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Number 312, March 27, 2005

"The sooner the better"

The Few, The Proud, The Supremes
by Jack Duggan

Exclusive to TLE

In her Magnificat, Mary, the mother of Jesus, said that , "He has confused the proud in the conceit of their hearts." (LK 1: 51)

It is reported nationally that Terri Schindler's husband-in-name-only wants to "pull the plug" on her.

Pulling the plug is what I asked for my own father. After a massive heart attack he was on a ventilator and had no brain waves. As soon as the ventilator was turned off, he immediately expired, making no movement. And like Terri Schindler's parents, it broke my heart.

The proud legal system hears only what it wants to hear: parol evidence that Terri had once stated that she didn't want her life prolonged by tubes. We can only rely on her vagrant husband's word for this. He reportedly collected over a million dollars for her rehabilitation and to this day hasn't started any rehabilitation regimes, so we have no idea how far she may have recovered, had he allowed it. It is said that he even refused to treat her bedsores. But the courts have stalwartly refused testimony to this effect, that her 'husband' has a record of constantly going against Terri's best interests, whether true or not. He insists that Terri wants to die.

The courts continue in refusing to acknowledge that food and water are not medical treatments and are not the same as a life-support ventilator. If Terri could eat with her own hands, she would still be subject to be killed by the state upon the whim of a 'husband' who could swear that Terri said that she wanted to die rather than be confined to a bed, eat hospital food, not be able to ice skate on Florida's Lake Okeechobee, etc. Unfortunately, courts have the latitude to interpret as they see fit.

The courts refuse to hear that Michael Schiavo has de facto abandoned his privilege over the fate of Terri by taking a new wife (common law) and having children with her. How he can retain any legal standing before the courts who are eager to recognize homosexual 'marriages,' yet cannot seem to recognize Schiavo's new one, which invalidates his old one to Terri.

The proud choose not to see what working Americans easily see.

It is said that Terri Schindler exists in a "permanent vegetative state." My father had was in a permanent vegetative state after a massive heart attack. He never opened his eyes. He didn't move and he had a flat EEG except for basal brain stem activity related to autonomous function. Terri interacts with both staff and visitors. But she cannot talk and so is being treated as a preborn child, who also cannot speak, by our Culture of Death.

Repeatedly, nurses, doctors, family and friends have attempted to supply eye-witness testimony that Terri reacts to visitors and tries to communicate. Some basic words and intentions can be discerned by those intimate to her care. Yet the courts refuse to hear it. These are the same supremacist courts that enforce the 'law' of aborting over 60 million preborn inconvenient, mostly minority children in this country. Roe v. Wade insured that millions of black babies would never be born to become criminals and welfare recipients, costing society billions of dollars. So how can we expect them to endorse the sanctity of life in Terri's case, since she likewise drains precious resources?

Greek civilization that endorsed euthanasia and suicide plummeted into a non-world power. The word "euthanasia" comes from the Greek 'eu' and 'thanatos' and means "a good death." The word has come to mean the bringing about of a gentle and easy death especially in the case of incurable and painful illnesses. But slowly dying of thirst can never be gentle nor easy. It is cruel far beyond any death-penalty execution and exceeds Terri's original suffering, and does so exponentially.

Imagine yourself going without water for not three days, but for over a week. You would not do that to a dog. Members of P.E.T.A. would scream for your hide. But if you do it to a disabled, 'useless' person, the proud supremacists, who love to tell everyone else how to live, applaud.

This country is sick.

Like the Greeks, our moral apathy will devolve America into a third-world nation. As long as we allow a minority to not only steal from the majority (federalism) but to hijack our God-given natural rights through judicial activism, we will one day soon be as relevant as France in the world community. It is we who are becoming "surrender monkeys" to the daily unconstitutional abuses of judicial power.

A legal system that insures that the maximum number of preborn children are executed painfully every day cannot be relied upon to make any other decision in defense of life, unless it is the life of a judge, a political appointee, or a homosexual.

A Supreme Court that instituted abortion of useless "fetuses," based on not one word in the U.S. Constitution, but by "...an emanation from the penumbra of the Constitution...," can and will justify death sentences of equally useless disabled people.

If the constitutional foundation doesn't exist, judicial activists will interpret it as so. They have become the Final Solution to not only our freedoms but to all lives that they see as inconvenient.

And who is inconvenient is determined by which way the wind blows.

To fly the 13-star flag is to voice that what once was, could be again if those who once dared would dare once again.
Jack Duggan
13-star flag

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