L. Neil Smith's
Number 321, May 29, 2005

"Here come the spoilers"

Not a Good Week
by Ron Beatty

Exclusive to TLE

As I'm sure all of you have noticed, the last week or so has not been a good one for the rights of free people. Not only has the REAL ID act passed, but now those persons who claim to represent us are attempting to compel other countries to adopt similar measures, making their ID procedures compatible with the contemptable schemes of our elected ninnies. The effect of this is to create not just a national ID system, but in effect, a de facto world ID system. The technologies contemplated for implementing this system include biometric information which is imprinted in a magnetic code on whatever form of ID card they come up with, and sub-dermal RFID chips, which can be 'read' by a scanner, either hand held or a portal type system, similar to airport metal detectors.

At the present time, the biometric system seems to be the preferred system. However, there are problems with this, including the fact that there is no worldwide standard for reading and interpreting biometric indicators. About the only widely accepted standard is the retinal scan, and even that has some detractors.

Hence, we are seeing ever more development of the RFID chips, with government, school systems (is there any difference?) urging parents to get their children 'chipped' for their own safety. So far, there has been less of a protest against this than I would have thought. However, this may be because it is 'for the children', and given the numbers of child abductions and murders, I suppose it is natural that fearful people want to be safe.

There is no safety short of death, people!

No matter what you do, there is no way that you can be totally safe! If you can't guarantee your own safety, how the hell can you expect someone who doesn't know you, doesn't give a damn about you, except as a source of 'food' (taxes), to make you safe? Ladies and gentlemen, our elected officials don't give a damn about us as individuals. All they care about is votes and money. They want to keep getting elected so they can keep stealing, and that is all they care about. Now, I have to admit there are a few exceptions to this. Ron Paul comes to mind, but there are very few.

Take a close look at your representatives voting record. Do they vote for increased government power and authority? Do they vote for increased taxation? Do they vote for increased government 'supervision' over every day matters? Do they vote for increased security for government employees, at the expense of the rights of the NON-governmental citizens? If they do, they will vote to plant RFID chips in your body. Of course, this will be sold as an 'anti-terrorism' or 'national security' measure. You will hear things like: Well, this will let us identify missing children easier," or perhaps something like: If there is ever another attack like the WTC, this will let us identify the bodies easier, to spare the families the anguish of not knowing,' or some other similar verbal excrement. Naturally, this will only be done after the 'failure' of biometric ID systems to prevent another catastrophe, which is almost guaranteed by the fact that the systems are not presently compatible, that they are subject to interpretation by human beings, and that not everyplace is capable of implementing this type of system.

My personal belief is that at some point, there will be a call for an absolutely foolproof method of personal identification. This belief is based on recent history, and the actions of the craven, pusillanimous, piss ants in Washington over the last few months and years. I think that within the next year we will see a call for implantable chips. Perhaps this will begin as a prerequisite for government housing or some other form of government assistance. After all, this would be a foolproof way to eliminate fraud and waste, wouldn't it? It would be a foolproof way to make sure only 'authorized' persons were in any particular area, wouldn't it? With chip readers at every door, there would never be an unsolved crime again, would there?

These are the rationalizations we're going to hear. We may even hear things like "Well, women use Norplant contraceptives. Why would they object to having something else planted under the skin for their own personal safety?"

Now, I know some will automatically brand me as some form of 'conspiracy theorist'. So be it. I have not, and will not accuse anyone of any type of conspiracy, only of cowardice, greed and lust for power, and authoritarian behaviour. I say that the pack of elitist scum who believe that they know best for everyone is guilty of this type of behaviour. I say that their own actions will eventually backfire against them. Just a cursory reading of history will show that every single time a 'ruling class' has gotten to the point that they behave as if they are better than the ordinary citizen, there has been some form of social unrest, up to and including revolutions, terrorism, civil wars, and other forms of social chaos. Will it happen here?

I don't know. I do know, however that there are many people who will not accept being 'chipped.' I include myself in this. I will never willingly accept any form of implantable ID. Before I do that, I will resist this authoritarian, tyrannical scheme with any means within my power. To this end, I am suggesting a massive campaign of non-compliance with any form of nationalized personal ID. Don't use credit cards, use cash. Buy from individuals, rather than 'authorized dealers. Whenever possible, use barter. Do your best to stay under the radar of the hyena dung bureaucrats. I shouldn't say that, I guess. Even hyena dung can be useful as fertilier! I'm sure you can each think of other ways to monkey wrench the system. Join with like minded people to form communities dedicated to living free. Don't publicize it, that just draws negative attention. Just do it!

Who knows? We may all end up in gulags or concentration camps like Camp X-ray in Gitmo. Or, we might just end up free people, in a free country once again.



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