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Number 315, April 17, 2005

"It won't be long now!"

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Letter from EJ Totty

Letter from M.R. Chapel

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken,

Freedom of choice is going away, faster than a fart in a high wind.

And, what we have isn't freedom, but a decrepit excuse for permission.

Amerika is rapidly turning into a rabid NAZI state, what with food NAZIs, Tobacco NAZIs, fuel NAZIs, electrical power NAZIs, tax NAZIs, clean air NAZIs, land use NAZIs, etc., etc., etc.

[Read all about it]

EJ Totty

On Tuesday April 19th 2005 I will be officially launching my humble addition to libertarian cyberspace at www.tyrannicide.org. I would very much appreciate constructive criticism, feedback, and submissions from readers of The Libertarian Enterprise. In addition to the current contents, the site will be regularly updated with original articles, blog entries, and political cartoons. Claire Wolfe has kindly agreed to write an original piece for the site as well.

M.R. Chapel

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