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Number 328, July 17, 2005

"Because the Government is evil and stupid..."

Russmo: Exit Strategy
Exit Strategy
by Russmo


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Letters to the Editor
from Jason Sorens, EJ Totty, Alan Robert Weiss, and Jim Davidson

Because the Government is evil and stupid...
by Jay P Hailey
While discussing the bill of rights with a neo-con recently it occurred to me that a lot of people are not familiar with what a radical set of ideas is held in the Bill of Rights. I set out to rephrase some of the BoR is more casual language (with some admitted editorializing on my own part) to illustrate this point.

If Words Have Meanings
by Chris Claypoole
It has been said many times, in many contexts, that words must have consistent meanings when used to describe the world around us, or the words will have no meanings at all. When I first began to look at the Libertarian Partyís (LP) Iraq Exit Strategy (IES) and their party platform, I used what was, to me, the clear meanings of the words that I thought conflicted between the two documents. Tom Knapp, in his reply, seemed to try to find ways to blur those meanings, IMHO, in order to show that the IES was consistent with the platform.

Fantastic "Utopia"?
by Michael Brightbill
Last week, I dug up seven dollars and went to go see Fantastic Four. I had different reasons to go see this movie. Some of the key reasons were that there was nothing else that looked any good that I hadnít seen yet, I am a comic book geek, though I havenít purchased one in more than 2 years, and I am a libertarian, either large L or small.

A New Libertarian Paradigm For Making Montana Free
A Libertarian Proposal: Real liberty for you and your grandchildren

by Ben F. Irvin and Greg Garber
Thesis: After over thirty years of failing to start a revolution through persuasion, it is time for libertarians to reproduce themselves the way successful cultures and groups do: by generating a large number of children, either naturally, by adoption or ideally, by both.

Those Who Are Deceived, Are Enchanted
by Bob Wallace
In Plato's Republic, Socrates and Glacon, in conversation, decide that "to be deceived to be enchanted." They didn't mean it in the good, J.R.R. Tolkien/C.S. Lewis sense of wonder and awe, but in the bad H.P. Lovecraft sense of monsters out to get you.

An Obvious Choice
by Lex Concord
The retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor has given President Bush an opportunity conservatives have been waiting thirteen years for—the chance to nominate a new Justice to the Supreme Court. Liberals are also preparing for the moment, with the Washington Post estimating that between fifty and one hundred million dollars will be raised by both sides to campaign for or against the new nominee. Since the Supreme Court has usurped the power to overturn state laws and set uniform national policies on contentious social issues, and since Americans meekly acquiesce to the decisions of the Court's black-robed High Priests, the battle will be intense. Yet, it wouldn't have to be, if the next nominee were someone both sides could admire, someone with an unblemished reputation for choosing Constitutional principles over partisan ideology. Someone like Dr. Ron Paul, the Republican Congressman from Texas.

Rock Is Dead and Live 8 Killed It
by Jonathan David Morris
All right, let me just get this off my chest: On Saturday, July 22, 2005, I, Jonathan David Morris, totally failed to eradicate African poverty. That's right. Live 8 came to Philly and I stayed home.

Care for Some Tea?
by Lady Liberty
Many people have clever quotes displayed in their homes and offices. These sayings can be as simple and traditional as a cross-stitched "Home Sweet Home," or as modern as motivational posters bearing admonitions from super-achievers and role models like Lance Armstrong. Me? I have bumper stickers taped to the side of a cabinet. They include such politically charged gems as "Ted Kennedy's Car Has Killed More People Than My Gun" and "Apes Evolved from Creationists," and those with personal meaning or entertainment value for me like "Even Chaos Has A Pattern" and "The Two Most Common Elements in the Universe are Hydrogen and Stupidity." But of all the bumper stickers I display, one is daily becoming more and more my favorite. That's the bumper sticker that says, "It's Time for Another Tea Party."

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