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Number 305, February 6, 2005

"An Unhealthy Obsession"

the 'toon
Two-yolked egg


That photograph up there is a double-yolked egg I broke into the frying pan one day. Above it is a regular single-yolke egg. And that icky looking stuff on the right is salsa verdi.

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Letters to the Editor
from Kevin S. Van Horn, Bill St. Clair, Jim Davidson, Scott Bieser, Michael, EJ Totty, John Taylor, and James J Odle

Just What Does "Tyranny's End" Really Mean?
by Douglas F. Newman
January 27, 2005—The headline on USA Today's web site said, "Bush: Tyranny's End a Major Commitment.". Cool, man! I'm down with that. Bring it on!

And the Winner Is... Not Us
by Lady Liberty
I have a secret. Don't tell anyone, but I actually like watching movie and TV awards shows. Yes, I know they're typically shallow, self-serving, and self-congratulatory programs geared too often to celebrate excess. And yes, I know they often turn into ultra-liberal political statements either via actor comments or the nominated subject matter. I even agree with you that these things aren't particularly admirable. But the truth of the matter is that they're also parades of gorgeous gowns and sparkling jewels (I'm a girl, and I like that stuff—so sue me), show business gossip, and sometimes surprising moments of genuine joy or artless exuberance that I find amusing.

The Psychology of Eagles Fans
by Jonathan David Morris
Regular readers (hi mom, hi dad!) know I have been pretty relentless in my attacks on Pennsylvanians since moving to southeastern Pennsylvania last summer. Mostly, it's been in self-defense. I'm a defensive driver. And Pennsylvanians can't drive. But it occurs to me now, with the Super Bowl-bound Philadelphia Eagles in the national spotlight, that I've rarely, if ever, had anything nice to say about my new neighbors. This just isn't fair. I mean, sure, they drive slow, fail to signal, and show a general disregard for the fact that, usually, if I'm on the road, it means I need to get somewhere. But this doesn't make them bad people. And even if it does, there are still many nice things to say about them. Take Eagles football, for instance. Philly's a town that does football right.

Hey FDA! Lead, Follow, or Just Go Away
by Ali H. Massoud
"Some Gene Research Just Isn't Worth the Money", say two esteemed medical researchers in a New York Times essay. "How should we set priorities in medical research? Officials at the National Institutes of Health will grapple with this question as they allocate billions of dollars from the agency's budget this year." they go on to say. True enough. But whose priorities? Doctors? Mine? Yours? The government's, university's, private lab's, big or small pharma's?

Before Fall, Impeach 'em All!
by James J Odle
Were it possible, using my brand new Macintosh G5 Supercomputer (a few years back it would have been considered a military munition), to reach out and take charge of one of the NSA's spy satellites and train its hi-tech surveillance equipment upon Washington D.C., I would nevertheless fail at the disheartening task of locating a politician who did not richly deserve impeachment. Hell, some of them deserve actual criminal prosecution.

Multiple Choice Government
by Lex Concord
For years, minarchists and anarchists have united politically as Libertarians against their common enemy, an out-of-control national government. Those who believe a limited government is a necessary evil, and those who believe any monopoly government is inherently evil, have banded together in calling for the restoration of the American Republic described in the Constitution, an obvious improvement over the present regime in Washington. Yet with 99.6% of the electorate continuing to vote against us, even when our candidate is far more principled and articulate than their candidates, perhaps it's time for a new strategy—a strategy I'll call multarchy.

Are SpongeBob's Pants Really Square?
by Wendy McElroy
SpongeBob SquarePants is gay! Or is he? And why is there so little information on a matter everyone is discussing? The scandal surrounding the sexual orientation of the cartoon character SpongeBob looks like a media creation. The snickers directed at the ultra-conservative James Dobson of "Focus on the Family"—the man 'credited' with questioning how square SpongeBob's pants actually are—seem intended to obscure the issue and vilify the man.

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