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Number 321, May 29, 2005

"Here come the spoilers"

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Letters to the Editor
from Adam J. Bernay

Matthew Ducheneaux Dies
by Bob Newland
My friend, Matthew Ducheneaux (pronounce it DOOSH-uh-no), died Monday morning, May 23. His brother, Michael, told me that Matthew apparently choked on a device designed to prevent him from grinding his teeth while sleeping. He was attempting to remove it with the extremely limited use of his left hand and lacked the dexterity to remove it when it went the wrong direction. That's because Matthew lost the use of his arms and legs in a car wreck in 1985. He readily admitted the multiple rollover was as a result of his being drunk. He quit drinking, determined to live his wheelchair-bound life as well as he could live it. He became well-read and well-spoken. He involved himself in both the South Dakota Indian community and the "chair" community. (I refer to the folks whose grandparents lived on the prairies and in the mountains in South Dakota before our grandparents did as "Indian", because most of my friends in that category seem to prefer it to "Native American".)

What is the Dark Side?
by Jonathan David Morris
Okay, so here's a question for you: Suppose good and evil are as clearly defined in real life as they are in the Star Wars saga. You've got good guys who wear white and seek the ways of the Force, and bad guys who wear black and use the Force's Dark Side. In such a clear and unambiguous universe, who, in their right mind, would choose evil? And why?

Wake Up, America!
by Lady Liberty
I see a lot of movies because I like movies. One of the reasons I enjoy them so much is that I have the ability to suspend disbelief for a couple of hours and so totally immerse myself in a film. The better the movie is, the more completely involved in the story I become. But at the heart of all of the thrills and chills (or even the heartbreak) is the core knowledge that it's only a movie. That keeps any horror from being overwhelming even as I gasp along with the actors on the silver screen.

Not a Good Week
by Ron Beatty
As I'm sure all of you have noticed, the last week or so has not been a good one for the rights of free people. Not only has the REAL ID act passed, but now those persons who claim to represent us are attempting to compel other countries to adopt similar measures, making their ID procedures compatible with the contemptable schemes of our elected ninnies. The effect of this is to create not just a national ID system, but in effect, a de facto world ID system. The technologies contemplated for implementing this system include biometric information which is imprinted in a magnetic code on whatever form of ID card they come up with, and sub-dermal RFID chips, which can be 'read' by a scanner, either hand held or a portal type system, similar to airport metal detectors.

Repeal The REAL ID Act
by Todd Andrew Barnett
Republicans who continue to tout the "limited government, individual liberty, free trade, and free enterprise" mantra might want to take a good look at the mirror lately. If anything, their intellectual dishonesty makes the Democrats look like the Care Bears in comparison. Their unsurprisingly overwhelming support for H.R. 1268, known as the REAL ID Act of 2005, which was slipped into a much-demanded $82 billion war supplemental bill for Iraq and Afghanistan, is an epitome of that dishonesty.

Seduced by Bush: It Must Be the Church Water
by Douglas F. Newman
When this writer last reported on the First Family, daughter Jenna was gyrating around in a thong at a Lower Manhattan night spot. Since then, First Lady Laura Bush has informed the White House Correspondents Association dinner that she, Lynne Cheney and Condoleezza Rice recently had girls' night out at Chippendales, a famous strip club featuring male dancers. Now, World Net Daily has reported that Mary Carey, a porn star, will attend a fundraising dinner with Dubya on June 14.

Case Could Freeze Sperm Donations
by Wendy McElroy
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is currently considering a legal appeal that could set wide-reaching precedent for both child support policy and fertility clinics in the United States. As one report states, "sperm donors who thought they were getting $50 for their genetic material"—a standard clinic fee—and nothing more may be in for a real shock.

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