L. Neil Smith's
Number 297, November 14, 2004

"Where can we go from here?"

The Last Crusade
by Jack Boone

Exclusive to TLE

This is where we are, folks. One more crusade. And this one might actually finish things, but how?

I know its laughable at the moment, but we supposedly live in a Constitutional Republic. Sorry, I can't laugh, my lips are cracked. So why are we fighting this crusade? So George W. Bush can be emperor of the world?

Sorry, but I went to government schools way back when they taught something, and I was taught a few words from the Declaration of Independence which I can't forget. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...."

All men (and, I think in that context it means mankind, which includes women). Now, I don't know many muslims, but I suspect that they are created as equal as anyone. So I would suspect that when their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness was threatened from afar they just might "vote from the rooftops". And I am becoming convinced that Americans respond to what they see and hear on TV, which will never get further than to call one who votes from the rooftops an insurgent. Will we be able to do as well? Remember, many of them die, some on purpose.

I don't want to debate religion in detail, but I am amazed that those who consider themselves Christians want to eliminate everyone who doesn't agree with them. Clean out God's holy land? Jesus Christ seemed to be a man of peace. How could we go so far wrong? Where were we anointed Saviors of Iraqi Muslims?

Enough of that. Where can we go from here? Whether we pick up L. Neil's .25 cal, or vote from the rooftops in another way, this is where we're going. And the only way we can go. Our problem is the TV media. Just as it won't mention Badnarik, or the Libertarian Party, it won't mention voting from the rooftops either, or if it must it will just call us insurgents. Forget print media. Or the internet. Not enough people can read. McDonalds didn't put pictures on their cash registers for nothing.

So the recent election became a horse race mentality. With only two contenders. It was reported, late in the election cycle, that Miss America contests had ~40 contestants. So who believed that 2 were enough for president? It did seem, before FOXNEWS, that a specific bias toward Democrats existed. FOXNEWS added a Republican element. But Badnarik got nothing. In the last couple of days before the "election", he appeared to have the greatest number of ads on FOX, and a few on CNN. They still wouldn't mention him, even though they gave Nader, (no party, no platform, not on the ballot in several states) several mentions per day.

So even the "follow the money" people were proven wrong. Money either doesn't help, or it takes a lot more. Even getting arrested for trying to enter a "debate" wasn't worth mentioning. Voting from the rooftops, if noticed at all, would have just resulted in your body being noticed as that of an "insurgent".

Where can we go from here? I could repeat that we need TV news, the sheep can't read. How to get it is the problem. There are a lot of conspiracy theorists out there. I don't wish to disbelieve them, but I don't believe that if those who can read do believe them that it will help.

One who will vote from the rooftops. (but will select a better weapon than a .25 if I have a chance to.) RIP.

Jack Boone lives in Eagle, Alaska.


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