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Number 295, October 31, 2004

The Nightmare After Halloween

Election and Revolution
by Michael Bradshaw

Exclusive to TLE

On Tuesday, November 2, 2004 I will go to the polling place and cast a ballot for Michael Badnarik for the office of President of the United States. It will be counted for John Kerry.

After the politician's "erection" on Tuesday I intend to withdraw my registration to vote. I do not intend to vote again unless I can find some other folks to work with me on my initiative to enforce the second amendment—to be found at www.usrepeals.com—or to vote on a similar one from someone else.

Instead I will spend political time at the shooting range, practicing casting "ballots" downrange; and at the loading bench, making liberty's teeth. I'm sure I will need them.

It's not the People who are revolting against the Government. It's the Government that's revolting.

Unlike many I do not believe that voting is giving consent to the government. I do not consent to any government. It is also a means to monkeywrench the system to a small degree. That is the primary reason why I have voted in the past and why I will vote in this 2004 election. Another is that, while I think it is unlikely, Mr. Badnarik has at least a mathematical chance to win the election, and, if not assassinated by the other politicians before January 20 of next year, to take office and start to enforce the Bill Of Rights again; for the first time in about a century and a half.

This is my version of the "last ditch attempt" to right the wrongs of the United States—short of war. After the election, if Mr. Badnarik is defeated, I am done with that failed tactic, at least insofar as candidates for government office are concerned. Many others are also of this mind and policy. Together we are, in my opinion, fully capable of defeating the United States on the battlefield.

The strategy will probably be Fifth-Generation War.

Like LadyLearning, (see the Claire Files Forum at http://www.thementalmilitia.org/clairefiles/) I believe that violent revolution is inevitable. Hell, "inevitable" isn't the right word at all! The war is right here, right now; being fought all around us every day. It's just being prosecuted at a low level for the time being; because the politicians are afraid of a full-scale conflict—which they will lose. Every night and day, American families are being raided, homes and property are being stolen and destroyed. Americans are being captured, raped, wounded and killed by soldiers of the United States and the several States—in the distributed combat zone that is America. It's a lot like Germany and the Jews in the late 1930s and early '40s.

It's not the People who are revolting against the Government. It's the Government that's revolting.

Lysander Spooner told us that the Constitution either authorizes what we have now as a government—or has been powerless to prevent it. Either way, it is a failure.

That failure did not start recently. It started with President Washington's whisky tax and the rebellion that it precipitated. Things went slowly downhill from there until Lincoln set the Constitution aside to form the first United States Empire. The Constitution was reinstated, after a fashion, after his well-deserved assassination; with body-blows in the early 1900s, until Franklin Roosevelt finally revoked it completely upon seizing power in 1933.

I am not a citizen of the United States, and neither are you. I never have been. The United States, as a constitutional republic, ceased to exist over sixteen years before I was born.

If Michael Badnarik is elected President this November I think that there is a chance for the restoration of the Constitution and the Republic. If not, there is probably none. I do not think that restoration is a good idea.

It's not the People who are revolting against the Government. It's the Government that's revolting.

The four basic functions of all government are robbery, rape, slavery and murder. All else is mere window-dressing and excuses. The fact that some governments are less bad than others, or perform some useful functions—means nothing. Anything they do that is wanted by the victims—is at an average cost at least four times what it is worth in the free market. They all violate the Zero Aggression Principle in everything they do. They all do the four basic functions. They are all gangs of criminals who get their living, sex and sport by victimizing the people around them. There can never be any excuse for any government or politician to exist.

It's not the People who are revolting against the Government. It's the Government that's revolting.

Statists say that we cannot live without government; as that would mean a state of anarchy and chaos.

They could not be more wrong.

Statists say that anarchy and chaos are the same thing.

They are liars.

Anarchy and chaos are polar opposites and vary inversely. To the extent one expands in any country, the other is reduced. We see that principle all around us every day. One may compare different countries, or look for these functions in the way that one society works.

