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Number 295, October 31, 2004

The Nightmare After Halloween

Our Fears and Denials Will Enslave Us
by Sergei Hoff

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Having beheld the people's fears of righteous confrontation and sacrifice, their denials of truth and accountability, and the widespread abandonment of liberty, it is evident to this writer that the corruptibility of America has become a demoralizing reality for our children.

These vital questions must be addressed: Do we desire to be cradled, and then carried throughout life to our graves by this partisan propelled bureaucratic monstrosity? With two centuries behind us as individuals of sovereign dignity, are we now so terrified, bewildered, and impotent that our main purpose is to seek asylum from the potential hazards of freedom? Have we no faith in our natural strengths and abilities? Do we not owe the same constitutionally guaranteed freedoms to our children and theirs? Are we no longer able to sense the invigorating American blood of liberty rushing through our veins? A few veteran patriots have begun to ask; are we now an emasculated nation of cowards and unworthy of retaining our liberties?

A number of readers will ask—with a seemingly justified posture of indignation—by what right does this meddlesome person reproach fellow Americans, and renounce a government that was established by the will of the people? Despite the inevitable calls for censure, I now accept that it is my duty—a responsibility of every loyal American—to contribute towards the transformations of fear and denial into proficient patriotic activism. On several occasions I have condemned the actions of politicians and other government officials, but until last year, have never publicly rebuked the irrational intent or the irresponsible detachment of the people. In view of the unnecessary dangers that we must all now face as a result of our childish behavior, I was remiss in my responsibility to this troubled nation.

My conscience compels me to venture out, and publish this challenge along with a truthful and sobering State of the Union address. I have never aspired to become a White House speechwriter, politician, or mainstream political columnist. Hence, the misinformed citizenry has the opportunity to learn something of value, which would otherwise not be available through some bureaucratically programmed toady. I can promise the minority of Americans who prefer to function in a world of reality that my priorities, observations, countermeasures, and predictions, are not in any manner similar to those embraced by President George W. Bush, other lesser statesmen, or the government dominated Socialist media.

For the attainment of this goal, every step will be taken to avoid the disorienting and enfeebling amenities of political correctness. Be grateful for this first and last tidbit of comforting news. Those Americans of brittle disposition might console themselves by awaiting a ride on the next emotionally indulgent transport; this one is scheduled nonstop over rocky roads.

As a result of our newfound—government and media manipulated—purpose for living, with most everyone busily jostling to appear a wee bit more patriotic than their neighbor, it is doubtful that this writing will stir national support, or win many friendships. Even without government and media praise for my patriotic worth, I remain confident that genuinely concerned readers will be influenced. I can only chance that such influence does not prompt the acquisition of tar and feathers. When it comes down to the stability of our Republic, family welfare, and the defense of my liberties, I am not the meek or apologetic little lad with a plan of retreat. Here I stand!

Big brothers often display loyalty and a benevolent nature, provide sound leadership, and offer wisdom when most needed. And, George Orwell's personification of governmental powers as "Big Brother" appears to lack the intensity of our perverse sibling. Indeed, our ethically challenged bureaucratic boy has further degenerated into a treacherous Bully-Brother. It is important that we all understand the seriousness of our problem. Regardless of the labels used, the fact remains that we—a nation of sovereign individuals—are in Big Trouble.

We wisely rebuff conspiracy theories of a delusional nature. Yet, our frequent denials of reliable, observable evidence are as detrimental as paranoia. As imperiled citizens of a troubled nation, our fears and denials will lead us into enslavement.

Government, which was in fact established by the will of the people, is wantonly disregarding the liberties of its masters, making it imperative that we all unite, speak out loudly, and demand constitutional remedies. Under the misdirection of rebellious politicians, this wayward government has the audacity to challenge the Constitution and our authority.

This government has perpetrated far more damaging assaults on human rights and national dignity than Middle Eastern terrorists could ever hope to achieve. Truthfully, this is a treacherous juncture for us all. We are now witnessing the deaths of courage, human rights, and dignity within our nation. Sovereign citizens are under attack by terrorists, the United Nations, Socialists, gun-ban-zealots, federal police invasion forces, and a multitude of faithless public servants. Have we a rational plan of defense for our families? No! Instead, we hysterically scurry about in a mob, witlessly waving Old Glory with one hand and tossing confetti from the other, while cheering the lynching of Lady Liberty along with our children's unalienable rights. All of which, genuine American patriots by the hundreds of thousands sacrificed their lives in order to preserve.

