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Number 307, February 20, 2005

Happy 90th Birthday, Dad!

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"Looking Out My Back Door"
Sunset through the smoke of the Rodeo-Chediski Fire
June 27, 2002


The motto for this issue is for my father, born on this day 90 years ago. I do wish I could have traveled the 850 miles to be there for his birthday party, but just couldn't afford it. You know how that goes. But I will be there for number 100!

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Letters to the Editor
Letter from John Wilde:

Under False Colors
by L. Neil Smith
I received a message the other day from my old friend—call him "Russell"—warning me that somebody named "Mike" was misrepresenting me, or rather my ideas, online. There followed about a hundred lines of dialog between another old friend of mine, "Anton", and this "Mike" individual, of whom I had heard, although I'd never conversed with him, myself. Sad to tell, he's a vice chairman of a state Libertarian Party.

The First Law of Nature Demands a Second Amendment
The Excalibur of the People

by Sergei Borglum Hoff
The attacks on our World Trade Center have brought unimaginable grief to thousands of American families. They have also ignited a keen awareness of our vulnerability. And, the dereliction of federal government has become evident by its inability or refusal to provide adequate nationwide defenses from foreign aggression. Whether the appropriate charge is criminal negligence or high treason, there is no question that the people have been betrayed. However, individual security is not the constitutional responsibility of government. More than one judicial decision will confirm such a statement. In other words, it is you, the individual that is obliged to make provisions for your own safety by adhering to the First Law of Nature. You must respond to this fundamental law, or perish. I recognize that this is harsh news for the politically correct sensibilities of most Americans, but this revelation is a simple fact of life. Self-defense is the natural and honorable stance that we must all promote. Without decisive steps to defend self and family, "security" is only a word.

A News Story as Seen Through Different Eyes
by Ali Hassan Massoud
"A US university in Wisconsin has blocked an attempt by Republican students to raise money for a group called Adopt a Sniper. The group raises money for US sharp-shooters in Iraq and Afghanistan."

The Tax Man Goeth
by Charles Stone, Jr.
Think of it. April 15th just another date on the calendar, a happy payday for some. The voluminous buildings now occupied by the Internal Revwnue Service converted to low income housing. And best of all, tens of thousands of hack news-losers forced to actually look for news to cover during the previous week. Impossible, you say? Not something that could ever come to pass? Don't bet on it!

Remember President's Day
by Jonathan David Morris
The best American presidents are the ones whose names you can never remember—like Rutherford Hayes, Millard Fillmore, and that other guy.

Beneath the Learning Curve
by Lady Liberty
I don't know whether or not I should admit this, but here goes: I'm a product of the public school system. Of course, public schools not so very many years ago were quite different than the public schools we see today. I can read and write proper English (I can even speak it when I've a mind to do so) because failing in those endeavors meant, well, failing. I can balance my checkbook and make change for a twenty because math teachers didn't allow calculators in classes until we were advanced enough for algebra. And I can find Iraq on a map because my geography teacher wouldn't let any of us move in the direction of the 8th grade until we learned in 7th grade how to read a typical map.

A Real Ownership Society
by Lex Concord
The latest Big Lie from President Bush involves his attempt to push "partially private accounts" on a wary public, as the latest in a series of ill-conceived attempts to save Social Security. If he succeeds, he can thank a century of citizen indoctrination in the government-run school system and a brilliant propaganda campaign to pass an intrusive and colossal central state off as an "Ownership Society."

Spousal Rape Case Sparks Old Debate
by Wendy McElroy
He attacked around midnight, choking her, dragging her by her hair, brutally raping her over and over again.

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