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Number 329, July 24, 2005

"You've GOTTA be kidding"

How To End Jihad Without Really Trying
by Jack Duggan

Exclusive to TLE

We have all heard on TV news and interview shows oblique references to a "call up," a military draft, should we remain mired in the Middle East, because there are not enough people in the U. S. military to sustain our foreign policies there and globally.

Columnists like Walter Williams say that one has a "duty" to defend his country. I agree that one should defend his own country, but does this mean that we can force that person to defend other countries? Can we override the USC (U. S. Constitution) and cancel human rights to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness," to achieve what we think is a greater good, as do Marxists?

USC—Amendment XIII
Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

My question is, "How can we ignore the 13th Amendment?"

To enslave even more young black people because it's their 'duty' to serve, as long as other races are also being enslaved, rings hollow. There are actually only two 'races,' the rich and the poor. It is always the wealthy elite telling the poor what rights they will allow them and how 'patriotic' the poor must be.

Many say that the draft—excuse me—"call-up," is a question of money. Like Rome, it is easier for the power elite to enslave workers to do their scut work than to pay them a livable wage. Everyone should be highly allergic to any moves by politicians that ignore the USC, and a "call-up" violates the 13th Amendment big time.

While many will agree that involuntary servitude is the only way to defend our country, no one can successfully argue that the war in Iraq is defending our country, nor that we're defending it by stationing troops in dozens of foreign countries as baby-sitters. The draft is not a workable answer. This is because conventional troop deployments are not going to stop the unconventional Islamic mujihadin.

A future draft flooding more troops into the Middle East is not the answer to the problem. First we must try to understand what motivates the enemy.

You should read what Muslims are saying on the Internet. They say that the fundamentalists among them are fighting because U.S. forces were sent to the Middle East "...to establish a one-world global government." They say that all Middle Eastern countries are to be transformed into clones of America and that this will spread worldwide with more and more countries tipped over in a domino effect, where cultures thousands of years old will be replaced with the 'shallow and ungodly values of America.'

It seems we are indeed bent on installing U.S.-friendly 'democracies' everywhere, which are then denounced by Muslims and even some of our allies as mere puppet regimes.

Many Muslims seriously believe that they are not only fighting the New World Order, but saving their kids from satanism. Who can blame them? They see how girls and boys dress and act in America. They see how we abort millions of inconvenient babies. They honestly believe that our daughters are being taught to be whores and our sons, sexual predators. Our cultural endorsement of homosexuality disgusts Muslims so much that even pacifist Muslims can 'understand' how some of their friends may take extreme action to avoid contamination of their religion and culture by debauched westerners.

How can a draft, increasing military force, solve this problem? It is not the "insurgents" or "terrorists" we must conquer, it is our externally-perceived culture of pleasure and death that we must address. To societies who still place God first in their lives, we are a cancer that could destroy them all.

Third world citizens, even our friends, see the power of American air strikes using precision-guided ordnance and are afraid of us. They smile in our face, yet some of them hold a dagger behind their backs. Even countries we consider to be dear friends privately smirk when we suffer defeat at the hands of rag-tag guerilla fighters. Our answer to this is to throw even more troops into the fray, as if that would change things.

I am old enough to remember the draft for the Viet Nam War. Politicians waved flags and teenagers went to early graves. I lost some friends, kids I had grown up with from kindergarten. Sometimes I hate myself because I survived while they did not. Today I ask, "What did they die for? Is Viet Nam better off today? Is America better off today for their dying?"

Viet Nam is wholly a communist dictatorship today. And my friends died in their teens. For what?

Over 1700 fine young American men and women died in Iraq, so far. For what? For WHAT?!!

I will say what everyone thinks but dare not say: Fundamentalist Muslims are not high enough on the evolutionary scale to warrant a democracy built with American sweat and blood. They clearly cannot handle it. They can only kill everyone who disagrees with their poisonous interpretation of what God wants of mankind. If they stop killing us, they will keep killing each other endlessly. It's their 'religion.'

The answer is not the draft. The answer is not killing thousands more young poor kids on both sides in our global domino game.

The answer is for us to stop bringing a knife to the Muslim gunfight.

In the years before World War I, John 'Black Jack" Pershing was the commanding general of the American forces sent to the Philippines where Muslim terrorists were raping and murdering innocent villagers and decimating Philippine soldiers. One day, a band of Muslim guerillas was captured by American troops. During their trial in a military court, the terrorists disrupted the proceedings by repeatedly shouting, "Allahu Akbar! Jihad! The Philippines are now the property of Islam! Jihad! Jihad!"

Pershing ordered the fanatic terrorists who had murdered so many innocents, executed one by one in the presence of their remaining group.

Muslims cannot even touch pork, believing that they could never enter Muslim paradise with even the smallest amount of contamination. Advised of this, General Pershing ordered his men to butcher a whole herd of pigs. After they skinned and sectioned the hogs, he ordered his troops to roll their bullets in pork fat and pass some through the barrels of their rifles while the condemned watched. Then he ordered them to start shooting the terrorists, one by one.

After each terrorist was executed his body was wrapped in pig entrails. The process was repeated all afternoon. Finally the remaining gore of the dead swine was dumped all over the corpses in the pit before the common grave was filled in. No paradise for them.

Three of the terrorists were spared so that they could return to their Islamic groups to tell of the unholy fate awaiting any future guerillas caught by U. S. forces. No jihadist could possibly go to heaven.

Widely disseminated was the fact that all American bullets and rifle barrels were now coated with disgusting pig fat and would be in the future.

The Islamic Jihad in the Philippines ended at once and did not resume for a hundred years, until true warriors like Blackjack Pershing were eliminated from U. S. Armed Forces because of their political incorrectness.

While I can sympathize with Islam in wanting no western cultural contamination ruining their youth, they have no right to rape and murder to get their way. I have yet to hear one Muslim government or major Islamic group condemn the actions of jihadists who target even tiny children in their holy bloodlust, as they did at the school in Beslan. This is because they secretly approve of such actions against the Infidel. So be it.

Sooner of later, another Blackjack Pershing will arise and fight back with a terrible vengeance that reduces all jihadic fever for bloodshed. But I don't expect the new Pershing to be American because that might violate the holy American religion of 'diversity,' which is pleasing all the people all the time, especially America's enemies.

I would not be surprised if the new Blackjack Pershing is Russian President Vladimir Putin. One more Muslim slaughter of innocent children on confederated Russian soil and Islam will be ended forever, and Muslims would bow every day to a giant smoking hole that will remain radioactively deadly for a thousand years. Just one Russian Backfire bomber at high altitude can launch SUNBURN nuclear cruise missiles jacketed with Nickel 59 at Mecca and Medina.

The only way to stop future mass attacks on the innocent is this: Islamic jihadists worldwide must be put on notice by every major nation that if the Muslims again shout, "Jihad!! Jihad!!" and attack one of our cities, soon afterwards an invisible airman from an anonymous nation will respond with, "Foxtrot One! Foxtrot Two!" over their treasured cities, of Mecca and Medina, because the westerners learned fanatical Muslim tactics only too well.

Blow us up again, and bow to a smoking crater the rest of your lives, your children's lives and even your great-great grandchildren's lives. Guaranteed. So, go ahead and make our day.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone first coats the missiles with pig fat.

Jack Duggan lives in Fort Apache (Hamilton, New Jersey, site of the anthrax mailings) with his family. He thinks everyone who loves their country but not the government should fly only the original U.S. Colonial flag with its thirteen stars and stripes.



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