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Number 296, November 7, 2004

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Liberty-Committed-Solidarity Is Genuine Patriotism
by Sergei Borglum Hoff

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In adopting the fundamentals for the creation of this nation, the Founding Fathers did not guarantee our education, health, prosperity, comfort, or safety. Instead, as the predominant founding principle, they wisely guaranteed our liberty, which holds far greater potentials for the dignity and advancement of mankind. Out of ignorance and fear, the majority of so-called patriotic Americans are willing to submit, and give federal government more control over their personal and professional lives. Bread, along with the well-deserved performing end of a circus will be their only rewards for submission. Will it really make any difference whether we have lost our freedoms to the Communists, United Nations, Democrats, or Republicans?

Although discouraging for the fair-weather-patriots of "Teletubby" land, genuine patriotism will require far more than participation in emotionally arousing media events, overspending at the neighborhood shopping mall, enduring the indignities of airport security molestations, the frenzied waving of flags, or childish jubilation each time this wanting President fortifies our feeble spirits with a few rehearsed words of bravado. Such quasi-patriotic gestures are nothing more than diversions and emotional indulgence. Our present behavior might be suitable for the annual Fourth of July parade but is certainly no more than useless in the defense of our nation and freedoms. If we are resolved to be effective, then we must unite in our commitment to liberty.

Having no desire to belabor this subject, we have three basic categories of people who claim to identify with American patriotism. The liberty-committed-patriots are to be honored, as they will endure sacrifices if and when necessary in defense of this nation and human rights.

Following with a pathetic stature are the pseudo-patriots, habitually displaying intense loyalty to political factions and their leaders but not to our nation and Constitution. They cannot conceive or appreciate ideologies beyond the confines of "Party" indoctrination, and are willing pawns of the elite. Their usefulness as instruments of tyranny is obvious. Such no-questions-asked loyalties were necessary for enslaving the peoples of Communist China, Soviet Russia, and Nazi Germany.

More recently, loyal Democrats enthusiastically either denied or justified the treasonous and criminal activities of the Clinton duo. Obedient Rush Limbaugh ditto-heads are doing likewise regarding George Bush's betraying encroachments upon our liberties and nonexistent defense of constitutional principles. The unenlightened responses from both feuding clans are equally detrimental to liberty and the stability of our nation. Their blind loyalty has gained nothing more than contempt from genuine American patriots. Other than to add that these patriotic impostors will receive a thorough thrashing from the hands of reality and wisdom after everything is lost, further comments would be pointless.

Lastly, we have the dependency-motivated-patriots who are a sizeable and nauseating crowd indeed. People of this mentality were never the builders of this sovereign and prosperous nation, nor will they ever be its defenders. If not suckling at the nanny-state teat, they are whining for more bureaucratic guidance and emotional support. They lack self-responsibility, practicality, and dependability. Their goal is to enlist leaders who will fulfill all needs and require no sacrifice in exchange. They deserve to be enslaved by the socialist oppressor. Nationally televised emotionalism may validate their fanciful visions of patriotism, or arouse enough sensations of self-esteem to drag them through the day, but as their primary endeavor, cannot lead to a noble or victorious end.

Unless patriotism embraces truth and stimulates honorable, thoughtful, and practical action, it will recklessly seduce us into feel-good or factional legislation, which renders regret, and places all citizens in unnecessary positions of vulnerability. Although their sentiments are distinct, our loyalist gladiators and the timid groupies are responsible for the police state consequences now endured by so many since the enactment of the "USA Patriot Act" and the establishment of "The Department of Homeland Security."

It is essential that our honorable men and women defend the constitutional principles of self-governance and liberty. This critical undertaking cannot be left to the rank and file of today's feckless and cosmetic society, where mediocrity is widely chosen as a rewardable goal. Having scorned the illuminating potentialities of liberty, thus, mastering nothing beyond competitive pretentiousness, behavioral excellence is of little interest to the American masses. With the exception of a few self-reliant thinkers, we have degraded into a people of frills and thrills, spurning everything remotely resembling authenticity, self-responsibility, virtue, and wisdom. The majority of Americans now exist in a state of intellectual hibernation. Emotionalism has become our badge of honor; it is displayed as an exemplary measure of accomplishment. Dare if you can, one hour of primetime television--reflecting the national standards of today--and draw your own conclusions.

"Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others."
—Wllllam Allen White

I have a truism worthy of imparting to those members of religious and political factions who lament when their freedoms have been assaulted, yet unhesitatingly and hypocritically encroach upon the unalienable rights of others. Bear in mind that unless we can allow our neighbor to live in freedom, we will surely sacrifice our own liberties. Sooner or later, with the assistance of government, someone will determine that a few of your unalienable rights are not necessary in our common pursuit of happiness.

