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Number 315, April 17, 2005

"It won't be long now!"

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the 'toon

Scott Bieser's cover for the complete
edition of Tom Paine Maru
To be electro-published maybe by next week!


Wouldn't you know it, about the same time we published Philip Luty's article "A Threat to Freedom of Speech in England", which included his request for donation to his family's Legal Defense Fund, his payment service iKobo lost their merchant account contract with VISA. And the donation-collection pages went away. In the last week or so Phil and I have been scrambling to get him a new payment collection service account up and running at—YowCow. (Don't ask me where they got that name!). Anyway, if you tried to make a donation to help Phil and his family fight their "conspiracy to manufacture firearms" charges, and found it didn't work, you can now go to Phil's web site or the above mentioned TLE article and do so.

And speaking of donations (you saw it coming, right?), TLE can't just operate on air, we need your financial support as well to keep on going. So if you can afford it, please reach into your digital pocket and toss a few coins TLE's way too:

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Oh, and Tom Paine Maru is creeping closer to being ready for sale. It won't be long now, and let me assure you, the wait is worth it!

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Letters to the Editor
Letters EJ Totty, and M.R. Chapel

Cross-Continent for a Cause
by C. D. Tavares
For a little over a week we've been hosting a Long Rider on a mission. Skinny as a rail and pure cowboy to the toes of his boots, Texan Howard Wooldridge is a retired cop on a cross-country ride from California to Manhattan. He figures he'll get there by late October, maybe early November. And this is not his first such trip. Howard isn't crossing this continent just "because it's there"—he's making this ride on behalf of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. LEAP is an association of current and retired police officers who believe that America can best solve its national drug-crime problem by ending drug prohibition, much as it solved its very first national crime problem by ending alcohol prohibition. Howard's usual way of putting it is to say he believes that the most productive way to address drug use is through doctors and clinics, not judges and prisons.

Google Intruders
by Jonathan David Morris
Occasionally I put a damper on a column. What I mean is, sometimes I pick a topic because I think I'll have fun writing about it, but then I write about it and turn it into a sermon with a compulsive need to mention "the government." I hate when I do this. I found it hard to make fun of last year's election, for instance, without thinking: "Oh, if only this were a laughing matter." The problem is, I'm supposed to make a point every time I write an article. And it's hard to make a point without reading into things. Just once, I'd like to write about something important without trying to say something important about it. Just once. Just for fun.

Ignoble Savage
by Russell Moore
Recently, I tuned into "conservative" talk radio host Michael Savage. This is not something I normally do, nor would I recommend anyone else to do it regularly, but every once in a while I do listen to the warmongering, state-worshiping blowhards, just to count the numerous logical fallacies I hear. Also, listening to his stupidity and illogic affirms my libertarian beliefs. Mostly, I do it in the spirit of Don Corleone from The Godfather. I'm "keeping my enemies closer."

"Dignity, Honor and 'Da Butt Dance'"
by Doug Newman
(Warning: what follows may appear a bit risqué. However it is not intended gratuitously. Rather, it is to illustrate a point about the capabilities of government.) After eight years of Clintonian debauchery, the election of George W. Bush provided relief to many. How often have you heard that Our Great Christian President has brought "dignity and honor" back to the Oval Office?

Dead Wrong
by Lady Liberty
I suspect there's not a person in the world with access to mass media that doesn't know about the sad case of Terri Schiavo. And of all of those people, I don't imagine there's a single one that doesn't have a strong opinion—one way or the other—on the matter. Here's mine....

Disability Must Be Defined Before Debated
by Wendy McElroy
The heart-wrenching death of Terri Schiavo has made the issue of disability a matter of debate. Discussions range from living wills to analyzing the quality of a disabled person's life.

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