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Number 300, December 12, 2004

Bill of Rights Day December 15

[Letters to the editor are welcome on any and all subjects. To ensure their acceptance, please try to keep them under 500 words. Sign your letter in the text body with your name and e-mail address as you wish them to appear.]

Letter from Derek Benner

Letter from James J Odle

Letter from Levi Russell

Letter from Kent Van Cleave

Having just made a substantial donation to TLE to help defray operating expenses, I'd like to know whether I will get one edition dedicated to me or receive an engraved plaque I can hang on my wall? Perhaps you should think about creating a schedule of recognition rewards for donators. For example:

Amount donated Recognition
$5 Listed as Bronze Level member on the TLE Masthead. Receives link to Certificate of Appreciation in Word format.
$10-$15 Silver Level member on the TLE Masthead. Receives link to Certificate of Appreciation in Word format.
$20-$35 Gold Level member on the TLE Masthead. Receives link to Certificate of Appreciation in Word format.
$40-$60 Platinum Level mmber on the TLE Masthead. Receives a Certificate of Appreciation in mail.
$65-$100 Listed as Contributing Sponsor on TLE Masthead. Receives an engraved bronze-plated plaque of sponsorship.
$105-$250 Sustaining Sponsor on TLE Masthead. Receives gold-plated plaque.
$255-$500 Life Sponsor on TLE Masthead. Receives photo-engraved plaque after having photo taken with TLE staff.

And, for suggesting this wonderful idea:

Receives Golden Turd Award given in recognition of highly inflated ego. ;-)

Derek Benner

[Er ... ah ... um ....—Editor]

Hey Ken:

Anyone who believes administration lies about not instituting a draft should consider the following:

"We are getting our butts kicked in Iraq, and Bush wants to invade more countries? It is clear as day that we do not have enough troops to deal with Iraq. The 12,000 additional troops "to improve security" are being acquired by extending the combat tours of troops already on duty in Iraq. More US soldiers were killed in Iraq in November than in any previous month. The US is so hard up for troops that the Pentagon is deploying soldiers who have lost arms and legs in combat. On December 1 the Washington Post reported: "US armed forces have recently announced new efforts to keep seriously wounded or disabled soldiers on active duty.""


This is the same group of people who lied us into the First Gulf War and then the Second.

What with the Bush Administration's Ministry of Propganda, the Office of Special Plans, still in existence and the recent Stalinist purges of the intelligence agencies of people who believed the decisions should be based on facts and not on the warmongering desire for international social engineering, there is no reason to start believing them now.

Unless, the US pulls out of Iraq pretty damn quick, a draft will be instituted soon.

In fact, with inactive reservists in their 50's, being called to active duty, one could say that it is under way now.

James J Odle

Hello, I'm a libertarian from Orange Park, FL and I have just started an online forum where people can join up and discuss things ranging for everyday life to current events. I would like to use it as a tool to organize Libertarians everywhere and spread our message of freedom and liberty and as a place of intelligent debate.

If you could please send this message to everyone you know, hopefully I can build it into a powerhouse of political activity working for Libertarians and the good of the people everywhere. But I don't want only Libertarians I want people from all walks of life and all different ways of thinking so send this to your friends and family also.

This will all be greatly appreciated by a dedicated libertarian.


Thank You,
Levi Russell

Howdy, Gang!

Most of you have probably already seen the reminders of Bill of Rights Day in either RRND or FMN. It's always good to do what we can to call attention to the sorry state our rights are in, and this is the perfect opportunity.

This year is your last opportunity to use my BoR Day parody poster, free for download and printing at http://www.kiva.net/~kvc/HomSec/borday1.htm. After all, this will be the last BoR Day with Ashcroft and Ridge in the Bush Administration. [Once you've downloaded it, why not click the "Cookie-Cutter Tools" link to see the other free posters on offer? And there's some good Christmas fun on the Jokes page, right in time for sharing with family and friends this season.] There should even be time (if you move quickly) to get shirts and such with this poster already imprinted—just go to my CafePress store: http://www.cafepress.com/borday.

A project for the kiddies: List as many examples as you can of violations of the plain language meaning of each of the articles in the Bill of Rights, since 1990. Limit yourself to three cases of each type of violation (e.g., three examples of warrantless searches without probable cause). Most should be ridiculously easy, but the Third Amendment needs special treatment (after all, they aren't actually quartering soldiers in American homes)—so just describe how that article is being continuously violated in spirit.

For the adults, just write letters to the editor and call in to your favorite talk shows.

Have fun!

Kent Van Cleave

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