L. Neil Smith's
Number 316, April 24, 2005

"What Are You Afraid Of?"

Disabilities and Genocide
by Francis A Ney Jr

Exclusive to TLE

Wendy's article http://www.ncc-1776.org/tle2005/tle315-20050417-07.html doesn't really come as a surprise. A lot, if not most, of the putatively "disabled" have been trained by our government indoctrination camps to be victims, and if you're not a good enough victim then you don't rate the government benefits. I haven't looked into it but I'll bet the "Miss Wheelchair America" organization is not only tax-exempt they receive government funding.

It is not restricted to the disabled of body. My family has had personal experience with this, having family members who were born with hearing deficits. My father's sister, born in the late 1930's, had very little technological assistance available to her. My own sister, born three decades later, had a bit more help thanks to the transistor but no thanks to a pediatrician who decided that my mother was crazy (despite being an RN) and delayed the diagnosis. My eldest niece, now eight, was diagnosed and fitted with amplification as an infant. Nothing's perfect, Elisabeth had been misdiagnosed with roughly twice the hearing deficit she actually had, but that was corrected quickly enough.

Unfortunately, the improvements in technology have created a rift. For centuries, deaf people have sought out each other and created ghettoes much like those of the Jewish faith did in medieval times. The most well-known are the enclaves near Hartford, CT and the area near DC surrounding Galludet University. There were practical reasons for this—to our shame as a nation deaf people were not well dealt with by the hearing community. Too much of the time mere loss of hearing was misdiagnosed as insanity and the unfortunate person committed. Even when properly diagnosed, the deaf were not treated well. The formation of self-supporting, self-serving communities for the deaf were inevitable as like gravitated towards like, particularly when they could communicate with each other via sign language, something most hearing people refused to do. Just as inevitable was the formation of their own unique culture within those communities.

Now, with the advance in technology, you have children that have been diagnosed with hearing deficits that now have the ability to learn and function in the hearing community as adults. My sister being a case in point. She was one of the first (if not THE first) deaf student mainstreamed into the public schools in Pennsylvania. Admittedly they were not the concentration camps they are now but the early signs were all there, including a principal that tried to shove her back into Special Ed at the start of 7th grade. Despite this she managed to get a good education through to the college level, along with other accomplishments too numerous to mention. But it did leave her standing somewhat in the middle—not completely accepted by the hearing community despite her efforts, and almost completely rejected by the deaf community because she does not communicate exclusively by sign (she took ASL as her foreign language credit).

Now enters yet another technological advance. Cochlear Implants. Like the paralysis "victims" who dissed Christopher Reeves for trying to find a cure, the deaf community considers cochlear implants tantamount to genocide. For if hearing impairment is a condition that can be, if not cured, relieved to the extent that persons can be fully integrated members of the hearing community, then what happens to the deaf culture (that completely embraces victimhood as part of it)? It dies. As it deserves, in my opinion. No one is going to embrace a disability if there is any alternative, so the deaf community is facing the end of their culture within the next two generations and are fighting it tooth and nail, to no one's surprise.

It's pandemic, thanks to the nanny state and the indoctrination camps that promote the cult of victimhood. Scratch any "disabled" charity or organization lightly and you will find with few exceptions the promotion of the victim and punishment in some form of those who refuse to be a victim. If you're looking to me for a solution—sorry, I'm fresh out. Except for taking a clue-by-four to the victim promoter's noggins, that is.


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