We are all guilty in some degree for using the all-powerful bureaucrat machine to impose our will upon fellow Americans. Most of us have also been unjustly controlled by such actions of others. Yet, identifying with their resistance is beyond our ability. Our way is absolute; we remain doggedly convinced of our own correctness. Regardless of the misery that we create for people of dissimilar ideologies, we are compelled to secure our ill-gotten position at the top.

Do what you will, but encroach upon no other. Instead of traveling this sensible path of human interaction, we assault everyone's principles and lifestyles with our religious beliefs, social preferences, and political ideals, arrogantly demanding that they be grateful for our meddling ways. And, we do so in the most ruthless of manners; partisan legislation ultimately enforced by the guns of government.

Be certain that for every piece of your special-interest legislation, someone other than you will pay the price, and bear the additional burden throughout life. When we stand committed to liberty and unified with the Constitution, further refusing to interfere with the lives of others, there will be freedom for all. Not until! Unless oppressive government--encouraged by our intrusive ways--is removed from the equation, none of us will be free.

Unwittingly, we are placing the shackles of slavery on our children. Perhaps, it is beyond our capabilities or perceived individual interests to express unconditional love to all of humanity. It is a goal that I personally find difficult to achieve. I do know, however, that it is well within our grasp to unite in defense of national freedom. Regardless of our religious or political affiliations, have we not yet endured enough bureaucratic molestation? How much more abuse will be necessary before the blood of our fragmented fellow Americans begins to boil in unison? When will we the people of this nation stand in agreement and with full force in our common struggle for liberty?

The liberty-committed members of all political entities must join forces, and throw off this bureaucratic yoke of enslavement. We must reclaim our constitutional authority. We cannot afford to waste our time, resources, and energies by dwelling upon inequities of the past. Freedom must be enjoyed and defended by everyone.

I call upon the genuine conservatives who have been betrayed by their Republican Party, and the liberty-committed-patriots of the Constitution and Libertarian parties to rise above their conflicts. Do not be distracted! Focus on the most malignant of cancers in our nation. "New World Order" Socialism! Our illness is grave and we can no longer ignore the difficult yet certain cure of liberty-committed-solidarity.

I realize that a call for the unity of opposing factions will appear extreme to many readers. Until the government atrocities at Waco occurred, I would have agreed. This massacre was like a tank proceeding in my direction, and it ignited my everlasting attention. On that calamitous day, all Americans along with the Bill of Rights became victims of our rebellious government. The innocent men, women, and children murdered by the FBI and BATF were acceptable collateral damage in the government's war on individual sovereignty and nonconformity.

Our government, which is indeed dominated by the Republican and Democrat parties, is determined to enforce bureaucratically prescribed social and political standards regardless of lost lives. Two short statements by President Bush are absolutely true: "We are at war" and "We must be vigilant." The responsibility falls upon the people to determine the true identity and strategy of their enemy. Unless we unite for the singular purpose of restoring constitutional government, the ugliest effects of extremism will soon become major distractions in our daily lives. No measure of hope will save us. The people can either accept or refute the soundness of my advice.

There is an abundance of honorable, liberty-committed-patriots in both the Constitution and Libertarian parties whom I would be pleased to support. Both parties are committed to a constitutional government, where the Constitution is obeyed to the letter. There are of course differences, but if the Party selected actually obeys constitutional law, our differences can eventually be resolved. With government out of our lives, we will at least have the opportunity to be free from interference.

Presently, we have no such opportunity. Because politicians have voting constituents and refuse to abide by constitutional law, many zealous or influential people are successful in using government to impose their will upon others. If the Constitution is adhered to by either the Constitution Party or the Libertarians, this cannot occur. There will be freedom for all Americans.

Our focus at this time should be to elect candidates with constitutionalist principles into office. If the Libertarians become the governing Party, we will be able to conduct our lives as we see fit, without interference from anyone. Choice of association will be ours and not government's. We will never be told what to think or how to conduct our lives. The Libertarians will defend Constitutional Law; that is the purpose for their existence. Political advantage will be given to no one.

At this time, the Libertarian Party is the stronger and larger of the third parties, and has the greater potential for changing the Republican and Democrat two party form of government. I call upon my brothers and sisters of good heart to unite for the purpose of liberty. Eradicate tyranny from our land. If we are unable to effectively unite in this noble cause, I fear that our Sovereign Constitutional Republic, along with freedom, will be lost to the ages. For the preservation of our nation, human rights, family, and self, do give this message ample consideration. Liberty-committed-solidarity is our most effective weapon against tyranny.

"We must, indeed, all hang together or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."
—Benjamin Franklin

Copyright © 2004 by Sergei Borglum Hoff. All Rights Reserved.


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