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Number 295, October 31, 2004

The Nightmare After Halloween

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Letter from EJ Totty

Letter from Ron Beatty

Letter from Badnarik for President

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken,

Re.: "LFB's Exclusive Interview with Robert J. Ringer", by David M. Brown

An interesting interview!

If I were to dispute any single thing remarked upon by R.J. Ringer, it would be this:

"One of the greatest lies fed to Americans, a lie that is repeated again and again, without challenge, on national television, is that diversity is America's strength. But sheer common sense tells one that diversity is not a strength; it's a weakness."

A non sequitur—if ever there was one.

First, as Ringer has pointed out via his discussion regarding a creator, there is seen to be an endless array of life, expanse of space, and indeed—all things which humans might know of and/or about.

We might call that 'a diversity of creation.'

Would that diversity work against all things created?

I think not. More the opposite is true, if only that the fittest of all things created is given the better chance of survival, simply because it adapts (evolves?) to new conditions.

In fact, I would argue in the obverse, that it may be shown—incontrovertibly—that just exactly the opposite of what Ringer argues is more the case.

If the only 'culture' in the US were 'western culture,' then what we would have is 'mono-culture.' In such instances, where that has been the case, the culture is easily heisted and transformed by those with ideas agenda related. It's easier for a government to get what it wants in such a case, because everyone simply 'thinks the same.'

With a 'multi-culture,' those ideas common to the 'mono-culture' are given a thorough work over, to determine 'what's appropriate' or not, not unlike as with 'creation.'

In a mono-culture, one size fits all.

Of course, it should also be said that those who profess to be for all things multicultural, yet express adamantly the need for 'unity of action' are in fact the worst sort of hypocrites—especially when it comes to attacking yet other nations that had no part in attacking the shores, borders, territories, shipping or citizens of the US.

Now, in relation to Ringer's comment:

"Nothing happens until something moves, and the U.S. moved swiftly against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. If action is the causation of change, then Afghanistan is the poster child for the definition of action. Likewise, people may disagree on whether the U.S. should have invaded Iraq, but, with Saddam out of power, can anyone deny that Bush's action brought about monumental change in that country?"

So, maybe the EU should attack the US and remove the current tyrants in US office? Wouldn't that be a positive 'agent for change?'

I mean, after all, would not Bush be forcefully removed from office?

And, with the US government gone, would that not also bring about a monumental change in the US?

You see? This is what perplexes me the most: Someone who, on the one hand, professes to believe in the absolute limitlessness of creation, yet on the other hand professes the complete obverse idea to that diversity by proclaiming that in order to get things done? Well, single-mindedness 'shit has to happen.'

There's a term that fits nicely here: Regimentation.

In a true multicultural nation, not a thing—on a grand scale—happens. But anything can happen in those separate and free segments of the whole culture, just as with nature, and the strongest, most vibrant of those, will be the ones that survive.

Survival—in nature—is not by human edict, but rather by way of—you got it: Diversity.

A nation of many different peoples finds its greatest inner strengths—not by exclusion, but rather by inclusion.

But, we aren't there, simply because those with an agenda—who profess to be for the multicultural—are in fact working overtime to stuff all of us into a 'mono-culture.'

They are the same people who will use the argument of "We are all different, thus we are all the same by virtue of our differences," and then attempt the communistic by proclaiming that in order to achieve 'unity,' we must ignore our differences and work together for a "common goal"—the euphemism for communism.

And, as we should all know, communism is as about as single-minded a polity as any.

Freedom is not a common goal, and never will be either.

It simply cannot ever be, because Freedom is an individual goal, that each of us seeks in our own way, and the only commonality that might exist is by use of the same terms to achieve a unique existence: Our very own.

I'm not like anyone else—thank you!

When I was born, my Mum told my Dad, "If you want another one like that one, you're going have to do it yourself!"

The rest is history ...

EJ Totty

What is a Real American?

Does a Real American look forward to and cheer for war?

Does a Real American put personal safety over and above the founding ideals and principles of our very nation?

