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Number 312, March 27, 2005

"The sooner the better"

Just Another Drug-related Shooting?
by L. Reichard White

Exclusive to TLE

She said it was unusual—the Red Lake High School shooting in Northern Minnesota that is. Why? Because this incident of school violence occurred on Chippewa territory. In fact, the Native American spokeswoman I saw stated that this type of "Indian" on "Indian" violence is not just unusual, it's unprecedented.

It was also stated that Jeff Weise, the young man who carried out the attack, was disturbed and had reported suicidal thoughts before the attacks. Reporters today are describing the Redlake shootings as "eerily similar to Columbine."

Question: Besides guns, what are the other factors high school shootings such as Redlake, Columbine, etc. have in common?

According to respected libertarian columnist Vin Suprynowicz, one of the things all the previous school shootings had in common was that the shooters, bombers, etc. were on drugs —

prescription drugs—

—right along with the ~44% of Americans—including the 24.1% of those under 18 taking prescription drugs—

—prescription drugs like Ritalin, Prozac, Paxil, etc.

Some of the "adverse reactions" to so-called "antidepressant" MAO inhibitors such as Prozac, etc. are: "delirium, hallucinations, convulsions, violent hostility, agression, psychosis"—and suicide.

In fact, according to information that had to be obtained thru the Freedom of Information Act, as of Sept. 16, 1993, 28,623 reports of adverse reactions to Prozac alone had been received by the FDA, the all-time record in it's 24-year reporting history. These reports included 1,885 suicide attempts and 1,734 deaths, 1,089 by suicide.

Hmmmmmmmmm. Suicide was one result of both Columbine and Red Lake. Not to mention "violent hostility" and "agression."

Think the prescription-drug-suicide totals could be higher now?

My guess is, if the establishment does any drug tests at all, they won't be for prescription drugs—and if any such drugs show up in the investigation, they won't be mentioned by the 5th Branch of Government.

Chances are, if our Fifth Branch—by which I mean America's Corporate Media—runs true to form, it will only report on the two 40 caliber tools (the guns)—rather than on any prescription drug which may have been the true co-conspirator.

The tools, by the way, were obtained from the local police, taken from Weise's grandfather, Daryl Lussier, 58 a sergeant in the local police—who became the first victim.

Oh yes—-—there was one other factor all these killings had in common.

Government schools.

L. Reichard White lives several houses up from the site of the old Black Horse Tavern, a birth place of the Whiskey Rebellion—which explains a lot. He supported his writing habit for over 30 years by beating casinos at their own games. Visit his website at NEXIALIST NEWS See Hierarchy and Leadership? Not In MY Group You Don't! for a key chapter in his latest project.


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