Yes! I am outraged over the cowardly betrayals by our public servants but equally disgusted with the escapist Mardi-Gras revelry of my fellow Americans. Through fear, denial, and escapism, if we permit this mighty land of the free to wither into a dysfunctional home of the oppressed, our brave and noble fathers will have fought and died in vain.

Not the powers of the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, Unites States Constitution, or the Bill of Rights include the authority to either confer or negate human rights. Fundamental rights are inherent throughout humanity and endowed by an omnipotent force, far superior in creativity and wisdom than mankind. Concerning the treatment of lawful individuals, a legally defensible authority to encroach upon the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the common pursuit of happiness, does not exist in the United States. Whether or not foreign governments dishonor and violate the unalienable rights of their citizens is a subject for discussion elsewhere. We have enough on our own platter to digest. The intent of the Bill of Rights is to protect human rights from the abuses of our government, including the courts.

The constitutionally decreed separation of powers, equally divided between three branches of government, for the purposes of enforcing our founding intent and uniform justice is nonexistent. The separation of these distinct and well-defined powers remains as mere symbolism of the past, serving only to deceptively reassure the unwitting masses.

Today, we seldom hear of a Judicial branch ruling that is in opposition to the Executive or Legislative branches, in accordance with the Constitution, and in favor of the people. As a result of the three branches of government refusing obedience to constitutional law, our system of checks and balances—originating from the genius of the Founding Fathers—has been abolished.

Through the finalizing machinations of George Bush, accelerated by the events of September 11th, the Executive branch is now the dominant force within government. Consequently, the people are left without adequate protections from abusive federal officials. Additionally: The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches stand guard for one another against the people's outcries for justice. For the most part, this conspiratorial usurpation of our authority over government has been a silent and gradual process yet ruthless and nearly complete.

The Constitution (Supreme Law of the Land) is the founding and preserving law of the Unites States; it supports the people and restricts government. If government refuses to obey the restrictions imposed by the Constitution, its legitimacy ceases. And, the people are not obligated to be governed by an illegitimate authority. Today—without hesitation—our government officials subvert constitutional law. It is politically expedient for them to do so.

As a minority of informed and resolute individualists, it remains our patriotic duty to prevent the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights by both the unenlightened masses and bureaucratic cowards. This is not a call for the overthrow of government. In truth, the Socialists and rebellious politicians have already done so. That is the problem. Our crucial task is to restore constitutional government to the original state intended by our Founding Fathers. Judiciously authored law is necessary for the preservation of any nation. Our Constitution, united with the Bill of Rights is such a law.

The President is the elected chief executive and law enforcement official of this nation. It is his duty to ensure that all constitutionally supported federal laws are justly enforced. While his responsibilities are momentous and may appear majestic, he is not a king, emperor, or some other monarch. His powers are limited by the Constitution and granted only with the authority of the people. He does not enjoy a divine right to rule. The President is compelled to obey the same laws as we. And, he is answerable to the people. George Bush is an American public servant. One of his primary duties in office is to defend the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Lesser commitments are unacceptable to all thinking Americans.

During the President's inauguration—not unlike millions of other concerned citizens—I enjoyed a brief moment of anticipation. Although my optimism lacked a stable foundation, I envisioned that the integrity of our Constitutional Republic would eventually be restored. Because it was my desire for our next President to possess noble attributes, I foolishly accepted him as a man of prudence and virtuous intent. I welcomed his apparent contrast to the former Oval Office poll-jockey and searched for further reasons to support his presidency. It quickly became evident that George Bush has not stopped nor even impeded our gradual descent into the cesspool of Socialism. He dropped us into a freefall!

It is especially difficult for persons with sound constitutionalist principles to witness fellow Americans mindlessly idolizing government. Expressing blind faith in a divine intelligence might fulfill spiritual or a few emotional needs. I shall immediately spare the reader from my ignorance of this subject by assigning such possibilities to the clergy and psychologists for debate. What I can state with absolute certainty is that honoring government with the same intensity of devotion always leads to catastrophic consequences (Nazi Germany, Communist China, and Soviet Russia).

The betrayals exposed by the September 11th events have compounded tenfold with the subsequent enactment of the "USA Patriot Act" and the establishment of a "Department of Homeland Security." Unless state and local community governments unite and adopt a stance of resistance, the grievous effects of this unconstitutional "Act" and its predatory police state "Department" will be endured by our children forever.