Does a Real American strive to place our sovereignty subject to the whims and dictates of a corrupt world political organization?

Does a Real American refuse to face facts about our current political structure, blindly following party dictates instead of using his own mind to reason and decide how to vote?

Does a Real American call for government intervention on every possible subject, instead of being adult enough to be responsible for his own safety and well-being?

No, I don't think any of the above is a Real American. To me, the last true Americans are the libertarians, the ones who are willing to be personally responsible for their own lives, their own safety, their own decisions. Sometimes it seems as if America has been invaded and conquered by an invading army of sheep, due primarily to the inattention of the vast majority of the American people. Sadly, however, libertarians themselves are also at fault, and in the same way that the Native Americans were at fault for letting the white man take the continent. What way is this, you ask?

Simple, really. The only reason the white men were successful in taking this continent is because the Native Americans couldn't work together long enough to throw the bums out! Had the Native Americans worked together, every single time a landing was made, to repel the invaders, this would still be a Native American stronghold.

Until all libertarians work together to make our dreams come to fruition, they will remain just that, dreams.

Ron Beatty

Dear Badnarik supporter,

Over the last four months, Michael Badnarik's campaign for the presidency of the United States has gone from virtual anonymity to major news stories running on a daily basis. Last week, we hit "critical mass"—the media suddenly noticed that Libertarians may well determine the outcome of this election—and we're riding a tidal wave of coverage that further enhances our chance of making a real impact on American presidential politics.

This "overnight success" didn't really happen overnight. You know that, because you were there when Michael Badnarik came back from a presumed third-place finish at the LP's national convention to win the nomination. You were there when Libertarians united behind a candidate who had proven that he was willing to work his heart out to make a difference—you were one of those Libertarians, and it's your support which has made it possible for us to bring Michael Badnarik's name and message to the attention of millions of Americans.

Now, as the moment of truth approaches, I'm coming to you one last time to ask for your help in making this the greatest presidential election in the Libertarian Party's history. Our final fundraising goal of $1 million is within reach—as of a few minutes ago, we had raised a total of $976,569 and we need to meet that goal. Not just so we can say we raised a million dollars, but because every ad we run on Monday means more votes for liberty on Tuesday.

Many of you have given. Some of you have given until it hurt, and some of you have given the legal maximum. In return, we've tried to make the most efficient possible use of that money. We are running targeted ad campaigns in "battleground" states to make the Libertarian Party a factor in the election's outcome. We are running nationwide ad campaigns to put Michael Badnarik's name and message in front of as many Americans as possible. We are also running commercials in safe states to boost the overall vote total. And it is paying off. Never before has a Libertarian presidential candidate been poised to affect the election, only days before the votes are cast, as Michael Badnarik is right now.

Will you help us with the last big push? Your contribution will make it possible for us to run additional advertising nationwide or in major media markets, in critical time slots and on popular programs. This final ad campaign will "seal the deal"—Americans will go to the polls to vote Libertarian in what we believe will be record numbers—but only if we get that money into play by noon on Sunday. After that, it will be too late to make the ad buys, too late to make an even bigger difference for American and for liberty. Please, examine the results Michael Badnarik has delivered so far, consider your own financial situation, and make the best contribution you can ... tonight.

In liberty,

The entire communications team at Badnarik/Campagna 2004, including:

Fred Collins
Barbara Goushaw-Collins
Stephen Gordon
Geoffrey Neale
Thomas Knapp
Stephen VanDyke
Kathryn Weitzel
Jessica Caplan
The Badnarik webteam
The Badnarik blogteam
and hundreds of others who have contributed so much to this campaign

P.S. Thanks to you, another $20,000 was just plugged into advertising on CNN and Headline News.

P. P.S. I just confirmed the contents of this message with Fred Collins. Any donations made online before noon tomorrow can be placed into more television advertising. With your help, we can send voters off to the polls with a final message of Michael Badnarik still resting in their short term memories. The time to act is now!—spg


Badnarik for President

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