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Number 322, June 5, 2005

"We have met the enemy, and he is us."—Pogo

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Welcome to this, the 322nd issue of this magazine.

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Letters to the Editor
from EJ Totty, John Taylor, Warren Tilson, John Wiltbank, J. Barber, Jim Davidson, and Boris Karpa

The Non-Aggression Principle
by Jonathan David Morris
A short time ago—okay, okay, way back in January—I began a discussion on the definition of libertarianism, which I've been meaning to continue ever since. The January column focused on two things: (1) the average libertarian's dislike for government; and (2) the average libertarian's dislike for average libertarians. While it's certainly true that most libertarians see the government as the mafia's mildly retarded big brother, this really only scratches the surface of their intense dislike for it. (Yours truly excluded. Like I said, I love the government. It's my source of material.) You see, libertarians dislike the government for reasons beyond inefficiency. For them, the very idea of it is immoral.

America: Police State Incorporated
by Punkerslut
Unlike many of my other works, this piece is not about theory or ideology. It does not discuss evidence, or reasoning, or logic, as to the ideas that I believe about society. Rather, it is a confession, of the things I have witnessed, as I was a homeless person. There is some discussion of ideology and beliefs in the following pages. But, it must be understood that the topic of this paper is what I had personally witnessed while being homeless. The location of this was in southern Louisiana, in and around New Orleans (other towns include Metairie and Gretna). The time frame of this is December to March, including Mardi Gras ("Fat Tuesday"). And now, I tell my story...

People of Faith
by Ron Beatty
One of the things which irritates me immensely is the phrase 'people of faith.' Generally, this is used in such a way as to include only fundamentalist, evangelical Christians, implying that anyone other than that is someone without faith, without spirituality, and by extension, without morals. This is not only completely not true, it is a tremendous insult to the many devout people who live their faith, each and every day.

Memorial Day 2005: Are We Even Worthy?
by Doug Newman
It's Memorial Day in America. Officially, we set aside this day to remember those soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who have died in the defense of our freedom. Culturally, like any other holiday, it has devolved into one more reason for sleeping late on Monday, cookouts, camping trips, ballgames and sales at the mall.

Idle Voters
by Lady Liberty
America has long touted to the rest of the world its democratic process. Some claim that, by voting, Americans retain control of their own government and thus their own liberty. Some foreign countries not yet democratic in nature look on in fear of this process because of the changes it might bring; others look on it with hope for those very same changes. But what many people don't seem to acknowledge is that voting today isn't really the wonderful thing it's said to be, nor is it remotely as effective at its job as it ought to be.

Fathers' Rights Victory In Massachusetts
by Wendy McElroy
A determined father in Massachusetts has delivered an early Father's Day gift to non-custodial parents, the overwhelming majority of whom are dads.

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