L. Neil Smith's
Number 302, January 16, 2005

"We now return you to your regularly scheduled agitation."

The Kaptain's Log
Shore Leave

by Kaptain Kanada,
a.k.a. Manuel Miles


Exclusive to TLE

Well, I know I promised before, but this time I (probably) really mean it: I retire. Mind you, I don't promise not to come out of retirement again, as I did twice in 2004 A.D. After all, I have George Forman's record to beat before I die. (Another record I am aiming for is Jack Benny's—he was 39 years old for over 40 years. I am already off to a good start.)

Final notes and comments:

There is no such dang thing as dating things "C.E." and "B.C.E.", campers. That "common era" crap is just another stupid political "correction" of a reality which makes brain-dead atheists uncomfortable. The fact is that the entire world dates history from the time of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ of Nazareth. This column was written in the year of Our Lord (anno Domini), 2005 A. D. Anything which took place previous to 2005 years ago is dated B.C.—Before Christ. You don't like it? Tough. Suffer in silence. But quit trying to hide God; you can't do it.

Fred Reed has finally written the conclusive, definitive, (American) political analysis. It's his column of January 6, 2005 A.D. Check it out at:


If you haven't seen the film "Ray", do so. It's superb.

My pal, Mike (In Tokyo) Rogers, has a book of his collected observations coming out soon. Keep an eye on his columns at Lew Rockwell's site so that you don't miss the announcement. Also, if you haven't yet bought I Write What I See by Bob Wallace, you should do that today. Be the first kid on your block to be politically incorrect.

Your kindly Kaptain is going ashore to start a new job in an exotic, far-off land, so there will be no time for the continued logging of these hateful diatribes. How long I'll stay overseas, I do not know. I just hope that the seas stay offshore while I'm there; I don't like those tsunamis much. If and when I return, I will likely start harassing you all with my views again, God and El Neil willing. You will not be able to contact me at this email address after the 15th, so send any final hate emails quickly.

Finally, I wish Peace and Liberty to one and all.

The Kaptain has left the bridge; take the helm, Mr Rogers.


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