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Number 299, November 28, 2004

"Just minding your own business"

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the 'toon

Raising the Debt Ceiling
by Tom Toles


I do hope all of our readers had a Happy Thanksgiving. Fall is turning winterish here in the mountains, snow is expected Real Soon Now. It was nice to settle down in a nice warm kitchen and have a real feast.

Belated thanks to CB, whom we've just discovered donated to the "keep on keeping on" fund a couple of weeks ago. Never got the notify from PayPal for that. Sometimes mail just disappears ... grrrr.

And I hate to have to bring this up, but it's once again time to beg for money. If you have some money to spare, we sure could use it here at TLE to keep things going. You know, the electric bill and such as that. We have a handy donate link, and several ways you can use to help us out. Just click on the link:

Next issue is Number 300, and we're planning a special article by L. Neil Smith commemorating the event. See you then!

Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
from EJ Totty and Charles Stone

The Solipsist Fallacy? Wazzat?
by Michael Bradshaw
I am trying to present a view of a mental function for which I do not yet have any other name. It has aspects of both solipsism and transference (actually, projection) and is not a symptom of mental ill-health. It is, instead, a combination of lack of information and an error in thinking. We find it among most people at least some of the time (including me!), and many people all of the time, both the healthy and the "mad".

by Ron Beatty
I'm sitting here this Thanksgiving morning, thinking over a discussion I had with one of the hosts of our weekly on line freedom conference (6 PM PT, Also, I am angry, no, MORE than angry, at the actions of a principal in California who refused to allow a teacher to give children a copy of the Declaration of Independence, since it mentions god.

Soviet Canada: Trotsky's Triumph
by Kaptain Kanada, a.k.a. Manuel Miles
Back in November of 1975, a lawyer in Newfoundland told me of his recent trip to the USSR. One of his observations startled me: "The Soviet Union," he said, "is becoming more like us in the West, and we are becoming more like them. In a few decades, we'll have become Marxist and they'll have gone capitalist." Naturally, I humoured him... I avoided making sudden moves. You never know what can set one of those wacko lawyers off.

In God We Trust...
by Lady Liberty
...but apparently in almost nobody else. In fact, pervasive distrust has become just about universal. Consider:
Families worried in an age of excited TV and Internet reports on child molestation and other sex crimes are more and more inclined to look into the past history of that new neighbor or the guy down the block who waves to their kids whenever he passes the playground. Despite cries of invasion of privacy from various civil liberties groups, myriad online resources exist for the concerned parent not least of which is the centralized Sex Offender Registry Information Center.

Basketball: A Blame Game
by Jonathan David Morris
Last Friday night, an NBA game between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons turned into a full-scale riot, the likes of which are usually reserved for revolutions and Laker championships. It began in the final minute of the fourth quarter, when Pacer Ron Artest committed a hard foul on Piston Ben Wallace, which led Wallace to push Artest. Both teams cleared the benches and a fan hit Artest with a beverage. Artest rushed—fists first—into the stands. Next thing you knew, the game was called early. Chaos erupted. Someone threw a chair.

The Victims of "Victimhood"
by Wendy McElroy
Norma Khouri's international best-seller "Honor Lost: Love and Death in Modern-Day Jordan" is an indictment of "honor killings": the practice of killing women whose behavior has shamed the family. Khouri's lifelong friend Dalia, a Jordanian Muslim, was murdered in Amman by her father for falling in love with a Christian.

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