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Number 299, November 28, 2004

"Just minding your own business"

The Kaptain's Log
Soviet Canada: Trotsky's Triumph

by Kaptain Kanada
a.k.a. Manuel Miles


Exclusive to TLE

Back in November of 1975, a lawyer in Newfoundland told me of his recent trip to the USSR. One of his observations startled me: "The Soviet Union," he said, "is becoming more like us in the West, and we are becoming more like them. In a few decades, we'll have become Marxist and they'll have gone capitalist." Naturally, I humoured him... I avoided making sudden moves. You never know what can set one of those wacko lawyers off.

Today, 28 years later, history has proven him right. Canada and the United States are thoroughly Sovietised, and Russia and the former Soviet Republics have become showcases of "wild west" entrepreneurial capitalism, complete with organised crime gangs. The symptoms of sovietisation are manifesting themselves in all aspects of Canadian society.

As in the USA, for example, government agents swarm in Canadian airports, where they harass and intimidate travellers in the name of "safety" and "anti-terrorism". Everywhere, one is constantly being asked to produce identification, and for no better reason than to verify that, "Your papers seem to be in order..."

In an increasing number of businesses, employees are required to wear special identification cards on belt-like ribbons round their necks. It reminds one of nothing so much as the ear tags which replaced the branding of cattle.

I remember when one could walk into any newspaper, radio or television station and speak directly to any of its employees. Now, entrances are locked and guarded by legions of "security" police, in order to protect these businesses from... what, exactly? There was never a series of attacks on the media (more's the pity), so it's difficult to imagine why they all decided to barricade their hind quarters in their headquarters.

One now has to make an appointment to even talk on an intercom phone with a mainstream media hack. I suppose it makes them feel important. Perhaps they expect that their lies and distortions will eventually incite someone to attack them, but I don't know why this would be a concern, for they have got away with their propaganda for two centuries. In any case, these mouthpieces of the various organs of the State have turned their offices into bunkers.

So, too, have a variety of other enterprises, especially the monopoly phone company. Just as in the old USSR, it is an ordeal to get them to do anything for their "valued customers", their lousy equipment and inferior service are forever failing, and their "employees" spend most of their time standing about and chatting with one another.

I recently went to the central telephone "boutique" to get answers to a couple of simple questions. I was first ignored, then rudely redirected to another department and, finally, curtly answered. It was obvious that I was an odious intrusion, but what I was interrupting, I'll never know. The one broad was simply doing nothing, while the other was chatting with a male co-employee (I won't use the term "co-worker", as I doubt that either one of them could work up a sweat in a pressure cooker). Their attitude resembles that of Air Canada's fat stewardesses, uh, I mean "flight attendant persons"; you need them, but they don't need you, and would you kindly bugger off. This is exactly the way people were treated in shops and restaurants in the Soviet Union.

The schools are an infamous disaster; the little comrades are being propagandised, not taught, and can not read, write, nor properly speak their native language. They have been deliberately detoured from activities which require analytical thought, and their written work, such as it is, is composed, in the words of a university professor friend of mine, by means of "cut-n-paste". They know nothing but the mindless repetition of "politically correct" sound bites about tolerance and sensitivity and the rest of that litany of New Age psycho-babble nonsense.

This is no accident, either, as the universities were taken over by a coalition of Marxists and feministas way back in the 1970s. Now the once-rowdy campuses are sterile tundras upon which graze droves of cyber-cattle and gender geldings. Feminist ideologues, after taking over faculty after faculty, have finally seized the presidency of our local miserable excuse for a university. This is seen as a great victory, as the important thing, comrades, is not ability; rather it is whether or not the appointee is a politically correct female person, i.e. "one of us", or not.

Fred Coleman, writing in The Decline and Fall of the Soviet Empire, points out that in soviet universities, "[Staffing decisions] ...were invariably based on Party loyalty, rather than... ability. The whole process encouraged the time-servers and herd-followers. Researchers with individual initiative or the guts to challenge establishment views, just the sort of people to make any progress, often got weeded out first..." No fooling, eh, comrade?

And the Canadian federal government?! There surely has never been a more brainless, incompetent bureaucracy in history. The vast hallways of all levels of government are lined with offices which are empty except for 9:30 - 11:45 in the morning and 1:30 - 3:15 in the afternoon, except on Fridays, when it's impossible to find any of the taxpayer financed memo writers after 1:00 p.m.

In Canada, the people sheepishly accept all this crap, and we never even had a Stalin to terrorise us into submission. But then you don't have to train sheep to be sheep. People here like the "nanny state", as it saves them from having to think for themselves. A highly educated friend of mine (in response to my contention that a truly free market in insurance would result in lower rates than government mandated and controlled insurance) had this to say, "But I don't want to have to investigate and compare companies; it's way easier for me just to pay the government."

I fear that we have the answer to the following question, posed by Mr Sergei Hoff in a recent article online: "Do we desire to be cradled, and then carried throughout life to our graves by this partisan propelled bureaucratic monstrosity? ...as individuals of sovereign dignity, are we now so terrified, bewildered, and impotent that our main purpose is to seek asylum from the potential hazards of freedom? Have we no faith in our natural strengths and abilities?" ...and I fear that the answer is the affirmative; you know, like in "affirmative action".

I no longer believe that a significant number of Canadians are at all interested in living in...

...Peace and Liberty.


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