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Number 296, November 7, 2004

"Please, sir, may I have another?"
Dream Debate
by Russmo


Well, the trip across the mountains to Phoenix for tests on my sweetie's heart showed her heart is in pretty good shape. More tests are called for. Wouldn't you know it.

While we were engaged in important activities, there was some kind of fuss about "election" going on. Perhaps it was a Convocation of Calvinists or something? At any rate, the people who think these things are actually important are happy or sad (depending), and those of us who watch South Park know it was a choice between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich ... and Ralph Nader. If you attend to the mainstream "news" anyway. "What a country!"

Some good articles this time. Our Publisher Mr. Smith reflects on the recent national agony, and his daughter provides the Motto for this issue, and an apt Motto it is, too. TLE's Economics Editor Alan R. Weiss provides us with an economic analysis of the "election"—follow the money as they say. George F. Smith notes that it's time to start killing ... not people, but certain damaging institutions. Brilliant artist Scott Bieser relates how "Bush Saved My Marriage". Ron Beatty goes on about that "election" thing, while Jonathan David Morris made me laugh so hard I nearly fell out of my chair in "The John Kerry Telethon"—don't be eating or drinking when you read this one, folks. You have been warned! Sergei Borglum Hoff talks about hanging together and Manuel Miles (aka Kapt Kanada) ends this issue on a sober note.

"What?" you ask. "No Wendy McElroy article this issue?" Nope, she's on vacation.

Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
Letters from Alan R. Weiss, "Jim", Jim Davidson, L. Neil Smith, Jonathan David Morris, John Taylor, and The Free State Project

Thank You, Mike!
by L. Neil Smith
It's difficult to write an article, three days after an election like the one we've all just gone through, that is both truthful and upbeat. The news, for now, and for the next four years, is not very good.

The Libertarian Party and Market Politics
by Alan R. Weiss
Austin, Texas (NetPlanetNews)—In a stunning move, Liberarian Candidate for President Michael Badnarik today conceded that he will not be President of the United States of America, but noted that the party, held last night at "Legends" in Austin was a smashing success .... in further news, the Libertarian Party has announced its going into the "celebration party" business.

A Time to Kill
by George F. Smith
Whenever politicians talk about their "plans" for America, the impulse is to grab our wallets and hold tight. But like master magicians, they can swipe wealth from our possession without touching our billfolds. They use an old trick that in modern guise is so effective it passes for sophisticated monetary policy.

Bush Saved My Marriage
Some musings from a non-apathetic non-voter

by Scott Bieser
I hear that many of my friends were up late on Tuesday night, anxiously awaiting the final election returns. Not me. I retired early, rather to the annoyance of my wife, who was left with the duty of getting the kids to bed and the house shut down on her own.

Reflections on an Election
by Ron Beatty
Well, the election is over, and George W. Bush has been re-elected. As far as the election itself, I am not surprised that Kerry didn't do better. Late in the campaign, he alienated several very large voting blocks, and never was able to sufficiently recover from these blunders. Nor am I really surprised that Michael Badnarik didn't do better. I AM saddened that our national media refused to cover an honest and admirable man, who would have made an incredible president. In fact, I lay much of the blame for the relatively lackluster showing of Mr. Badnarik directly at the feet of the media, considering the de facto news blackout that was imposed on this charismatic man. Had he gotten equal time with Bush and Kerry, I have no doubt that it would have changed the election, and the political landscape for decades to come.

The John Kerry Telethon
by Jonathan David Morris
Ring! Ring! Hello?

Liberty-Committed-Solidarity Is Genuine Patriotism
by Sergei Borglum Hoff
In adopting the fundamentals for the creation of this nation, the Founding Fathers did not guarantee our education, health, prosperity, comfort, or safety. Instead, as the predominant founding principle, they wisely guaranteed our liberty, which holds far greater potentials for the dignity and advancement of mankind. Out of ignorance and fear, the majority of so-called patriotic Americans are willing to submit, and give federal government more control over their personal and professional lives. Bread, along with the well-deserved performing end of a circus will be their only rewards for submission. Will it really make any difference whether we have lost our freedoms to the Communists, United Nations, Democrats, or Republicans?

Son of Return of Kaptain Kanada, part 5
by Manuel Miles
Well, the 11th of November is "Remembrance Day" in Canada, and "Armistice/Veterans' Day" in the USA, so there will be the usual hypocritical posturing and lying from the usual suspects. Me, former Selective Service registrant # 12/210/48/186, I have nothing to say on the topic; I'm just one of them commie cowards what was too chicken to fight for freedumb and dumbocracy by way of dropping napalm on rice farmers in Southeast Asia.

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