Wherever government is, it attempts to control all people and things, which is impossible; and that brings chaos and destruction, poverty and war. Under government, orders flow from the top, down. And all those who are "down" are slaves. Where people interact without government there is anarchy (by definition, merely the absence of government); which brings the natural order of the marketplace. Under anarchy, orders (for products and services) flow from the bottom (customers) up—to the producers. Adam Smith, in his book "Wealth of Nations", described the free market as the "Invisible Hand" of mankind's natural order; guiding the people to peace and prosperity.

He was right.

We see Adam Smith's "invisible hand" of free market order at work wherever people have any freedom from government interference in their lives. There need not be total freedom for it to work. Any liberty at all, no matter how little, fosters the free market's guidance of human action toward more freedom, peace and prosperity.

After the American revolution against Britain was over, most Americans lived in a state of practical anarchy, with little contact with the state governments; and that worked rather well. There was peace and relative prosperity.

We can have that again.

It's not the People who are revolting against the Government. It's the Government that's revolting.

If the Americans are willing to fight this current revolution to a successful conclusion, we can once more have peace and prosperity, and that for a long time to come. The United States, like Rome before it, appears to be nearing its final stage of chaotic conflict before its ultimate collapse. It has tried to violate the laws of economics—and pitted itself against the largest and most powerful military force that the human race has ever seen.

The American Militia.

We, the American Militia, who are the People, and who carry the Enlightenment within us, number on the order of one-hundred million effective combatants. We are the Ethnic Americans. We are well-armed. No government can stand against us in our wrath. Not the United States. Not the Peoples Republic of China. Not even mighty Andorra. The only force to which we might fall is ourselves. As we did in 1789.

There are ways to prevent that.

The United States; which is only a government, not a country; can be brought down in destruction without seriously hurting America. And, comparatively, without a great deal of bloodshed; unless the U. S. leaders decide to bombard our cities with nuclear weapons or other methods of mass-killing—and can get their soldiers to use them against us. New government can then be nipped in the bud, so that we will not make the same mistake again—that we made with the passage of the original constitution.

It's not the People who are revolting against the Government. It's the Government that's revolting.

The method is Fifth-Generation War. And it has two parts.

It requires not the traditional bottom-up war that the politicians and kings have always fought against each other, with soldiers killing soldiers until one side runs out of soldiers—and the sacred Leaders remain, unharmed. It requires the top-down war the politicians have always feared that we would learn. It requires the decapitation of the hierarchical organization of government by the systematic removal of the leaders.

From the top down.

The method is assassination. The book is Unintended Consequences. The author is John Ross.

The second part; which may be implemented part-way through the first top-down-war phase; consists of setting-up a "free-market, anarchy-insurance" foundation in memory of its inventor, Jim Bell, who, the last I heard, is a political prisoner of the United States; imprisoned for writing his thesis. This "Jim Bell Memorial Foundation" for, as he called it "assassination politics", will prevent the resurgence of any government—by decapitating its leaders from the organization before the governmental group can gain too much power.

Governments are always hierarchical, with orders flowing from the top, down to the soldiers and slaves at the bottom. Without leaders, government cannot exist, as the criminals that are left are not organized sufficiently, and may be dealt with as individuals or small groups—killed by their intended victims at the time and place of the crime—or dealt with later, by the victim's security companies and the arbitrators.

The method is free-market politics. The thesis is "Assassination Politics". The author is Jim Bell and it is found on the internet at http://jya.com/ap.htm or many other sites.

Ladies and gentlemen of America, our ancestors have sown the wind. Now we reap the tornado.

Our choices are slavery and the gas-chamber, or Freedom and the Stars!

Go. And vote for Michael Badnarik for President.

Then meet me at the rifle range and the ammunition-loading bench.

Michael Bradshaw is the Speaker (also the Lord-High Janitor) of the United States House of Repeals. www.usrepeals.com

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