L. Neil Smith's
Number 326, July 3, 2005

"Hands Off My Home!"

Dear Libertarian Party
by Alan R. Weiss

Exclusive to TLE

Dear Libertarian Party,

In your "Iraq Exit Strategy—America's Path Forward", you have wrenched the Libertarian Party away from real solutions towards a policy guaranteed to fail, and in doing so you have proven you have no real "libertarian" solutions to the foreign interventionist quagmires that the American governments over the past 50 years have buried the Ameican public in.

"By removing our troops from Iraq and relocating them to various bases in the Middle East, we remove the insurgency's common enemy. The insurgency consists of many different factions with no central leadership."

WRONG: The Islamic fanatics do not want American imperialists to control the middle east in general, and frankly the LP has forgotten the admonitions of Washington, Madison, and Jefferson: free trade with all, foreign entangling alliances with none. There is no excuse for an American empire. Instead, we must bring troops home from all countries, and simultaneously restore the full meaning of the 2nd Amendment. American empire has resulted in the Statue of Liberty now being a symbol hated, instead of being loved.

"After U.S. troop withdrawal begins, a direct-aid program will begin for the Iraqi government. The U.S. government will disperse funds directly to the Iraqi government to be used strictly for the creation of viable infrastructure. The Iraqi government will exercise complete control over the spending of funds and the contracting of projects. Giving Iraqis complete administrative and fiscal control over rebuilding their infrastructure will allow them to tap into local "know-how" that only Iraqis possess."

WRONG: You have absolutely no right to hijack the Libertarian Party's long-standing tradition of no foreign aid to any country. You certainly have no right to prop up the American taxation system to pay for it. At what price would you sell my liberty down the river?

"A direct aid program will give Iraq the best chance of becoming a stable, democratic, free-market-oriented country. It is imperative that the Iraqi economy be fully developed as quickly as possible. Vast, persistent unemployment would create a fertile breeding ground for terrorists."

WRONG: Direct aid can never be insulated from graft. Direct aid is just a bribe. And the breeding ground for terrorism is due to American government not keeping their word and leaving after they overthrew the Iraqi regime of Hussein.

I am immensely glad I did not renew my membership in the Libertarian Party. You have proven that you have no real vision for a libertarian future. You're like "Republicans" and "Democrats", and you have ceded the high ground in foreign relations.

Haven't you learned anything? Compromising in Core Beliefs never garners sustainable support. The purpose of the LP is to drive the discussion towards real libertarian solutions.

You have just admitted that you have no solutions—just more of the same. I call for your immediate resignation—all of you who have made the slogan "The Party of Principle" a mockery.

The very notion of a "National Libertarian Party" with any authority to speak for Libertarians must now be called into question. Resign—immediately—or face removal, the destruction of the Libertarian Party, and public humiliation.

Alan R. Weiss is CEO of EEMBC Certification Laboratories and Synchromesh Computing in Austin, Texas.
ECL: http://www.ebenchmarks.com
EEMBC: http://www.eembc.org
Synchromesh Computing: http://www.synchromeshcomputing.com

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