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"I am very serious about this offer."

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Letter from EJ Totty

Letter from Alan R. Weiss

Letter from Evan F. Nappen

Letter from Jim Davidson with reply from George F. Smith

Another Letter from Jim Davidson

Dear Editor/Mr. Ed/Ken,

Re.: "Letter from Mike Lorrey" http://www.ncc-1776.org/tle2005/tle302-20050116-01.html#letter8

Mike Lorrey seeks to take me to task for being against the idea of hijacking the nation into yet another war of attrition.

I would take it that he thinks that there are 'sufficient' numbers of youth to expend upon the altar of 'supreme sacrifice' to the god of government.

It doesn't matter a whit that those lives aren't one that he will live. No, rather, those lives are to be 'expended' in the name of the "God of the State."

At least once, Lorrey gets it right: "Freedom is about being free to choose to help others or not."

But then he decries any such thing by further declaring: "When you let your philosophy bind you from aiding another being in distress, or bondage, or coersion (sic), you are as unfree as the person you turn your back on."

So, ultimately—according to Lorrey, we Americans should just go around the whole wide world and mind everybody else's business.

We Americans—according to Lorrey, are the world's moral conscience. Therefore, and therefor? Get ready to be screwed with the world's largest moral penis.

But, once again, I need to remind the moralists of Lorrey's bent: When you figure that you have the moral authority to mind everybody else's business? Why then you should also figure that everybody else will be minding your business as well, when push comes to shove.

And, when they do? You should get ready to drop your nickers, bend over, and get ready for a gawd damned good screwing, because what goes around, comes around.

But, then again? Lorrey won't be around to take the screwing.

Cowards always seem to die first, and leave the misery to the young, uninitiated, and unblessed.

And then? He has the utter 'balls' to make the following statement:

"This is the wrong time in history for the libertarian movement to take an absolutist anti-US stance, as too many are doing. Instead, we need to take the same stance as Hayek and Friedman took during the Cold War, convincing the neo-cons that their will-to-power is counterproductive, that we need to both make the US back into the sort of country were people can be free again, but help educate the rest of the world that they can have the same prosperity and wealth if they first free their people."

I rest my case.

EJ Totty

Solicitation of Bidness from Alan

I know that many of you work for companies that may need work done, and I wanted to take a moment to frankly ask for your help in looking out for me just a bit (in the interests of us looking out for each other).

I am seeking additional business opportunities for my company, Synchromesh Computing. Our website:


has listed many of our services, and has our brochure, but we have these additional services we've been offering for awhile now (yes, I do need a new brochure! :-)

I know you may not be the individual who buys these types of services, but can you take a few minutes to ask those in your companies who might be? If all you provide me is a name and phone number, I would be truly grateful and appreciative. I can take it from there.

We offer these additional services and capabilities:

— Virus and Spamware elimination and prevention
* greatly reduces downtime and lost productivity, and saves PC's from death

— Installation and training of new software that avoids viruses and spamware
* using open source and proprietary software, practically eliminates crashes and lost data!

— Web services and server-side software development (including Databases)
* simply put, we reduce development costs, save money, and produce excellent quality code (we use David Engbers, and you know he's one of us! :-)

— Operating System installations and tuning for maximum performance
* reduces the need to purchase new equipment, saving money, improving performance, stops crashes!

— Remote monitoring of PC's, servers, and other computing systems
* if you have a problem, we can diagnose and fix it—fast

— Software escrow and backup services
* off-site configuration management insures your company against loss of data, software applications

— New hardware and software installations using extremely fast, extremely reliable, and extremely inexpensive equipment
* we know what PC's and servers perform well, hold up, and often we can double performance and halve costs! Of course, this is in addition to our other services:

— Benchmarking
— Performance Analysis
— Software Testing and SQA
— Software Development (PC's, Servers, and Embedded)
— Competitive Analysis
— Marketing Assistance and Market Development Services
— Public Relations
— Technical Evaluation of Contracted Services

So how about it, compatriots? We never ask for a handout, just a chance to bid fairly and do World Class Work at Low Prices! And we don't outsource—all work is done in Austin, Texas or, for web work, British Columbia.

Thank you for your time,

Alan R. Weiss

Greetings Liberty Lovers!

This is Free State Project Vice President, Evan F. Nappen, reaching out to you with a vital message concerning your freedom.

The FSP needs your "Activism" now for us to be an immediate success in our fight for Liberty. Think about this: if only 2/3rds of our participants recruit three new Porcupines, we hit our 20,000 mark goal and begin our migration for freedom!

Therefore, I have the following Challenge that I hope you have courage to accept:

Earn a Golden Porcupine Award by April 19, 2005.

What's a Golden Porcupine? It's our award to anyone who recruits 3 new participants. We'll even train you how to do it, step by step.

If you accept this challenge, click here

If you aren't already a participant of the FSP, now is the time to join! We'll even count it as the first of 3 signups for the challenge.

If you're signed up as a friend of the FSP, you can still recruit others and help the cause.

You are not alone. We will help you to recruit by sending you specific assignments, ideas, information, advice and encouragement.

Why by April 19, 2005? Because on April 19, 1775, exactly 230 years ago to the day, "The Shot Heard 'Round the World" was fired at Lexington and Concord. Captain John Parker said to the company assembled on Lexington Green:

Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.

Proudly stand with those brave patriots who faced down tyranny 230 years ago.

This is your Call to Arms. Fight for the freedom you believe in. The FSP Needs You Now.

