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Number 314, April 10, 2005

"Who's Crazy Now?"

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Letter from David W Neylon, Sr

Letter from James J Odle

Letter from Frank Ney

Letter from EJ Totty


I'm not sure if you can help but Kim du Toit of http://www.kimdutoit.com/ee/index.php/rant/ is looking for a publisher for his book. Since he is of a libertarian bent :-) I was wondering if you might be able to help. His email address is kim@kimdutoit.com


David W Neylon, Sr

[Anyone have any ideas for this? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?—Editor]

Dear Ken:

I understand that there is a piece of medical tyranny headed our way from 'across the pond' called the Codex Alimentarius. Headed our way this June.

Basically, the idea behind this nitwittery is that self-sufficient individuals, such as myself, should be denied their fundamental right to take care of ourselves as we see fit.

In countries, such as Germany and Switzerland, where the Codex is in force, the citizenry are required by law to obtain a doctors prescription before purchasing high potency vitamin tablets, amino acids, some herbs, etc.

This insanity has happened because in many countries in Europe, the "regulatory agencies" have formed a "huggy-huggy, kissy-kissy, lip-smacking, spit-swapping" relationship with the drug companies. This economic philosophy is called corporatism.

Here, in the U.S., the drug companies have spent, in 2003, in excess of $150 million lobbying their Congresscritters. They don't do this because they want their patents, copyrights and trademarks protected. Government is required by law to do these things. No the drug companies are looking for an absolute, guaranteed, risk-free and high profit margin and they are not above using the FDA as a cat's paw to drive their competitors from the market.

The Codex is a threat to us because under the World Trade Agreement, the U.S. is required to "harmonize" its laws with the other members.

No one, no politician, no corporation, and no regulatory agency has any moral or legal right to play God with the lives of people by denying us the means to take care of ourselves

The FDA claims that we have nothing to worry about, but the FDA has lied to us before and besides which, it is incompetent and cannot be trusted.

The FDA is "fine" group of people, which has knowingly approved the prescription of Ritalin (damages the brain), Vioxx (implicated in heart attacks and strokes) and thalidomide (causes birth defects).

Anyone who wishes to retain their fundamental rights to look after themselves should contact their personal political parasites soon on this matter.

Here's some more info about Codex:


Take care,

James J Odle

[read this link]

Beginning April 25, 2005, Amtrak will expand all-reserved service to every Regional train on the Northeast Corridor seven-days-a-week between Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C. and Newport News, Va.

The new all-reserved service ensures every passenger a seat every time they board a Regional train. While reservations are required, customers will still be able to purchase tickets for same day travel, as long as the train has not sold out beforehand. With all-reserved service, Amtrak is better able to monitor passenger demand and adjust train capacity accordingly. Since November 2004, weekend Regional trains have operated as all-reserved trains.

Customers will still be able to purchase tickets for same day travel, as long as the train has not sold out beforehand.

(Since purchasing reserved tickets requires a name placed on the ticket, with documentation required, there is now a direct link possible to the TSA's list of political dissidents with which to deny travel.)

Frank Ney
United Airlines Must Die!
Abuses by the BATF

All without government control

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken,

The following excerpt is taken from this web reference: [link]

"Ancient Mayan entrepreneurs working along the coast of what is now Belize distilled salt from seawater and paddled it to inland cities in canoes, all without government control, researchers reported on Monday."

Imagine that!

I wonder: Were they of libertarian bent?

EJ Totty

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