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Number 303, January 23, 2005

"I am very serious about this offer."

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the 'toon

The War Vote
by Russmo


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Letters to the Editor
from EJ Totty, Alan R. Weiss, Evan F. Nappen, and Jim Davidson:

That Kind of Uncle
by L. Neil Smith
The other day, my lovely wife sent me one of those e-mail folk- messages that almost seem to propagate themselves all over the net from time to time. This one called itself "People Over 35 Should be Dead!"

Call for Papers
by John Taylor
As you may have noticed in Issue #300, El Neilyo has asked me to take up a couple of new cudgels in the New Year. As a long-time cudgel-wielder (doesn't that term just roll from the tongue?), I learned early on that there's strength in numbers ... not to mention sanity in a distributed workload.

Skin Deep
by Lady Liberty
I woke up this weekend to a winter winderland outside my window. Mother Nature had conspired to provide exactly the temperature, humidity, stillness, and cloud saturation to result in a winter scene right off the front of the most beautiful holiday card. The ground was covered in a blanket of several inches of pristine white. Every tree branch was outlined in sparkling snow; power lines were coated not heavily enough for danger of outages but just thickly enough for beauty. Even the grey cloud cover wasn't enough to prevent all of that whiteness from reflecting what little light there was and turning the view into something out of a backlit snow globe.

The Euros are coming, the Euros are coming!
by Patrick K. Martin
I the past few months I have watched with increasing alarm, the fall of the US dollar in currency markets. Now sure, we've all seen fluctuations before, the Fed as well as normal market forces change the 'value' of the dollar all the time, but this time is different, this time the US dollar is on the verge of being replaced as the world's currency of choice.

Social Security Must Die
by Todd Andrew Barnett
For decades ideologically pure libertarians, especially on the intellectual battlefield, have consistently charged at the left and the right in the Democratic and Republican aisles for egregiously committing violence against the principles of individual freedom, free enterprise, private charity, personal responsibility, limited government, civil society, federalism, and the rule of law. Purist libertarians have, for years, rightfully argued that the left and the right—namely, the Democrats and the Republicans—are responsible for and guilty of slapping Americans with all sorts of statist schemes, which have led to the ultimate evisceration and diminishment of all the liberties that our nation has enjoyed since its inception. The state, directly controlled by spendthrift conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats (even "moderate" Republicans and Democrats), is, as many principled, non-compromising libertarians in the ideological arena have correctly concluded for many years, responsible for imposing unconstitutional and immoral populist machinations across the board. Aside from the welfare-warfare state and many other unconstitutional, perverse, and immoral schemes that have been successfully foisted upon American society gradually within a period of nearly more than 90 years, there is no bigger welfare program than Social Security.

Propagandist For Hire
by Jonathan David Morris
In his syndicated column last week, Armstrong Williams wrote: "In 2003, I agreed to run a paid ad on my syndicated television show, promoting the Department of Education's No Child Left Behind Act. I subsequently used my column space to support that legislation. This represents an obvious conflict of interests... People need to know that my column is uncorrupted by any outside influences. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my bad judgment."

If at First You Don't Succeed...
by Lex Concord
We the People, in order to dissolve an imperfect union, establish a better one, and to really secure the blessings of Liberty this time, do ordain and establish this new Constitution for the several States of America, and the various Non-Contiguous Communities (NCCs) which may be formed hereunder.

Cultural Genocide
by Ron Beatty
Ladies and gentlemen, we are in a war, a war, which just like Iraq, is undeclared, and unconstitutional. Also like the war in Iraq, those who are innocent of any wrongdoing are the ones who suffer most in this war. This war is against a culture, a way of life, a mind set that many in our nation's capitol can not understand. This war I am speaking of is no less than a cultural genocide. This war is aimed at the total destruction of freedom and individuality in the United States.

Complex Issue Requires Complex Solutions
by Wendy McElroy
Last week, my column argued against renewing the Violence Against Women Act because it was the wrong approach to issues such as domestic violence.

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