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Number 295, October 31, 2004

The Nightmare After Halloween

Enjoy the


Special thanks to SWW and JJO for their kind donations of cash money to help keep us going. It is greatly appreciated!

In medical news, my wife and I will be journeying down to Phoenix this week for medical procedures on my sweetheart's heart. Something is going wrong in the ol' ticker, the question to be resolved is "what" and "how much". And "what to do about it" of course. All this on election day. What a country!

Yet another big issue this week. After some interesting and thoughtful letters, Our Publisher L. Neil Smith talks about the election as the oh-so-apt "The Nightmare After Halloween". That nails it. Michael Bradshaw continues the reflections on the election in "Election and Revolution", while Kate Graham calls it what it is: "Horror Upon Horror". Yes. Anthony Gregory points out in "Government Growth, the Party of Lincoln, and George W. Bush" that the shrub really is taking after The Great Tyrant. Ron Beatty reflects on "Religion and Politics", and Lady Liberty reflects on "Here and Now". L. Reichard White discusses "The Only Way to Make Your Vote Count", but Jonathan David Morris provides a bit of relief from all this election horror by considering baseball in "The Curse of the Curse of the Bambino" (or does he?).

Then Sergei Hoff points out that "Our Fears and Denials Will Enslave Us" (and they surely will). We celebrate the return yet again of Kapt Kanada (a.k.a. Manuel Miles) who talks about how libertarians need to see to their health if we're going to win this revolution in "Better A.S.R.E.D. Than Dead". And we're played out in the 12th and last inning as usual by Wendy McElroy with "The Sad Evolution of Sexual Harassment", bringing to an end this, the 295th (!) edition of The Libertarian Enterprise—working toward fulfilling the promise of the American Revolution since 1995. And I thank you, our readers, for your support!

Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
EJ Totty, Ron Beatty, and Badnarik for President:

The Nightmare After Halloween
by L. Neil Smith
Election Day 2004 is almost upon us. Indeed for some, the early voters, it has already arrived and passed. And as sometimes happens, the number of things I think and feel about it, things I experience a need to say and do, is so overwhelming that to get it all out in one essay like this is like trying to drive a Kenworth through a drinking straw.

Election and Revolution
by Michael Bradshaw
On Tuesday, November 2, 2004 I will go to the polling place and cast a ballot for Michael Badnarik for the office of President of the United States. It will be counted for John Kerry.

Horror Upon Horror
by Kathryn A. Graham
Nearly ten years ago now, I started work on the first draft of a nightmarish science fiction novel about an America gone stark, raving mad with religious fanaticism. Since then, I have watched with mind-numbing terror—as my own worst nightmare has become the literal truth.

Government Growth, the Party of Lincoln, and George W. Bush
by Anthony Gregory
In my articles on LRC, I've been particularly harsh on the Republicans, mostly because they're the ones in power (if they weren't, this article would be about the Party of Wilson). I promise this is my last attack on Republicans before the election.

Religion and Politics
by Ron Beatty
By the time this is published, the elections will be over, and hopefully, we will know who the president will be for the next four years. If the President is John Kerry, religion will have taken a blow to its dreams of political domination, at least for a while. However, if George Bush is reelected, I believe that we will see something that our Founders feared almost as much as they feared democracy.

Here and Now
by Lady Liberty
There's nothing like death to bring home the truth behind some old sayings. A few days ago, I attended a memorial service for the daughter of an acquaintance of mine. She was just 27, dead as the result of a car crash. Her parents buried her on what would have been her 28th birthday.

The Only Way to Make Your Vote Count
by L. Reichard White
Hanging chads and SUCUS aside, your vote is irrelevant. Major elections that were decided by exactly one popular vote (yours?) are simply non-existent.

The Curse of the Curse of the Bambino
by Jonathan David Morris
It's often said that baseball is a metaphor for life. I'm not sure if this has ever been broken down scientifically. I guess I've just always assumed that the base path is supposed to represent life's journey, with first, second, and third base representing youth, middle age, and retirement, respectively. This would explain why you start at home plate and spend the rest of the game trying to return there; you slide through the dirt because that's what you do when you die. And who cares if you get dirty, really? In the end, all that matters is whether you do what you set out to do.

Our Fears and Denials Will Enslave Us
by Sergei Hoff
Having beheld the people's fears of righteous confrontation and sacrifice, their denials of truth and accountability, and the widespread abandonment of liberty, it is evident to this writer that the corruptibility of America has become a demoralizing reality for our children.

Better A.S.R.E.D. Than Dead
by Manuel Miles, aka Kapt Kanada
The imperial press, from Time maggotzine to Nazional Geographic to all the little gadflies, is all over the health issue lately. It seems that the endemic, massive obesity of the State's subjects/property is a threat to the supply of functioning tax sources and cannon fodder.

The Sad Evolution of Sexual Harassment
by Wendy McElroy
A $60 million lawsuit filed against FOX News and Bill O'Reilly guarantees that the topic of sexual harassment will be batted around by media. The complaint hinges on alleged "phone sex" between O'Reilly and his former associate producer Andrea Mackris. Of the many awkward questions raised by the accusations, one looms large. Even assuming tasteless remarks occurred, how could anyone demand $60 million dollars for conversations on which they could have hung up?

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