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Number 304, January 30, 2005

"How free are you...."

the 'toon
Looking out my back door


That photograph up there is "Looking out my back door" about 4:30 this afternoon. It was snowing pretty hard for a while. But it quit after a bit, leaving behind less than an inch I'd say. Pretty, but a bit nippy.

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Letters to the Editor
from Jack Chleva, Michael, and Susan Wells:

Freedom Starts at Home
by Francis A Ney, Jr.
The second inaugural address by George "Dubya" Bush promised the world that those who desire freedom would receive the full support of the United States. Given the events of the previous four years I have to wonder if the man even knows what "freedom" means, since he's done a bang-up job of suppressing it.

Disturbing News
by Ron Beatty
This week has brought some very disturbing news items to my attention.

No Foreign Welfare for the Tsunami Survivors
by Todd Andrew Barnett
The recent catastrophic earthquake-induced tidal waves in Asia certainly serve to remind us that Mother Nature can be far more fatal—and far more destructive—than any other cataclysmic event in the history of our planet. It is a mere fact that it is far more destructive than, say, a tornado or a hurricane. It is also far worse and far chaotic than man-made disasters, such as bombings, war, or even gang-related shootings in inner cities. This is because nature can be our ally in one minute and then our enemy in another, whether or not we are cognizant of this simple truth. It ought to be stated that the places where humans intervene with nature the most—that is, productive industrial societies laden with wealthy, flourishing markets—are the least prone to her wrath. Of course, the loopy radical leftist environments would, in a blazing instant, would love to convince us otherwise; however, there you see it. You can find it yourself. It's there for you to peruse and observe.

Taking Oaths and Stealing Freedoms
by Lady Liberty
Over the past weeks, there's been much talk of the inauguration ceremony and parties for the second term of President George W. Bush. Some people think that far too much money is spent on such festivities (it is, but the donations are private and what people choose to spend their money on is their own business). Others worry that their First Amendment right to express their opinion along the parade route is being infringed (security is understandably very tight, and some groups are disgrunted they're not getting the preferred seating they think they ought to have, while others are upset at some of the things the Secret Service is prohibiting within certain boundaries). And then we have one man from California who thinks that some portions of the inauguration are a violation of the separation of church and state.

Libertarians: Defined
by Jonathan David Morris
In last week's column, I referred to myself as a libertarian, which I defined as "nicepeoplespeak for a 'guy who doesn't like government.'" After that article published, I got a letter from a guy named Mike. Mike's worried that many of his friends are becoming self-professed libertarians without really knowing what libertarianism is. "It seems to me that they are anti-establishment because they believe it is trendy," he says, "rather than because of some rational thought process." With Mike's email in mind, I'd like to take this chance to answer the age old question, once and for all: What the heck's a libertarian? With any luck, I'll end up providing some insight.

Supreme Court lets dogs go fishing... for drugs
by Rex Curry
A new supreme court case states that cops can take dogs fishing. Dogs can go fishing for drugs in Illinois vs. Caballes.

Removing Legal Incentives to Lie
by Wendy McElroy
Bill Cosby is the latest cultural icon to face highly publicized and unproven allegations of sexual misconduct.

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