Disabilities and Genocide

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Number 316, April 24, 2005

"What Are You Afraid Of?"

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Letters to the Editor
Letter from EJ Totty

Disabilities and Genocide
by Francis A Ney Jr
Wendy's article [last issue] doesn't really come as a surprise. A lot, if not most, of the putatively "disabled" have been trained by our government indoctrination camps to be victims, and if you're not a good enough victim then you don't rate the government benefits. I haven't looked into it but I'll bet the "Miss Wheelchair America" organization is not only tax-exempt they receive government funding.

Our National Pastime?
by Jonathan David Morris
On Thursday, April 14, 2005, the Washington Nationals (nee Montreal Expos) defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks, 5-3, in the first baseball game in D.C. since 1971. Wherever you look, people are hailing the return of the national pastime to our nation's capital. Me? I think it's nice that the Expos finally found a new home. I also think it's nice that Washington baseball fans finally have a team. But is baseball still America's pastime? Or has football—as some suggest—surpassed it? Let's take a look.

What Are You Afraid Of?
by Lady Liberty
I spent a good part of the day yesterday being afraid. I didn't watch a horror movie, and I wasn't on a thrill ride. I didn't read a scary book, nor did anybody try to assault me or break into my house. I didn't even experience a near-miss accident, nor was I terribly ill. I was, however, really scared. So what was it that frightened me? The short and simple answer can be conveyed in just one word: Government.

Gun Control
by Punkerslut
Before beginning a treatise on the question of gun control, there are a few things I would like to point out. First, it seems that this is a popular issue that is hotly debated by the political critics of our time. It seems that the Left is supportive of gun control whereas the Right is opposing gun control. These are very vague and general terms, and reasonably so. Since both ideologies are attached to political parties (Leftists aligned with the Democratic Party, and Rightists aligned with the Republican Party), people will be willing to concede certain things to gain more votes. A Left politician might say that he opposes the right to handguns except through certain verifications, but that he expressly supports the right to rifles. A Right politician might say that he opposes control over rifles, but that he expressly supports some verification for handguns. Indeed, both parties begin to resemble each other, when it happens that their main and primary concern is getting the vote of everyone, or as many people as they can. This is the failure of representative government: the leaders of the country, by their very position, are given the incentive to lie, to deceive, and otherwise to betray the people who they are supposed to protect and defend. Between these two political parties that exist within our United States today, the question of gun control seems to be one of the most hotly debated topics, up there with the debate over Abortion.

Rape Hoax Hurts Real Victims
by Wendy McElroy
On April 8, the president of the Brevard, Fla., chapter of the National Organization for Women was charged by the Florida state attorney's office with filing a false rape report and making a false official statement.

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