The strategies and limitations of this "war on terrorism" remain unclear. We do not know where it will end or when. Resulting from counterfactual Cabinet advice and our misplaced trust, the President—not content with dishonoring the rights of Americans—has invaded a third-world nation and slaughtered innocent men, women, and children. The President's atrocities proceed unabated while this writing progresses. According to the President, there are "60 or more" nations that provide sanctuary for their terrorist inhabitants. With dubious evidence being adequate for the consoling rationalization of our government's imperialist aggression, where will George Bush draw the line? This war is no more limited to fighting terrorism than I am to eating turnip everyday for my entire life. This cleverly dramatized "war on terrorism," truly a perpetual war of "New World Order" Socialist domination, has further provided public servants—through the "USA Patriot Act"—with the opportunity to molest the unalienable rights of their trusting or browbeaten masters.

Each day, they rape the Constitution and molest our unalienable rights. Our disingenuous President, Attorney General, Legislators, and Supreme Court Justices dishonor the memory, intent, and integrity of our Founding Fathers. Citizens are quite capable of accurately interpreting the Constitution and Bill of Rights. However, these self-perceived ethical scholars of law have bastardized the Constitution with their convoluted and ambiguous interpretations of our unequivocal Bill of Rights. Liberty by liberty, virtue by virtue, they are eroding our cherished Constitutional Republic. These very same servants of the people can be the most cunning and corrupting of outlaws. As a result of their refusal to ethically interpret constitutional law, we now have the following extreme threat to our freedoms.

Formerly a staunch supporter of John Ashcroft, I must now denounce his demigod aspirations. Never hesitating to let the people know of his outrage over this, or about that, will he seek vengeance on those unrepentant souls who persist in questioning his tactics? What lengths will he go to express his displeasure under the preposterous claim of defending our freedoms?

Are his opponents to be blacklisted as terrorist sympathizers or traitors? Will their telephones and computers be wiretapped? Can we expect their bank accounts to be forfeited, or homes ransacked without court ordered warrants supported by probable cause and sworn affidavits? Are the harassment tactics of IRS audits in the offing? Will it be a secretive home or office invasion, a knock on the door, or the favored battering-ram incursion? Will false evidence be planted? How many upright reputations and innocent lives will be destroyed? Who will become his next "person of interest"? Because of love for my country and standing in defense of human rights, will I suffer the pain of his wrath? Or, will you?

The Attorney General has publicly advocated the use of detention camps for U. S. citizens suspected as "enemy combatants" or of having terrorist associations. If I am not mistaken, Heinrich Himmler originally intended his camps to be used for political nonconformists, and others suspected as enemies of the "Fatherland." Does it not gnaw on your sense of security to know that the Attorney General and President can condemn, through an unconstitutionally clandestine "committee," any citizen as an "enemy combatant" of our "Homeland"?

This unfortunate citizen, possibly you or a member of your family, could further be stripped of citizenship and imprisoned for an indefinite period at an undisclosed location. All of which, will be accomplished without ethical judicial oversight or Forth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment protections.

Except for declarations of war, martial law, or insurrections, habeas corpus—the people's protection against illegal imprisonment—cannot be suspended. And, if government nullifies any of the twenty-six Amendments (18th repealed by the 21st) or Articles of the Constitution, it has then lost its constitutional foundations; consequently, bureaucratic legitimacy is ended, and all governing authority forfeited. John Ashcroft's abuse of power is too obvious to be denied. Please do not jeopardize family welfare by naively assuming that such miscarriages of justice and acts of tyranny cannot occur on U. S. soil. Like myself, awaken to reality. They have begun!

Unlike our government's inability to connect the dots of evidence pertaining to the September 11th terrorist attacks, are these dots of tyrannical behavior beginning to connect for you? Many loyal Americans are now vulnerable to all such governmental abuses as a consequence of this deceptively labeled "USA Patriot Act."

Are John Ashcroft's assurances of protected human rights, enough for you? His unenforceable personal promises bring me no relief, and certainly do not enhance my confidence in his roguish or bumbling federal police force raiders. If not held in check by the people, this contemptuous public servant will have all the might of this bureaucracy—including its weaponry—to bring only misery to those possessors of courage and dignity that hazard to speak the unpopular and denied truth. Bravely dismissing their fear of government, these concerned, informed, and outspoken patriots are the unimpeachable champions of our nation. Not he!

