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"How free are you...."

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Letter from Jack Chleva

Letter from Michael

Letter from Susan Wells

Re: "Letter from Evan F. Nappen" http://www.ncc-1776.org/tle2005/tle303-20050123-01.html#letter3

Dear Editor:

Having lived almost all of my life in either Arizona or Colorado, Evan Nappen's letter to the editor regarding the Free State Project required a reply.

I've visited the east. I've visited the west, even Kalifornia. I've seen many points between. That said, I can tell you that despite my desire to live in a "free state", there is nothing on God's green Earth that would motivate this westerner to move to New Hampshire, or any other state back east. That those who are interested in living free would consider doing so is beyond me.

There was a counter-movement to create a "free state" in Wyoming (or was it Montana?)....more land, fewer people, and perhaps most important, a western United States mentality already in place.

Moving back east is a move backward... not forward.

Jack Chleva
Centennial, Colorado

Mr Holder

I was reading my copy of The Probability Broach: The Graphic novel a couple weeks before, and something struck me. Damn Semantics. The country that Bear goes to is called CSA, or, The Confederate States of America. Here's the thing: as Bear notes, there are no states in the CSA, just one nation, or loose conglamerate of individuals, if you will. My thing is, the name seems misleading, or incorrect. Granted, after the Whiskey Rebellion, there were a few states, but they are gone now. What Confederation is the CSA made up of?


[The question was submitted to L. Neil Smith but no answer was received by "press" time.—Editor]

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Susan Wells

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