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Number 318, May 8, 2005

V-E Day

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the 'toon

Scott Bieser's cover for the complete
edition of Tom Paine Maru
Yes, it really is Coming Soon!
Really! We're not kidding!


I managed to get Philip Luty's web site back on line this week. Check it out at Phil has received some fascinating videos from people who've built some of his gun designs, and they'll be appearing Real Soon Now.

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Letters to the Editor
from James J Odle, L. Neil Smith, Ray Brooks, Bruce D'Amours, Rex Curry, and Dr. Julius No

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Reviewed by L. Neil Smith
I wasn't born yesterday, and I didn't just fall off of a turnip truck (although I've often wondered what the hell that expression means, exactly). I've been alive and kicking the better part (and the worst part, too) of sixty years, and boy, does it ever hurt to say that!

Why there is a Second Amendment
by Ron Beatty
In these modern days of the 'war on terror', we often hear new proposals to ban this or that weapon, because 'it could be used by a terrorist'. Most notably, this is often said about the .50 BMG rifle, as manufactured by Barrett Arms and others. What nobody seems to see, or if they do, to mention, is the fact that these same weapons are also quite useful in defending the owner from those who use body armor, so-called assault weapons, or even vehicles in the commission of illegal acts.

The Big Red Machine
by Jonathan David Morris
Life was better under Soviet rule. Well, actually, let me rephrase that. What I mean is, I liked it better when Americans lived in fear of the Soviets.

Launch Technology
by Jim Davidson
Richard Branson has a problem. He's British. Ordinarily, that would be problem enough for anyone to overcome. British subjects, even knights and peers are property of the monarchy. Very occasionally, one or two British subjects do something which is noteworthy or credible, and by the graciousness of the Queen, are allowed to keep some of their wealth.

I'm Ready for My Close-up!
by Lady Liberty
In the classic film Sunset Boulevard, aging silent movie star Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) is fixated on a return to stardom. Firm in her delusions that her fans miss her and that Paramount Studios still revolves around her popularity, she sees cameras called to report a murder as being present to film her in a comeback role she's written for herself. As the film rolls, the thoroughly crazy actress holds her chin high, looks into the lenses surrounding her, and says to an absent director, "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

Super-sizing Statistics
by Wendy McElroy
The accuracy of the following statements is not only personally important to your health, but it may be politically important to your freedom.

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