In contrast to George Bush and John Ashcroft, sincere patriots of America will never infringe upon the unalienable rights of others, for any reason. By what constitutional or moral authority do they dare to do so? Is it their contention that the destruction the Bill of Rights is acceptable collateral damage in the government's war on terrorism?

Their breach of the barriers set forth in the peremptory Bill of Rights has destroyed all creditability as defenders of justice and the Constitution. They have betrayed the principles of a free nation. Contrary to their nationally applauded position, no situation (terrorism, world war, and natural disasters) can ever be so grave as to justify any encroachments on the Bill of Rights. A war that is focused on fighting terrorism, perpetrated within the borders of this nation or against constitutionally supported United States interests, is always justified but never the intentional or careless destruction of our Constitution. Never!

Neither Osama bin Laden nor Saddam Hussein ever had the power to destroy the Bill of Rights or our American Dream. George Bush does! As an opportunistic response to the September 11th attacks, you have heard the predictable dire warnings calling for restricted liberties shouted from the Oval Office and Halls of Congress. It is simply one more bureaucratic platter filled with "compelling state interests" hysteria shoved down our throats.

At the time of this writing, George Bush and John Ashcroft have legislatively secured such egregious infringements on our liberties. President Bush and the subversive congressional members have effectively suspended the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Does anyone honestly believe that our rights will ever be voluntarily restored? How many unaware bystanders will be sucked into this propeller of injustice as a result of their outlaw legislation? I will suggest that this "Act" provides convenient excuses to further harass political nonconformists and other controversial individuals.

Owing to their ineffectual assaults on the citizen defenders of this nation and futile attempts to win the "war on drugs," such draconian legislation was solicited by the Department of Justice years before our buckaroo President wanted Osama bin Laden dead or alive. Because of the present threat, accompanied by government and media reinforced mass hysteria, federal agencies and law enforcement were given all that they demanded. It is about people control; not the eradication of terrorism. It is an insult to the intelligence of patriotic Americans that our President would dare place the label "Patriot" on legislation that is manifestly unconstitutional and particularly harmful to our Constitutional Republic.

We are now on the verge of encountering the most ruthless of enemies, the full-blown police state. Under no conditions will a legitimate government, obedient to the laws of our Founding Fathers, ever attempt to breach the barriers set forth in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Loyalty to George Bush is certainly not evidence of American patriotism; it is an ugly reflection of community ignorance, cowardice, and willing enslavement.

As an avowed response to the September 11th terrorist attacks, President Bush added the noble word "justice" to his public relations vocabulary. He was probably unaware of its existence prior to this catastrophe, as he has never mentioned "justice" in regards to clearing the terrorist filth out of our federal police agencies. Without the reestablishment of "justice" in government, the people can justifiably toss the President's campaign promise of "compassionate conservatism" into their bursting bin of political prattle.

People! George Bush cannot deliver us from worldly evils, nor will he grant our American Dream. We must get a grip on reason, and quickly detour from this perilous "yellow brick road" of unreality. If we continue to deny the unmistakable evidence of his results and further believe that blindly following a leader or political party are the qualifying attributes of an All-American Patriot, then our predicament is indeed dire. Our homage to this presidential "Wizard of Oz" will result in the losses of honor, integrity, liberty, and individualism.

The Republican agenda has been corrupted. However, George Bush is not the only person deserving of censure for creating their neoconservative platform. Furthermore, every culprit that is responsible for the destruction of our Bill of Rights must be unmasked. In varying degrees, politicians and citizens are culpable for the decay of our freedoms and national virtues.

My disappointment with our President's dangerous and unconstitutional stance must now be apparent to the reader. Yet, I am surely guilty of both unreasoned optimism and irresponsibly ignoring my guiding principles. My vision for a revitalized constitutional America was an inspiring dream, but reality always awakens me. By supporting politicians with inferior moral standards, we devalue ourselves, the lives of our children, and the heroes who died for our freedoms.

Our fears and denials will never reward us with freedom. They will enslave us!

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Montana Deputy Sheriff for many years, Mr. Hoff is now a sculptor residing in the Pacific Northwest. He was born into the family of the distinguished patriot and sculptor, Gutzon Borglum (sculptor of numerous national shrines including Mt. Rushmore National Memorial). Mr. Hoff can be reached at sparwood@ifriendly.com


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