Accept the challenge and earn your Golden Porcupine Award by April 19, 2005.

SYITFS! (See You In The Free State)

Evan F. Nappen, Esq.
FSP Vice President
Liberty in our Lifetime

Dear Editor,

George Smith provides a delightful account of a recent event in his essay, "The Fed versus the Backseat Boyz," http://www.ncc-1776.org/tle2005/tle302-20050116-04.html but there is an error in his facts.

There is a law that says that the Federal Reserve Notes printed by the US Government may bear the words, "this note legal tender for all debts public and private." However, there is no law enforcing that provision of the currency. No law forces you to accept Federal Reserve Notes. You are completely free to refuse them, and there are no consequences.

In fact, I have a stack of newspaper clippings about this matter. An example: Houston retailer BestBuy offers a computer with a special price if you pay by credit card. Buyer shows up, wants to pay with cash, retailer refuses, buyer calls the Secret Service. Secret Service agent is quoted in the Houston Chronically Ill as saying that there is no law against refusing to accept cash when tendered. None. No law against it. You should be able to find the article archived somewhere on chron.com, though I don't envy you the task.

You have entered the era of free market money. Unlike in the past, and in many other countries, it is not treason to refuse "the coin of the realm." It is not against any law to refuse to accept cash. You can choose to accept money from LibertyDollar.org, e-gold.com, GoldMoney.com, e-Bullion.com, Pecunix.com, or 1MDC.com, you are free to refuse credit cardscam, PrayPal, IsNTGold, or Federal Reserve Notes. Your choice, your money.

Now, as of today, there are nearly $100 million of free market monetary instruments based on, or fully redeemable for, gold, silver, platinum, or palladium in current circulation, from the six major free market money issuers indicated above. Based on the circulation and velocity figures from e-gold, I believe these funds provide for approximately $1.5 billion of purchases worldwide per year.

There are now private exchanges, such as PVCSE.com and LESE.com which offer to exchange stocks, bonds, and commodities in various ways, accepting only free market money for exchanges among private participants. There are now exchange services on every continent except Antarctica willing to make exchanges between local currencies and free market money.

The Liberty Dollar and another currency I've heard about provide paper warehouse receipts, online currency, and, in the case of the Liberty Dollar, silver pieces that are much like coins. These are used in many stores nationwide. For example, about 130 retailers in Berryville, Arkansas all accept the Liberty silver pieces. The question is not "when do we get a choice in money," the question is, "Why aren't you exercising your freedom to choose?"

Yes, of course, it may be painful to turn people away if they offer credit cardscam or Feral Reserveless Nothings, but if you point them at a nearby exchange service that can convert their stuff to something you are willing to accept, so much the better. Gold and silver are the choice of better free market money enthusiasts, but if you want to continue taking the green, do so at your own peril.

Crouch down and lick the hand that beats you with the hidden tax of inflation. I can only show you the door... you have to be the one to walk through it.


Jim Davidson
http://indomitus.net/ discussion of free market money
http://ezez.com/ private exchange service, tell 'em Mr. Ed sent ya

To which Mr. Smith replies:

You make a valid point. Thanks for your comments about free market money.

George F. Smith

Another Letter from Jim Davidson

Dear Kapt. K,

Re: "Shore Leave" http://www.ncc-1776.org/tle2005/tle302-20050116-05.html

Yes, the Gregorian calendar does reckon dates from the approximate birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ. It is, however, not "2005 AD" but, rather, "AD 2005."

You are putting the year before the Lord, Kaptain. That's just wrong. One properly writes AD 2005 because it is an abbreviation of "anno Domini 2005," or "the year of our Lord 2005." One writes dates from the previous era as 49 BC, that is "49 years before Christ."

So, the rule is very simple, and inverse. Before Christ? The initials are after the year. After? The initials are before the year.

However, there is nothing wrong with "current era" and "before current era," since these schemes represent the same time periods. In fact, there is no clear evidence that Jesus was born 2004 years before the most recent 25th of December just past. Rather, there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that the day, month, and year are all mistaken.

The Catholic Church still recognizes a "Feast of the Conception" which is, curiously, not 9 months prior to the 25th of December. I leave it as an exercise for your retirement to look that one up. Then add 9 months.

Rather, there seems to be persistent evidence that the end of December timeframe for the birth of Jesus was established when the Roman Emperor Constantine decided to make Christianity the state religion of his empire. Various councils and conferences at the time established, for example, by a vote of clergy, that Jesus was not a man but was a deity, that the Sabbath would be celebrated on Sunday rather than on the seventh day of the week (Saturday—thereby honoring Sol Invictus, a favorite of Constantine), and that Mithrasmas and the Saturnalia would be combined into an end of December festival honoring the birth of Jesus and the epiphany of the three Magi, who also got edited into three oriental kings.

Other re-writes abound. The Star Prophecy for the birth of Jesus probably reflects an event sometime between 7 BC and 4 BC. The census which forced Joseph and Mary to a town with no room at the Inn, did not take place in anno Domini one. Jesus had an older brother named James, whose reflections on the birth of Jesus is one of many historical documents about the life of James not included in scripture as received from the Catholic church. With Jesus born before anno Domini one, it makes sense to consider CE and BCE as methods of identifying dates.

Besides which, this Gregorian calendar, and the Julian calendar it superceded, are Johnny-come-lately calendars. The Jewish calendar is far more definitive.


Jim Davidson
http://indomitus.net/ discussion of free market money
http://ezez.com/ private exchange service, tell 'em Mr. Ed sent ya

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