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Number 311, March 20, 2005

"This is your government, people."

by Ron Beatty

Exclusive to TLE

A judge in US District court recently ruled against citizens in a lawsuit arising from the celebration of Mardi Gras in Pioneer Square in Seattle four years ago. One person died, and several others were severely beaten. Eleven of the victims filed a lawsuit, alleging that the police chief's decision to pull officers out of the turmoil of the square placed innocent citizens in danger.

Citing case law, the judge ruled against the citizens, stating that "a state's failure to protect an individual from private violence, even in the face of grave danger," doesn't violate constitutional rights."

Most of us in the libertarian camp have known for years of the various court decisions which have clearly stated that the state has no obligation to protect the individual. We've known of the incidents where women have been raped or even murdered because police agencies either did not respond to desperate calls for help, or if they did respond, did so in a manner that allowed the violence against the individual to continue.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are hundreds of agencies, bureaus, divisions, and departments of armed agents of government. These range all the way from your local dogcatcher to any of the myriad arms of the octopus that is Homeland Security. All told, there are probably somewhere between 500,000 to 750,000 armed agents of one form or another. This does not include the military, just so-called 'civilian' agents and officers. This means that there is roughly one armed agent or officer, for each 400 to 500 people in this country. It is physically impossible for the police to protect everyone. Even assuming one million armed agents, which is possible with the recent buildup of police power, due to the 'war on terror', that is still only one officer for each 300 people!

So, what do we do?

Ladies and gentlemen, I end almost every article I write for TLE with this close: "As always, don't take my unsupported word for anything, and still less the word of any government or media spokesperson. Do the research, learn the facts, find out for yourselves. In the final analysis, you, and only you, are responsible for your own safety and freedom, and that of your family" or some very close variation thereof. This does not mean just learning of what is going on in the world. It alse means that, if necessary, you must be prepared to physically defend your life, the lives of your family and friends, and your property. We have a multitude of court rulings that government is not reponsible for your life or property. You cannot count on anyone except yourself, or if you are lucky, your family and friends, to protect you.

It is up to you to take care of yourself. Get the proper training. Go to Gunsite, Thunder Ranch, or any of the other good combat pistol schools. Join and participate in IDPA matches, which are based on real life scenarios, things which have actually happened, at one point or another. Take the steps necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Each and every day, we hear of home invasions, violent crime of all sorts, often committed against the elderly and women, or those who are physically less able to defend themselves. We also hear that violent crime is dropping in those areas with concealed carry laws. That doesn't matter. It only takes ONE time for you to lose your life, your property, or even worse, your health or physical ability. Government can't protect you from ordinary street crime. It can't protect you from terrorist acts. In fact, government can't protect you, personally, from anything. It is entirely up to you. Get the training, obtain a weapon(s), get a concealed carry permit, if you must. As much as I despise the very idea of having to ask for permission to defend myself, paying a fee, and jumping through bureaucratic hoops, it is better to do that, if possible, than to go unarmed.

For me, in particular, there is absolutely no chance that police could or would arrive in time to help, if something ever happened. Where I live is way out in the boonies, half an hour from the nearest town, over rough, winding mountain roads. As I sit here in my office at home, there are four loaded weapons within reach of me, right this instant. Do I live in paranoid fear that someone will break in? No, not at all. I am aware that such does happen, but I am just as concerned about rabid skunks and raccoons, feral hogs, coyotes, wolves, etc. I am a free American, and as such, I will protect my life, my family, my friends, and my property, to the very limits of my ability. I have the training, the equipment, and the mindset to do so.

It is up to you to do the same.

As always, do not take my unsupported word for anything. Do the research, learn the facts, find out for yourself. When the fecal matter hits the rotary air impeller, it is you, and only you, who is responsible for your own safety and freedom. Live up to that responsibility.


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