevail. Just this once, though, let's consider what might happen if everything went our way for a change, right now.

Deadbeat Dad Contest Bad for Kids
by Wendy McElroy
On Oct. 1, Michigan launched a new crackdown on "deadbeats"—noncustodial parents who are behind on paying child support. The overwhelming majority of "deadbeats" are dads.

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