L. Neil Smith's
Number 326, July 3, 2005

"Hands Off My Home!"

Common Sense
by Ron Beatty

Exclusive to TLE

Looking over the political developments of the last few weeks, it has occured to me how incredibly stupid our politicians are being. I'm not going to belabor the point, but I am going to go over several items, then ask a question.

War in Iraq: It has now been established beyond any doubt that the person occupying the Oval Office lied, deliberately and calculatedly, in order to justify an unprovoked attack on a nation that had done us no harm. This has resulted in the deaths of over 1700 US service men and women, the wounding and maiming of thousands more, and the deaths and injuries of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens. In addition, the political horsetrading involved in the prosecution of the war in Afghanistan has resulted in a major increase of opiate production, with tribal warlords increasing the growing of poppies, their most valuable cash crop.

War on Terror: With the PATRIOT Act, the Intelligence Reform Act, and now the illegal and coercive tactics of the Justice Department in attempting to circumvent the legislative process in order to gain even more appalling and permanent police state powers, this is not a war on terror. It is a war of terror, and it is being waged against American citizens. Look at the 'no-fly' list, which is, in and of itself, totally against the Constitutional protection of free travel (freedom of association). If there is a threat of terrorist actions against US citizens here at home, why isn't the government doing everything it can to encourage citizens to protect themselves? Why, instead, is it restricting the rights of free and innocent civilians? Knowing that the REAL ID act is totally ineffective against those who have demonstrated a propensity for breaking the law, why was it passed? What is so important that every US citizen must be numbered and tracked liked branded cattle?

I'm not even going to go into the various allegations of wrongdoing by the occupant of the Oval Office and his cohorts in crime. Suffice it to say that even if most of the allegations are false, no more than the fevered dreams of paranoid conspiracy theorists, with so much smoke, why hasn't there been an investigation to see if there is actually any fire there? I'm sure you all know the allegations I'm referring to, so I won't belabor the point.

Given all this, why hasn't someone in the legislative branch formally proposed an investigation? Even if there is nothing to any of this, an investigation, openly and verifiably conducted, would lay rest many doubts about the honesty and integrity of those in office in Washington. You would think even the most die-hard Republican would see the value of putting all these issues behind them. As it is, there is a very good chance of a voter backlash against them in the coming elections, especially if more proof comes forward of official misconduct. Or is it perhaps that they don't want an investigation because they are afraid of the results?

I don't know. To me, it would seem common sense would call for putting out any brush fires before they become a full fledged forest fire. Common sense would seem to call for helping to make the citizens of the united States more responsible for their own safety and security. Common sense would call for going after the bad guys, instead of numbering and herding the innocent. Common sense would seem to call for sparing the lives of our soldiers, Marines, and civilian contractors by stopping the activities that provoke terroristic actions. Common sense would seem to indicate that cracking down on American citizens who only want to be left alone is a bad thing to do. Common sense would seem to indicate that if you keep violating your oaths of office, at some point there will be a consequence.

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a remarkable lack of common sense in the halls of government?



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