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Number 302, January 16, 2005

"We now return you to your regularly scheduled agitation."

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We're back!

So, what happened?

Well, it's like this. After the holiday vacation TLE always takes, I had to have a tooth pulled. (I could have had a root-canal and a crown instead, but I didn't have the $1,000 that would have cost!) Due to infection, I had to spend a while eating antibiotics, and the occasional narcotic pain pill. So that's what I did on my winter vacation. Hoping yours was more fun.

Here we have an:

Announcement: Contributions Tax Deductible
by Jim Davidson

President, Houston Space Society, Inc.

Based on a resolution of the board of directors of the Houston Space Society of Friday 7 January 2005, payments in support of the editorial duties of Ken Holder for the Libertarian Enterprise are tax deductible as donations to the Houston Space Society, Inc. Anyone seeking documentation in support of a tax deduction may contact us in writing or by e-mail to receive a dated receipt from our treasurer.

Payments may be made directly to Ken Holder as our designated agent for this project. Please keep a copy of your payment to support the generation of receipts by our treasurer. You may also make a payment direct to Houston Space Society using our e-gold account 1097247 Houston Space Society, Inc. We do not accept checks, money orders, or credit card payments, so if you prefer these modes of payment, contact Ken for more information.

The Houston Space Society was founded in 1976 as L5 Houston. The group was incorporated as Houston Space Society, Inc., in 1988 and received 501c3 status from the IRS in 1989. All contributions to the Houston Space Society from 18 months before the letter received in 1989 (roughly April 1988 to present) are tax deductible. We provide our tax identity number with your receipt for your filing purposes. We do not charge any administrative fee for this project.

Why is the Houston Space Society taking this action? The Houston Space Society was founded to establish free communities beyond Earth. Ken's work as editor of The Libertarian Enterprise has been one of the factors advancing cultural changes suited to the establishment of such free communities in space. We believe more aspects of the culture must change before free communities beyond Earth become possible. To our knowledge, none of Ken's editorial duties would be considered as direct lobbying or direct campaigning activities.

If you have questions regarding the legality of any deduction, you should consult a tax lawyer or tax accountant. Even though a government agent may offer you information about whether your deduction would be valid, you should not rely on such information, especially where it disagrees with the views of a tax lawyer or tax accountant.

Generally speaking, you should not take any choice because of the tax consequences. If you are choosing to do something in order to construct a favorable tax result, you are probably making a mistake. However, if you wish to support Ken's work as editor and you wish to have a tax deduction, that's now possible.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled agitation.


Jim Davidson:

Houston Space Society
5300 N. Braeswood, Suite 394
Houston, TX 77096

Phone: (713) 990-9536—leave a message, please.


So there you go. TLE can accept donations via PayPal (which allows you to use credit cards or e-checks), e-gold, or you can snail-mail a check or money order. Donation link is:

And don't forget, you can order The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel at:

Laissez-Faire Books

Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
from Anarchist, Patrick K. Martin, Varrin Swearingen, Susan Wells, EJ Totty, Curt Howland, Julius No, and Mike Lorrey:

The Security Syndrome
by L. Neil Smith
When I went to my first science fiction convention—I was grown up, and about to become a published novelist—I noticed a couple of things.

A Call to Arms
by Ron Beatty
Ladies and gentlemen, if you love freedom, it is now time to take action to begin restoring freedom to this country.

The Fed versus the Backseat Boys
by George F. Smith
My friend and I stood in a light mist watching a lady instill the fear of God in her three boys. A fight had erupted when someone's book bag ventured into someone else's face as they were climbing into her SUV, and she was not about to put up with it.

Shore Leave
by Kaptain Kanada, a.k.a. Manuel Miles
Well, I know I promised before, but this time I (probably) really mean it: I retire. Mind you, I don't promise not to come out of retirement again, as I did twice in 2004 A.D. After all, I have George Forman's record to beat before I die. (Another record I am aiming for is Jack Benny's—he was 39 years old for over 40 years. I am already off to a good start.)

Count Me In
by Lady Liberty
One of the most sacred rights we have—at least in the eyes of many Americans—is the right to vote. With such a right, many believe that bad politicians can be peacefully removed from office, and that unconstitutional laws can be reversed without bloodshed. There are, of course, just a few problems with this scenario.

The Constitution Is A Gun
by Boris Karpa
Imagine you bought a gun. The most expensive custom self-defense weapon possible—with all the bells and whistles you could only dream of mounted on it and with the best gunsmith in the world working on it. Now, imagine that, when the worst happens and you are attacked, you would not have the willpower needed to use it. Would that gun save you? It is likely that when it would be over, you would be lying there dead, clutching the most expensive paperweight in the world in your cold, dead fingers.

2004: The Year In Headlines
by Jonathan David Morris
Much of what you're about to read is true—except for the parts I made up. These are the Top Ten Stories of 2004. Read 'em and weep. Happy New Year.

The "Trade Deficit" Claptrap Disserves America
by Todd Andrew Barnett
President Bush's protectionistic and mercantilistic record on trade shouldn't be a complete surprise to any ideologically pure, hard-core libertarian who has been a tireless, staunch opponent and critic of his federal policies. Let's not kid ourselves for an instant. We are, undoubtedly, talking about the same president who has spent the last four years of his first term, expanding the power not only the power of the presidency, but also the cost, size, and scope of the federal leviathan.

Time To Dissolve the FCC
by Charles Stone, Jr.
In all the GOP campaigns of recent times, one of the major planks was the abolition of government departments and agencies. Of course, once in power, the Republicans not only forgot that plank but actually pumped more money into those functions than their Democrat counterparts. I suggest the kind of incremental approach to decreasing government that the Democrats have used so successfully to increase government. I propose we start with an agency that is one of the most the most dangerous to freedom, the Federal Communications Commission.

Domestic Violence Law Fuels Big Government
by Wendy McElroy
The Violence Against Women Act, a hand-me-down from the Clinton administration based on gender myths, anti-male bias and an infatuation with Big Government, expires this year.

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